Avengers: Infinity War’s Thanos Scene Was Cut By Marvel To Avoid Extra VFX Cost
Avengers: Infinity War Had A 45 Minute Scene In The Beginning, Which Was Cut To Avoid Extra Money On VFX(Photo Credit –Still From Movie)

Avengers: Infinity War was the first movie from the Marvel Cinematic Universe that showed what Thanos was capable of as he had a full-fledged role in the movie. In the previous movies, the Mad Titan was teased in the credit scenes and was awaited to appear in the second Avengers movie and take down the Avengers movie. However, there were more of Thanos’s scenes in the movie which could not make it to the final cut, reveals the creator of the character, Jim Starlin.

Thanos was on a mission to collect all the six infinity stones, and he gave a tough fight to the Avengers and almost succeeded. However, in the beginning, we saw Josh Brolin’s character already obtained the Power Stone after defeating the Nova Corps on Xandar. As the movie did not show the clash between Thanos and the Nova Corps, Thanos’s creator recently revealed that more scenes were cut from the movie.

During a conversation on Near Mint Condition, Thanos creator Jim Starlin shared about the scrapped Avengers: Infinity War sequence. Jim Starlin revealed the Infinity War screenwriters Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely asked him to “keep [his] mouth shut” for a year-and-a-half. He later added one month before Infinity War premiered in theatres, he received an email from director Joe Russo. The email mentioned that the 45-minute sequence of Thanos “getting the first [Infinity Stone]” was cut out at the movie’s beginning.

The Thanos creator Jim Starlin shockingly revealed the scene was cut as Marvel “never wanted to spend the money on the effects, and they didn’t want the movie to be as long as the second one [Endgame] was.” He added the second Avengers movie had a whole sequence of Thanos “getting the first gem, and they had to cut that out.”

Unfortunately, Avengers Infinity War did not show Thanos’ quest to obtain the Power Stone, which might have established the character more prominently. However, as Josh Brolin’s Thanos did reference his destructive plan through dialogue, it was enough for the audience.

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