Tom Holland Shooting Avengers Endgame
Tom Holland Ran Away When Captain America Said “Avengers Assemble” In Avengers Endgame ( Photo Credit – Instagram; Movie Poster )

Being Spider-Man does give a lot of responsibility, but sometimes, Tom Holland spills out the secrets that Marvel Studio tries to hide from the audiences. MCU’s Spider-Man, who is mostly known for spilling spoilers from the MCU movies has become one of the most fan-favorite characters over the years.

Audiences have always loved the energy that Tom Holland brings onto the screen while playing the web-slinger. Additionally, the actor also proved to himself over time that he has what it takes to be Spider-Man. However, the actor still needs to process a few cues that are given during the production and shooting of the movie.

In a video shared on YouTube, Tom Holland is seen talking about how the iconic climax battle scene in Avengers: End Game was shot. The Spider-Man actor reveals he was “30 feet away” from Chris Evans’ Captain America screaming “Avengers Assemble” when everyone charged toward Thanos’ army. Tom Holland being Tom Holland, could not listen to the dialogue because of the distance and ran ahead and felt embarrassed.

Tom Holland later explains the scene and says, “he (Chris Evans) went Avengers and then I just went I ran off by myself and I was like I had to like I got like 30 feet and I had to turn around and like walk back to like all of my childhood heroes and be like sorry guys I got that wrong”

Tom Holland’s recent outing as web-slinger in Spider-Man: No Way Home went on to become one of the highest-grossing movies. Not only did the movie get the box office numbers right, it was also highly appreciated by the audiences. Additionally, the highlight of the movie was the meeting of Spider-Man (s) from the other universes.

Tom Holland’s next appearance as Spider-Man is still under wraps and nothing much has been revealed by the studio. Let us know what do you think about this?

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