Ben Affleck’s Last Appearance As Batman Cut Out From Aquaman 2?
Jason Momoa Had Announced Working With Ben Affleck In Aquaman 2 (Picture Credit: Instagram & IMDB)

While The Flash has a dry run at the world box office and that has kind of put a lot of pressure on Warner Bros Discovery, one cannot deny that the movie was actually a well-made one and had its own mettle. The highlight of the Ezra Miller starrer was of course, the gazillion cameos, but the most sought after amid them were Ben Affleck and Michael Keaton. Both the actor decided to reprise their versions of Batman and turns out fans have appreciated their work. For Ben, this is an emotional moment as this was probably the second last time we saw him as Bruce Wayne. But what if we tell you this could be the last & Aquaman 2 doesn’t feature him?

Well, if you are unaware about the drama. Ben Affleck is parting ways from playing Batman, and what we see of him on screen as Bruce Wayne is the last bit. Jason Momoa had announced that he shot for some scenes with Affleck in the controversial Aquaman And The Lost Kingdom, popularly known as Aquaman 2. So the hope was that it will be the last time we get to see Ben wear the cape.

But now, after James Wan, decided to talk about Aquaman And The Lost Kingdom, dropping a hint at Ben Affleck’s absence from the movie, seems like the dreams of the fans wanting to see him reprise Bruce Wayne one last time are shuttering. Read on to know everything you should know about the same.

If you can recall, Jason Momoa, on his Instagram almost a year ago, revealed that Ben Affleck is in the DCU campus shooting for Aquaman And The Lost Kingdom with him. The Game Of Thornes star was celebrating their reunion. Check the post right below:


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But now Aquaman And The Lost Kingdom director James Wan, as per Screenrant, while talking about the sequel, has called it a Standalone movie that doesn’t rub shoulders with anybody else. Does this mean Ben Affleck is not in the sequel? He said, “Well, Aquaman – even the first film – has always been a very standalone film. That was always our approach: that it kind of lives in its own world, and that’s kind of how we’ve approached The Lost Kingdom as well.”

Somebody needs to clarify this because Ben Affleck fans are on the verge of breaking down. Stay tuned to Koimoi for more.

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