Daniel Radcliffe Talks About Being ‘Dead Behind The Eyes’ & Dealing With Alcohol
Harry Potter Star Daniel Radcliffe Once Recalled How He Became Alcoholic To Deal With Fame ( Photo Credit – IMDb )

The Harry Potter movies have a special place in the hearts of ardent fans. As the movie was inspired by JK Rowling’s best-selling fiction novels, the cast and characters have left a significant impact on the pop culture world. The actors who played the characters got immense popularity and Daniel Radcliffe was one of them as he played the lead character of Harry Potter.

The actor has spent nearly two decades in the showbiz industry and has made his name apart from the Harry Potter movies. However, playing the role of ‘The Boy Who Lived The Chosen One’, Radcliffe became a household name and one of the most famous faces on the globe. Read on ahead as once he recalled his addiction to alcohol.

During a conversation with Reuters, the Harry Potter actor Daniel Radcliffe talked about how he used alcohol to deal with the intensity of his celebrity status in his late teens and early twenties. He shared, “I didn’t really know in terms of behavior, and behavior in public, that was one of the first times that I felt being famous brushing up against my life.”

The Harry Potter star claimed he was “dead behind the eyes” as alcohol consumption had a negative effect on his performance. Daniel added, “I can point to many scenes where I’m just gone.” However, he also added that he never drank while filming the Harry Potter movies as he said, “I can honestly say I never drank at work on Harry Potter.”

Later in the conversation, Daniel Radcliffe touched upon being a celebrity and walking out drunk. He said people would recognize him as “not just a drunk guy”, instead saying, “Harry Potter’s getting drunk in the bar”. He later adds, “that carries its own kind of interest for people. Also, a slightly mocking interest because it is inherently funny for people.”

While there have been rumours that the production might reboot the Harry Potter franchise, let us know what do you think about it?

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