Avengers: Endgame X Sholay: Fan Made Trailer Shows Tony Stark & Captain America
Avengers: End Game & Sholay Reimagines With Tony Stark as Veeru With Captain America As Jai ( Photo Credit – A Still From Avengers: Endgame ; Sholay Poster )

Movies have always been a medium of entertainment irrespective of language barriers. It is a form of art that has always brought audiences to enjoy themselves, be it Bollywood or Hollywood. Marvel’s ‘Avengers: End Game’ and Bollywood’s epic movie ‘Sholay’ are some of the best works of cinema that have separate fan bases!

Bringing both epic works together a newly edited video shows the trailer of MCU’s epic saga with the voice-over of Bollywood’s Sholay in a trailer. Watch the video below as RDJ and Chris Evans work like Jay & Veeru from Bollywood’s drama movie, Sholay.

A video edited by Gurdeen Anbhol and posted by Preet Production Studio on YouTube shows the cast of Avengers: End Game on the music of Sholay. Thanos is shown as Gabbar, Iron Man as Veeru, and Captain America as Jai. As the video moves forward, it shows the depiction of Sholay’s storyline in the form of a trailer with the cast of Avengers.

Just like the actual Sholay movie, MCU characters, Tony Stark and Steve Rogers are shown as two thieves. Tony Stark is later seen flirting with Pepper Potts whose voiceover is over Hema Malini’s Basanti. The Master of Mystic Arts aka Dr Strange is Baldev Singh, who recruits both the Avengers to take on Thanos’ Gabbar.

The video shows scenes from other MCU movies like all three Iron Man and Captain America movies. Interestingly we also see Pepper Potts’ Basanti from the F1 car chase sequence with Dhano running on the race track. As everyone teams up to take on the foe, Tony Stark is seen provoking Thanos to come out. The mad titan is seen saying, “Ab aayega maza khel me” followed by his iconic laugh.

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