Did You Know Ben Affleck & Matt Damon Shared A Bank Account In Their 20s? Former Recalls Financial Mismanagement Saying “We Were Broke In 6 Months”
Ben Affleck Recalls The Time He & Matt Damon Were Broke Months After Receiving $600,000 For Good Will Hunting’s Script ( Photo Credit – Wikimedia )

Ben Affleck has one friend in the industry who was his buddy before he became one of Hollywood’s A-List actors. In fact, the two got their first break together and even lived together in Los Angeles when they were just aspiring actors. Don’t know who it is? Well, it’s the ‘Jason Bourne’ actor Matt Damon. While together, the duo got thirst first big break and even became penniless soon after.

Recently, Affleck spoke to Drew Barrymore about living with Damon during their 20s and sharing a bank account with him. During their interaction, Ben revealed their went broke soon after their first big break due to mistakenly mismanaging their money. Read on to know all about it.

During an appearance on The Drew Barrymore Show on Friday, Ben Affleck opened up about how he thought he and Matt Damon were rich following the sale of the rights to their ‘Good Will Hunting’ script for $600,000. He said, “[I thought], ‘My needs are over. I will never have to work again. I’m rich forever.’”

However, just months later, Ben Affleck and Matt Damon were broke. The Batman actor revealed that after paying their agent a $30,000 fee and coughing up $160,000 in taxes, the duo spent the remaining money to buy a Jeep Cherokee and a $5,000-a-month “party house.” Ben said, “We were broke in six months.”

However, them bring broke didn’t affect their friendship. The ‘Argo’ actor stated that he has no regrets about pooling his money with Matt Damon because it was “really valuable” for their friendship. He said, “We were friends, and we wanted each other to succeed, and we loved each other, so it seemed clear, like, ‘Let’s do this together.’”

Check out the video of Ben Affleck spilling the beans here:

Well, money or no money, the actors proved friendship was the most important thing for them.

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