Iron Man & Batman Human Superheroes Above Thor & Wonderwoman
Iron Man & Batman In This Superhero Fan Edit Video Keeps Them Above Thor & Wonderwoman ( Photo Credit – Movie Still )

The superhero fandom is always divided into choosing their favourite superhero. Be it from Marvel or DC, ardent loyal fans have always admired the actors who have played these characters. While it is hard to pick, who is the greatest superhero of them all, a new edit video shows how Iron Man and Batman are the only “humans” above all the gods, superhumans, devils and magicians.

Iron Man and Batman are considered to have similar traits in their nature and characters. Notably, both of them are rich AF and are brilliant mindful philanthropists. Both of them are human beings with no superpowers, unlike the rest of the superheroes. Others have abilities, such as super strength, six senses, the ability to fly, laser beam, and the ability to heal, but Tony Stark and Bruce Wayne stand out, and that makes them above all!

Pop culture enthusiasts often debate who is the GOAT superhero among them all. Adding to the debate, a new edit video shows Iron Man and Batman standing above all the Gods like Thor and Wonder Woman, Superhuman like Captain America, Alien-like Superman, Magicians like Doctor Strange and Doctor Fate, Spirits like Ghost Rider and Devil like Lucifer. The fan-edited video is cued with ‘Human’ song by Rag’n’Bone Man.

Watch the video of Iron Man and Batman below!

The video posted by an Instagram video creator account, “thebaarishguy”, has received a lot of attention from superhero fans. So far, the video has reached around 122k views and over 24k likes.

Reacting to the video, an Iron Man fan commented, “Tony stark above all >>>”. While another fan of both the superheroes added, “Human nhi…papa iss duniya ka papa🗿💪”

“I’m only super rich after all😂”, said another.

Lauding the editor, a user also said, “Admin deserves damnnn appreciation 👏👏”

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