Spider-Man Actor Tom Holland Had An Indian “Distant Brother”
Spider-Man Actor Tom Holland Once Shared How He Was Set With An Indian “Distant Brother”(Photo Credit –Instagram)

Actors go to lengths for their movie characters sometimes, and our friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man, Tom Holland, had to go through a similar situation. As he went to American Highschool after getting the role of Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Spider-Man, the actor had to go undercover. Tom also had to have a fake name, backstory, and accent to get into the school.

Interestingly, the Spider-Man actor had an unexpected roommate with whom he was paired as a brother. After sharing his experience getting into The Bronx High School of Science, the actor revealed that he had to lie and call his Indian roommate “distant brother”. Read on to find out what the actor had to say!

During an appearance on The Graham Norton Show in 2018, the MCU’s Web-Slinger, spilt beans on being sent back to school by the makers of Spider-Man. He revealed it was Marvel’s idea to set him up with the American accent and hence sent him off for three days at a prestigious school for genius kids. “They paired me with a kid named Arun, and I was supposed to be his brother or something like that. And Arun is an Indian kid, and when I came, I was like,” said Tom Holland making an awkward face.

Later, he added, “We’re just really distant brothers from you know,” added the actor subtly ending the conversation about that particular topic. However, the host did have a funny comeback as he said, “This is a science school, they can figure it out.”

Tom Holland also revealed how he confided to his other classmates about him being Spider-Man, and no one ever believed. “How are you here?’ So I told her, let me tell you my secret, ‘I’m actually Spider-Man.’ She’s like, ‘Dude, you’re f*cking nuts, bro,’” said the actor, recalling an incident with a girl.

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