Anthony Mackie Calls Out Harry Potter For Not Having Black Representation
Anthony Mackie Blasts Harry Potter Movies For Not Having Black Actors (Picture Credit: IMDB)

Anthony Mackie is one of the most outspoken MCU stars who has not shied away to share their true opinions on issues. While the actor has been very vocal about the representation of black people, he recently called out the Harry Potter franchise’s casting for not including adequate diversity and representation. The actor feels strongly about providing roles for young Black talent because “Harry Potter had no Black friends.” Read on to find out more about what the actor had to say about it!

Based on the beloved JK Rowling book series, the first Harry Potter movie was released in 2001, marking the beginning of a multi-billion-dollar franchise as it made around $7.7 Billion. However, as Anthony is gearing up to take on the mantle of Captain America in his standalone MCU project, it seems like he is taking the role too seriously as he calls out the franchise for not having black representation. Read on to know more about it!

In a recent interview with Inverse, Anthony Mackie shared his own criticisms of the Harry Potter cast and its shortcomings in terms of representation. While talking about his in-development movie, Spark, which is based on Claudette Colvin’s underappreciated role in the Civil Rights Movement, the MCU star laments the fact that there were no major roles for young Black actors throughout Harry Potter movies.

“Harry Potter had no f—ing Black friends. Frodo walked across the entire universe and never met a Black dude. I want to see Frodo in the Hood, which, if I ever do Saturday Night Live, is going to be a skit I’m going to do,” said Anthony Mackie while sharing about the Harry Potter movies. The Captain America actor took the opportunity to criticise the lack of black actors in the aforementioned fantasy sagas and to point out that young black people will feel inspired by Spark.

Recently the actor also expressed his desire to play MCU’s Black Panther as he even wrote letters to Marvel Studios. Additionally, the actor reacted to the controversy surrounding his MCU co-star Jonathan Majors, who has been accused of domestic violence.

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