Elon Musk's Father Confesses Having A Secret Second Child With His Stepdaughter Triggers Memefest On Twitter
Elon Musk’s Father Confesses Having A Secret Second Child With His Stepdaughter Triggers Memefest On Twitter ( Photo Credit – Wikimedia )

Ceo of Tesla Elon Musk’s father recently made a shocking confession that he has a second child with his stepdaughter, Jana Bezuidenhout. Ever since the report was out, netizens are having a field day on social media. Scroll down to know more.

76-year-old Musk patriarch sired a secret second love child with his glamorous stepdaughter back in 2019. However, he only confirmed the news on Wednesday. He also justified it by saying that humans are only on Earth for is to reproduce.

Errol Musk and Jana also share a five-year-old boy, Elliot, who was born in 2017. Talking to The Sun, he said, “I haven’t checked her DNA. But she looks just like my other daughters. She looks like Rose and Tosca mixed up. She looks exactly like Rushi and she behaves like him. So it’s pretty obvious you know.”

Errol further said, “She wasn’t planned. But I mean, we were living together. She [Jana] stayed here for about 18 months after Rushi was born. But I realised she’s two generations behind whereas her mother was one generation behind when I married her. So any man who marries a woman, even if you feel very sprightly, it’s going to be nice for a while. But there’s a big gap… And that gap is going to show itself. I married her mother when she was 25 and I was 45. She was probably one of the best looking woman I’ve ever seen in my life.”

Errol Musk added, “The only thing we are on Earth for is to reproduce.” Ever since his confession was reported, several netizens were appalled by it. Some even trolled Elon Musk’s father on Twitter. Take a look at some of the reactions below:

The Musk family tree is quite complicated and is growing more so by the day. While Errol Musk has seven children, Elon Musk has 10. The Musk patriarch married model Maye Haldeman Musk in 1970, with whom he had three children: Elon, Kimbal, and Tosca. They called it quits in 1979 and Errol went on to wed Heide Bezuidenhout. After an 18-year marriage, Errol and Heide eventually divorced.

Errol and Heide had two biological children, and Jana Bezuidenhout is one of them.

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