Deadpool 3's Trailer To Have Multiple Mutants In It Claims A Report Besides Wolverine!
Deadpool 3’s Trailer To Have Multiple Mutants In It Claims A Report! (Photo Credit – IMDb)

The filming for Deadpool 3 wrapped up a few days ago, and the trailer is expected to come out soon. The internet is bustling with speculations about the Ryan Reynolds-led Marvel movie, and a short description for its trailer has also been spreading like wildfire on social media. Scroll below for more.

There were rumors claiming that TVA from the series Loki would appear in the movie as Wade Wilson will travel the multiverse out of boredom using Cable’s device. We saw the time-traveling device in Deadpool 2. Owen Wilson as Mobius is rumored to appear in the movie. Reportedly, there will be multiple variants of Wade in this movie, and the excitement for this film is building up with each passing day.

According to Chippu, the trailer for Deadpool 3 focuses on Ryan Reynolds’ character and will also feature Hugh Jackman’s mutant character Wolverine. The report said DP is going through a midlife crisis and has left the life of being a hero behind. Wade Wilson is a car dealer now. The trailer will have a quick and striking appearance of Wolverine sticking his claws at his rival.

Meanwhile, DP will make fun of Wolverine, calling him nicknames and making fun of his hair in the Deadpool 3 trailer. The report also claimed that other mutants will appear in the trailer. Previously, in the leaked set photos, we saw the Toad and Sabertooth from the Og X-Men; they might be the ones who will appear in the trailer.

The fans took to their X handles to share their opinions on the alleged trailer description. One wrote, “Hahaha no doubt this will be a fun trailer just as it should be for Deadpool.”

A fan said, “Hope we get to see how Deadpool goes from the Fox Universe over to the MCU, kinda like Venom Left the SUMC over to the MCU.”

Another quipped, “If I remember correctly, Ryan Reynolds has a history of releasing misleading descriptions for his trailers before their actual release, so I think we’re about to get something very exciting!”

And, “If they show Wolverine with a mask, I will be happy, but I doubt that would happen.”

The film’s trailer will be released during the Super Bowl on February 11, 2024. Save the date, everyone; it’s just a few days before we finally see our favorite pair on screen. Not only are DP and Wolverine a hoot on screen, but Ryan and Hugh are equally entertaining in real life. They often engage in fun banters on social media.

Deadpool 3 will be released in the theatres on July 26, 2024.

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