I Am Not Okay With This Director On Show's Cancellation: "They Considered It To Be A Replacement For Stranger Things"(Pic credit: Instagram/jonathan_entwistle)
I Am Not Okay With This Director On Show’s Cancellation: “They Considered It To Be A Replacement For Stranger Things”(Pic credit: Instagram/jonathan_entwistle)

Earlier this year, Netflix releases an interesting thriller, I Am Not Okay With This. The series starred IT movie actors Sophia Lillis and Wyatt Oleff along with Sofia Bryant. The first season received a positive response from fans and critics. The series was a perfect build-up for the next season as it ended on a thrilling note.

Sadly, a few weeks ago, Netflix cancelled the dark comedy-drama. This left the fans heartbroken. Among several others, IMNOWT is the show that will not have any new season after successful season 1.

Now, director Jonathan Entwistle has talked about the abrupt cancellation of the show. About I Am Not Okay With This’ cancellation, Jonathan told Insider, “There was obviously the impending writers’ strike, which was definitely a huge thing at Netflix. We were working almost week to week, not knowing how long it was going to last before somebody pulled the trigger on something that would have an effect [on us].”

I Am Not Okay With This director added, “When the pandemic hit, we moved out of the office, and there was definitely a shift within Netflix. We finished the scripts, and it was hard work in the Zoom-writer’s-room. No writer tells you those things are good. It’s not good. I think I’ve seen a few people talking and the figures are about right: It’s about anywhere between $5 to $10 million per season of television for the PPE, and for the testing, and for the systematic changes with which to make it safer.”

He added, “I think that one of the problems we faced with ‘I Am Not Okay With This’ is that in many ways I considered it to be a smaller, niche show and they considered it to be a replacement for ‘Stranger Things’. I do think when they were looking at all the finances; the show was more expensive than they figured it was worth doing.”

After the show got cancelled, Jonathan Entwistle also requested Netflix to cut the last two scenes of the last episode. If you have watched the show, you will remember that Sophia Lillis’ Sydney sees a man coming towards her in the end. The man was said to be her father, and the revelation was going to happen in season 2. However, the streaming giant didn’t let him edit out the scene.

Well, it’s quite sad that a show that fans instantly loved is over with no constructive ending.

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