Daniel Radcliffe Goes Feral In His New Pics From The Sets Of His Show Reignites Hopes Of Him Being The Perfect Wolverine To Replace Hugh Jackman Netizens Say "He Is My Favourite Fan Casting"
Daniel Radcliffe’s Buffed Physique From Miracle Workers’ Set Has The Fans Convinced That He Is Fit To Replace Hugh Jackman As Wolverine ( Photo Credit – IMDb )

Daniel Radcliffe earned immense fame and popularity in the role of Harry Potter and spent his formative years playing that character; as a result, no matter what other roles he plays, that seems to be changing, and people are starting to see him as the Wolverine or at least they think that he is promising to replace Hugh Jackman as the clawed mutant in the MCU. The recent pictures from his show Miracle Workers have convinced the netizens that he is all set to step in Jackman’s shoes.

There were speculations going on when the X-Men star hung up his claws that Daniel is being eyed for the role of Logan in the MCU, but it turned out they were just mere speculations as the English actor himself dismissed them once in an interview. As for Hugh, although he retired from the character in 2017, he is coming back in Deadpool 3 to reprise his role, and this time, the fans will get to see him in his comic book suit.

The Harry Potter star has Daniel Radcliffe’s pictures in tighty whities showcasing his ripped physique while shooting for the finale of his show Miracle Workers has taken over the social media platform X [formerly Twitter], and that has re-ignited the hope of seeing him in the role of Wolverine once again, and we can’t unsee it either can we disagree. Daniel Radcliffe is seen in the role of road warrior Sid in the series, and in one of the clips, he is seen ripping off his clothes, sporting only his undies and a pair of leather gloves in the end.

Daniel Radcliffe gives off complete Wolverine vibes in these pictures, at least; that’s what the people are thinking, and to be fair, he is also around the same height the character was in the Marvel comics.

Netizens using the platform X gave away their remarks on these pics as one wrote, “Getting ready to be cast for wolverine”

Another posted, “O Wolverine”

One of them mentioned, “He would play a great wolverine,” another replying to that wrote, “Agreed. Would not be upset at all for a comic book accurate height Wolverine. He is my favourite fan casting along with Taron Egerton.”

Followed by, “Screen test for wolverine? That movie’s been done! Time to retire it and come up with new material!” and, “This is the final drop right. Anyone who tells me Daniel Radcliffe isn’t playing Wolverine in the MCU, better have a convincing reason.”

Another posted, “Maybe he should be the MCU’s Wolverine.”

Many even photoshopped Daniel Radcliffe in the yellow suit of Wolverine and shared pictures of them; here have a look at it:

A few weeks ago, Daniel Radcliffe gave his opinion on HBO’s Harry Potter series, which is under development, and he is ready to hand down his robe to a new actor, close that chapter once and for all.

As for Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine, we will get to see him in Deadpool 3 alongside Ryan Reynolds, and the fans are very excited about it, which is expected to be released next year.

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