Channing Tatum Gives 'Magic Mike' Vibes With His Latest Shirtless Selfie: "Daddy Is FINALLY Back"
Channing Tatum Gives ‘Magic Mike’ Vibes With His Latest Shirtless Selfie: “Daddy Is FINALLY Back”(Pic credit – Channing Tatum/ Instagram )

‘Magic Mike’ Channing Tatum was off the grid for a while now. He had tested positive for Covid-19 and since then was self-isolation. He has made loud and clear that’s he’s back with this super-cool shirtless selfie. He has done what he usually does the best, break the internet with his enthralling pictures.

Channing took to his Instagram account, posted the mirror-selfie in which you won’t be able to do anything but drool over his 8-pack-abs. He captioned the pic as “It’s been a long road back. Injuries, life shit, and just insanity in general. Ha daddy is finally back boooi!!.”



The caption also adds, “Gonna be a fun next 10-year run. To all those that have been there for me and held me down through it all. I love you. I’m gonna make ya proud. Let’s goo. Also peep the purell bottle. Keep it clean out there folks. Hahaha.”

As far as his current projects are concerned, Channing Tatum currently has a new film to prep on titled as Dog. He’s not just acting in it but also co-directing, co-writing and producing it.

Channing Tatum got himself tested for COVID-19 after his 40th birthday, to make sure he was in good health and eliminate the risk of spreading the virus to his ex-wife, Jenna Dewan, and their daughter.

Channing had turned 40 on April 26, and he along with five of his close friends, who were all safely quarantining on their own before the get-together, hung out to do dirt biking at his personal ranch, sources told TMZ. After this, Jenna expressed concerns that Channing could’ve been exposed and could put their daughter, Everly, who goes back and forth between mom and dad, as well as Jenna herself, at risk.

According to sources, Channing Tatum understood the concern and decided to get tested on his own. After a few days of waiting for results — during which Everly stayed a few extra days with Jenna — Channing got his result – negative.

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