MCU Quietly Fixed Ms Marvel's Biggest Continuity Error & Proved Less Is More
MCU Has Finally Fixed Ms Marvel’s The Biggest Continuity Error ( Photo Credit – Movie Poster )

It is an undeniable fact that continuity is a vital part of any storytelling but in the era of elaborate sagas like Marvel Cinematic Universe, it’s extremely difficult to avoid mistakes. Every new series or movie adds minute details that need to be tracked. Though MCU has strongly developed its timeline with care, mistakes still happen. But what’s better than fixing them without creating a fuss? Recently, Marvel fixed Ms. Marvel’s biggest MCU continuity error and proved how to make corrections without making it a big deal.

Retconning can often take on elaborate forms but as it is said big gestures are not always the best gestures. It is important to know when and how to make corrections. Ms. Marvel recently demonstrated how to make corrections quietly without making a lot of noise about it. The correction centers on the statue of Liberty. Scroll down to read how they simply fixed the issue without creating any fuss about it.

In the MCU’s continuity, Lady Liberty was green but the color had to originally remain metallic because the Spider-Man: No Way Home’s finale witnessed the Captain America’s collapsing in the end and the color remained gleaming and metallic rather than the green that still defines it in the real world. Notably, Ms. Marvel takes place after No Way Home, and initially missed the chance to change to Lady Liberty Season 1, Episode 6, No Normal depicts the popular statue in its trademark green, without accounting for the new look. The MCU decided to make the changes in a smart way and it went on to quietly make the changes. As reported by, MCU digitally altered the shot and now Lady Liberty appears to be copper-colored.

The change is a remarkable one and MCU has again set an example that less is always more. Without making a big deal out of it, it simply fixed the error. Well, it’s unclear when exactly the changes were made but some reports indicated that the change was made during Christmas. However, it is impossible to confirm that.

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