Reasons Why Chris Evans' Steve Rogers Should or Shouldn't Return to the MCU: A Detailed Analysis
Should Chris Evans Should Return To The MCU As Steve Rogers aka Captain America Or Not? Here’s What We Think (Photo Credit –IMDb)

Although Marvel has discussed the return of the original Avengers ensemble — the conversation has mainly been around Scarlett Johnson’s Black Widow and Robert Downey Jr.’s Iron Man. This is primarily because, technically, Chris Evans is still a part of the MCU, and to bring him back, all there needs to be is a strong backstory for his return through time travel. In the case of Iron Man and Black Widow, those characters are dead, and their return logically warrants a revival.

With conversations of a Marvel reboot circulating, here’s a detailed analysis of why Chris Evans’ Steve Rogers should or shouldn’t return to the MCU.

Should Chris Evans Reclaim His Role of Steve Rogers (Captain America) in the MCU?

Over the years, six actors have played the role of Captain America, and none of them have done it as strongly as Chris Evans did. Chris Evans’ Captain America had a strong presence. He was heard among the Avengers. And not to forget — he was the only Avenger to pick up Thor’s Mjolnir.

He led the Avengers naturally and had excellent chemistry with Robert Downey Jr.’s Iron Man. On top of all of this — Evans’ Steve Rogers/Captain America has a massive fan following. His return would undoubtedly be a hit among audiences and will boost excitement and viewership for the MCU. But there’s more than just viewership that needs to be taken into account here.

There are potential storylines from the comics that haven’t been explored in the MCU, such as Rogers’ time in alternate dimensions or roles as a strategic mentor to new heroes. He could also return in a non-combat mentorship role, offering guidance to newer superheroes, much like Tony Stark did for Peter Parker. With the introduction of the multiverse, there are opportunities for alternative versions of Steve Rogers to appear without disrupting the established timeline.

With the franchise’s constant decline after Evans and Downey Jr. left for good, his return can potentially restore the strong narrative of MCU that once reigned supreme. However, it requires thorough planning and should happen organically.

Reasons Why MCU Should Avoid Chris Evans’ Return to MCU

Evans’ Steve Rogers — although loved by many — had a fitting and emotional conclusion in “Avengers: Endgame.” Bringing him back could undermine this satisfying end to his perfect journey where he found the best of both worlds — returned order to the Earth and spent the rest of his days with the love of his life.

Also, his return might overshadow the development of new characters and heroes who are stepping into leadership roles within the MCU (although with the down ratings of Kang the Conquerer, there’s arguably some room for him now).

Another reason to avoid this could be repetitive storytelling — if the story isn’t planned right, it will just look like the showrunners can revive and terminate just anybody, anytime. It’s almost similar to how the showrunners of “The Originals” and “The Vampire Diaries” would just revive whichever character they wanted to, whenever they wanted to — putting the question mark on the credibility of the show. It basically indicates that no departure is truly permanent, and that’s one thing the Marvel Studios need to steer clear of.

The Verdict

While the return of Chris Evans’ Steve Rogers has the potential to excite fans and explore new storylines, it also risks undermining narrative closure and the development of new characters. However, the verdict can be dimmed down to the need of the hour. If the MCU experiences a decline in popularity or quality over time, fans might themselves start calling for a revival of classic characters, including Steve Rogers.

This sentiment could be particularly strong given that his departure from the series felt premature to many, ending a beloved character’s journey sooner than most would have liked.

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