Henry Cavill Talks About Zack Snyder’s Superman
Henry Cavill Joined Hands With Zack Snyder To Play Superman In Man Of Steel (2013)(Photo Credit: Henry Cavill/Facebook;Zack Snyder/wikimedia;Poster From Movie)

There is no way we can imagine anyone but Henry Cavill as the Superman in the movies right now. The actor who went on to be the first non-American to take the Kryptonian Prince mantle has managed to make fans across the globe. His entry to the DCEU was one of the most anticipated, and the fact that it was happening through Zack Snyder made it more exciting. The filmmaker who envisioned Cavill as Superman, gave a darker twist to his version and made him stand out in comparison to the ones from the past.

Henry first wore the Superman suit in 2013 in Zack Snyder directorial Man Of Steel. The movie was about the Blue Boy Scout exploring his own identity and realising the power he holds in him. When he finally breaks through, he decides to save the planet from aliens and the likes of him, specifically General Zod and his army.

Now after almost a decade of venturing into the DCEU and now being away from the mantle, Henry Cavill reflects back on Zack Snyder’s Superman and calls him a symbol of hope. Read on to know everything you should about the same.

In the interview with GQ, Henry Cavill recalled Jonathan Kent’s advice to Clark. It was to keep his powers hidden from the world. This indeed gave Zack Snyder the chance to explore Clark Kent’s humane side. “Clark does follow that advice at first. But then realizes that’s not the way to go, and that he must do what he must do regardless of that advice. And that was the beautiful bit. That even though he has restrained himself and lived this life of loneliness essentially, he’s still willing to step out of the shadows and become the hero,” He said.

Henry Cavill added, “Despite that it’s going to have a negative impact on his life. And that, I think, is the aspect of that symbol of hope. He’s representing everything that’s good about mankind. Despite the fact that mankind may not be good to him.”

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