Shark Tank: Justin Bieber Surprised With His Topless Appearance & Here's Why He Did So!
Shark Tank: Justin Bieber Surprises With His Topless Appearance (Pic credit: Getty Images)

Shark Tank, a reality show, which is now in the midway of its 12th season, witnessed a special appearance by a very special person – Justin Bieber. For those unversed about the show, it’s a show judged by real Millionaire investors who invest in the business ideas presented by the contestants.

Over the years, we’ve seen some of the most useful products launching through this one of the ‘most real’ reality shows out there. Most of the time, even those who don’t get a deal on the show, proudly present their products with the label of ‘as seen on Shark Tank’.

What was Justin Bieber doing on the show? Though he was available through a pre-recorded video message, he did go topless to garner more eyeballs. His message was aired during a pitch to Mark Cuban, Barbara Corcoran, Daymond John, and others.

In the video, he was seen promoting ALL33’s ‘office chair’ which has been gaining steam on social media. CEO Bing Howenstein representing ALL33 played Justin’s message for everyone.

Appearing in the video, Justin Bieber started by introducing himself humbly and said, “Hey Sharks, I’m Justin Bieber and this is the ALL33; it’s the chair that moves like I do.”

He also said, “I mean, guys, look at this perfect posture! I’ve got my chest up, my shoulders back; I’m ready for anything. If you’ve gotta sit, this is it.”

Did the guy get a deal because of Justin Bieber? Well, tune in to the latest episode of Shark Tank to find out. Despite the coronavirus pandemic wreaking havoc on all our lives, these billionaires got back to help every striving business person make their entrepreneurial dreams come true. The newest socially distanced season (Shark Tank Season 12) brings on a host of attention-grabbing new pitches for viewers to admire and critique.

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