MCU Theory Dr. Strange Wanted Iron Man To Die
Dr. Strange Chose Iron Man To Die In Avengers: End Game(Photo Credit –Still From Avengers: EndGame)

Iron Man has given undoubtedly one of the biggest sacrifices in the history of superhero movies. Along with that, the climax scene from Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: End Game is arguably epic and fans remember every bit of detail from the scene. But what if we tell you that Dr. Strange purposely gave the stone to Thanos in the second Avengers movie and wanted Iron Man to die? Read on ahead to find out

Amongst many fan theories, Iron Man and Thanos have always been one of the biggest characters in the MCU. However, it is hard to guess who was more powerful among the two, but somewhere down the line, Dr. Strange knew everything about it.

According to Dr. Strange, Tony Stark would have been a bigger threat in the future if he would have survived. Hence, Iron Man was the only person to take down Thanos and sacrifice himself. When Dr. Strange saw 14 million possibilities then he made a master plan to serve his purpose to protect the Earth.

Considering Tony Stark made Ultron and how it backfired on the Avengers and created a world-level threat, we never know if he plans to create something else and it would have repeated the circumstances. Imagine, Tony survived after End Game, he could have his own replicated Pym particles, had a time machine in his suit and even had access to each timeline in the multiverse.

Dr. Strange believed if Tony Stark survived then sooner he will be the most powerful being in the universe. Considering the knowledge of Time Travel, and Infinity Stone, Iron Man would have been unstoppable and no one can stop him and his fights. Hence, Dr. Strange chooses Iron Man to snap with the purpose of his death in Avengers: End Game.

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