Harry Potter: Daniel Radcliffe's Parents' Disapproval To Let Him Enter In Films To Getting Cast As The Lead Makes The Internet Take Brutal Digs
Daniel Radcliffe Might Not Have Made It As Harry Potter! Here’s Why ( Photo Credit – IMDb )

Daniel Radcliffe was only 11 when he was cast as the boy who lived! Our very own Harry Potter, who ruled everyone’s heart with his petite yet powerful performances in the film series based on the book series by JK Rowling. However, do you know that he might not have been cast in the film in the first place since his parents totally disapproved of the film world and Hollywood specifically?

During one of his interviews, Daniel himself revealed how his parents were petrified when they came to know it would be a seven-part film, and they wanted to cast him for the whole.

In a video shared by an Instagram handle, hogwarts.station director Chris Columbus narrated the story behind casting Daniel after he watched him in the 1999 film David Copperfield, where he worked with Maggie Smith. The director said, “And I said, This is Harry Potter. This is the kid we’ve been looking for months. So I asked the casting director, I said, “We’ve gotta get him in here for an audition.” She said, “It’s never gonna happen. His parents do not want him involved in this world. They don’t want him to take this role.”

In the same video, Daniel Radcliffe reveals, “I think the deal was to sign on for like all seven films, and they would be filmed in LA. So Mum and Dad were like, “No, that’s like a huge disruption to his life.”

The director further revealed, “Fortunately, David Heyman, being the great producer that he is, convinced Dan’s father to bring Dan in for an audition. and that’s basically when we got our Harry Potter. Rupert and Emma were very easy to cast. Because they felt like they jumped off the page. We screen-tested the three of them together to make sure that they all had this chemistry which immediately was obvious in the first screen test.”

However, as soon as the internet saw this casting story, they understood why Daniel Radcliffe’s parents were against him taking the iconic role. A user commented, “And then he developed an alcohol problem to cope with fame. So his parents weren’t too wrong about being afraid of letting him contribute to this Hollywood world.” Another comment read, “This just makes me think how right his parents were about keeping him from this world. He was absolutely miserable making those final movies.”

A brutal dig read, “Daniel IMO was the “weakest” child actor, but I’m glad he grew out of that role!”

Some comments also trolled Daniel Radcliffe’s parents. A comment read, “No I dont want my kid to have a disrupted life… oh look, money. go do what you want son, bye.” Another Instagram user commented, “Daniel have Perfect face for this role, but unfortunately he was From beginning shit actor and still nothing Change.” A third dig read, “His parents being Dursleys .”

You can watch the entire story about Daniel Radcliffe getting cast as Harry Potter here.


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