Aquaman & The Lost Kingdom Reshoot With Jason Momoa
Aquaman & The Lost Kingdom Is Going Through Reshoot With Jason Momoa ( Photo Credit – IMDb )

Ever since The Flash made its way to the big screen, everyone has been talking about the future of the character and the new DCU. While the movie did not reveal any plans for the upcoming project, it left the audience confused and disappointed by the end-credit scenes of the movie. While Arthur Curry showed up in the last scene, a new report says the upcoming Aquaman movie is having reshoots after his appearance in the Ezra Miller starrer movie.

Following the release of The Flash, the superhero fandom will get to see another DC character back in action, and that is none other than Aquaman. While the sequel has been a hot topic of controversy due to personal life matters of the lead actress, Amber Heard, the movie is finally set to release.

Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom will see Jason Momoa back in action, taking on the trident as he reprises the role of Arthur Curry. The movie wrapped filming and did some reshoots quite some time ago. However, now it seems that they have to do more pickup shots after the credit scenes of The Flash. Jason Momoa recently took to his Instagram stories to reveal some behind-the-scenes images from the film, which could signal that reshoots of his upcoming DC movie are currently happening.

Check out the BTS photos of the reshoots of Aquaman and the Last Kingdom!

It is assumed that after the character appeared in The Flash movie, the upcoming Aquaman movie might have some scenes changed. However, it is not official what the scenes would eventually take place, it would be interesting to have some Flash references in the upcoming Jason Momoa starrer movie.

While the sequel of the Aquaman had many roadblocks in the way, let us know what do you think about it. For more stories, stay tuned to

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