Spider-Man Identity After Doctor Strange's Spell
After Doctor Strange’s Spell In Spider-Man: No Way Home, There Are People Who Probably Remember Peter Parker(Photo Credit –Still From Spider-Man: No Way Home)

MCU’s Spider-Man did not have a nice time in his last outing as the emotional ending has left fans wondering what his future will be in the upcoming projects! While we know Spider-Man could be an essential part of the upcoming Avengers, Peter Parker is still unknown in the world post Dr Strange’s magical spell. Read on to find out who knows about Spider-Man’s existence.

Along with the return of Spider-Man, Tom Holland’s contract has reportedly been renewed for three more movies. The multiverse-threatening event in the climax of Spider-Man: No Way Home has been averted by Dr Strange’s spell, but the consequences and after-effects were even more tragic for Peter Parker aka Spider-Man.

Interestingly, the cast was only for humans and not for robots, so it can be speculated that EDITH glasses might still recognize who Spider-Man is. Along with that, people from outer space like Guardians of the Galaxy, Captain Marvel, and Thor might still know about Spider-Man. As they would not know who is the guy behind the mask, but in the MCU’s timeline, these characters met with the web-slinger and his memory.

In Spider-Man: Far From Home, after Jake Gyllenhaal revealed Peter Parker’s real identity to the world, the footage and tape might still exist in which he exposed the Spider-Man identity. His beau, MJ played by Zendaya still has photos of Spider-Man / Peter Parker in her room and we wonder why MCU has not shed light on his identity.

Fans are still demanding to understand the details of Dr Strange’s final spell in Spider-Man: No Way Home. Along with that, Tobey Maguire’s and Andrew Garfield’s characters are heavily called upon the internet to appear once again in the MCU.

Let us know what do you think about this fan theory!

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