Is Robert Downey Jr Planning To Comeback To MCU Before Avengers: Secret Wars With A Cameo In Tom Holland's Spider-Man 4?
Robert Downey Jr Expressed His Interest In Make An Appearance In Tom Holland’s Spider-Man 4(Pic Credit: Movie Still)

The Marvel Cinematic Universe started with Tony Stark’s Iron Man, played by the charismatic Robert Downey Jr, and after Avengers: Endgame, the fans had to say goodbye to him, which was pretty hard not just for us but for the actor as well. With the new movie line-ups, there have been rumours going around that Downey might return in Secret War, but now there has been another news that he might come back for yet another MCU film.

For the unversed, Downey has made appearances as Tony Stark in ten MCU films. In 2019, he sacrificed himself to save everyone in the battle against Thanos. Over the course of the films, we have seen many special relationships develop between Stark and other Marvel heroes, one among which really touched everyone was the one with Peter Parker, aka Spider-Man.

It was Robert Downey Jr’s Tony Stark who recruited the ‘underoos’ Spider-Man portrayed by Tom Holland during Captain America: Civil War. When Spider-Man got blipped by Thanos, it took quite a toll on Tony. So when he found out that there was a possibility that they could bring everyone back, Iron Man took his chances. Anyway, coming back to the actor’s return to MCU, according to a report in the Giant Freaking Robot, a trusted source of them have informed that Downey is hoping to make a cameo in Spider-Man 4, even if it is a brief one.

Robert Downey Jr’s Tony Stark was a mentor to Tom Holland’s Peter Parker, and he even left him a part of his legacy EDITH following his death. As per reports, the fourth instalment of the Spider-Man movie will begin filming in the latter half of this year, and if Downey’s return is confirmed, then it will be his character’s eleventh appearance in the MCU.

We will keep you updated on that and more. Till then, stay tuned to Koimoi.

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