The Avengers' Shawarma Scene That Made Chris Hemsworth Sick Afterward Was Shot After The Film's Premiere
The Avengers’ ‘Shawarma’ Scene Featuring ‘Iron Man’ Robert Downey Jr Was Shot After The Film’s Premiere & Got ‘Thor’ Chris Hemsworth Almost Sick! ( Photo Credit – IMDb )

The Avengers has given comic-book lovers their dream on the big screen by assembling all their favorite Marvel heroes. Marvel probably reached its peak with that film, and people’s expectations from the studio also grew drastically. It had many highlights, but the post-credit scene where they just sat at a Shawarma joint and ate will always be a significant one for many reasons, including that Thor actor Chris Hemsworth almost got sick after filming it.

The film brought together ‘Iron Man’ Robert Downey Jr, ‘Black Widow’ Scarlett Johansson, ‘Hawkeye’ Jeremy Renner, ‘Captain America’ Chris Evans, ‘Hulk’ Mark Ruffalo, and Hemsworth as Thor. It did a splendid business at the box office. The scene, in particular, occurred after the heroes came out triumphant in the battle of New York City. RDJ’s Tony suggested that they should take a day off and that he wanted to try Shawarma. He also added that there was an eatery, and they should go and give it a try.

The Avengers director Josh Whedon once revealed that they did different versions of that scene and ended up with the one where RDJ talks about Shawarma. As per reports, it was shot after the film’s premiere. The makers thought it would strike a chord with the audience and humanize the superheroes.

In that scene, Chris Hemsworth‘s Thor was seen eating a pita in his mouth, and the scene happened after several shots. As a result, Hemsworth might have had to eat a few of them, and the actor did not feel good about it.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Chris Hemsworth opened up about his mystery while filming the Shawarma scene in The Avengers. He said, “I thought I might be sick, by the way. I ate one [pita] each take, you know! And by the end, I was like, Whooooaaa.” He did not mention how many takes it took to finish that scene. But it was indeed not a pleasant experience for the Thor star.

A few days back, we shared another exciting trivia about that scene: why Chris Evans‘ Captain America sat there covering his face. He had already moved on to the next project and had grown a beard; therefore, he had to guard his face like that.

You can check out the scene from The Avengers here:

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