When Marilyn Manson Addressed Speculations About Getting His Ribs Removed To Suck His Own C*ck
Marilyn Manson Once Addressed The Rumour About Getting His Ribs Removed To Suck His Own C*ck(Photo Credit: Instagram)

The western music industry has been wrapped up in scandals and controversies ever since the very beginning and most of them involve famous and reputed musicians of their time. If you have been following the industry closely, chances are that you have already heard about musician Marilyn Manson as he is almost always surrounded by scandals. A few years back, the singer had addressed rumours about him getting a part of the rib cage removed for a very specific reason.

For the unversed, Marilyn was previously in the news when a Twitter user mentioned that he has a r*pe room in his house at Hollywood Hills. He sold the same house at a whopping $1.75 million dollar a while back and this movement triggered a debate on social media regarding all the skeletons in his closet. Singer Phoebe Bridgers was one of the people to speak up about his house, recalling the time she visited the place as a teenager. She explained how she was given a tour of the house which had a specific r*pe room, which she thought was a horrible joke at that time.

It is still a running rumour amongst fans of the music industry that Marilyn Manson has done some nasty things, some of which are not even explainable. Famous speculation of the lot suggests that Manson got a part of his rib cage removed to be able to suck his own d*ck.

According to a report by Alternative Nation, an issue of Q magazine held a special QnA session with Marilyn Manson where a fan finally popped the question about his alleged surgically modified ribs.

“For years, it was rumoured that you’d had a rib removed to achieve self-f*llatio. Obviously, that’s nonsense, but have you ever tried to suck your own c*ck?”, a man named Keith asked.

Marilyn Manson refused to directly answer the question which only made the rumours even stronger. “Wow! Does Keith get money if I answer this? No comment. Keith, you c*nt!”, Manson said.

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