Jonathan Major's Kang The Conqueror Gets A Challenge From Valkyrie Actor Tessa Thompson
Jonathan Major’s Kang Faces Challenge From Thor’s Valkyrie Actor Tessa Thompson(Photo Credit –Poster From Movie)

Jonathan Majors, who has swooned the audience with his portrayal of Kang The Conqueror is considered to be the next big bad villain of the MCU. His comparison of being one of the most powerful characters within the Marvel Cinematic Universe has been constant. While he will be seen in the upcoming ‘Avengers: The Kang Dynasty’, Tessa Thompson adds to the debate and believes her character of Valkyrie can defeat Kang played by Majors.

Both the actors have not yet crossed paths within the MCU. However, they will be co-starring in the upcoming third Creed film, alongside fellow MCU star Michael B. Jordan who plays Killmonger. Read on to find out what Valkyrie has to say about taking on Kang The Conqueror.

During a conversation on BIG SCREEN LITTLE SCREEN, Tessa Thompson talked about she can take on Jonathan Majors’ Kang in a fight. She says, “I don’t know if there’ll be a crossover at some point, and I actually have my chance to take him out. I believe [Valkyrie] could.”

Interestingly, their meeting would not be an impossible prospect, as Kang will have a major role in the upcoming Loki series, and Valkyrie is known as an ally to the titular character’s brother, Thor. Being an incredibly powerful fighter and having Asgardian physiology, Tessa Thompson’s argument of taking on Kang does hold some weight. In case, they have a showdown, who do you think will win the bout?

As Valkyrie is capable of weapons like a blade, spear, or even Zeus’s Thunderbolt, it would be nice to see both of them crossing paths. However, Jonathan Major’s Kang The Conqueror was last seen in Ant-Man and The Wasp: Quantumania and will be seen in Loki season 2.

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