Kanye West accused of anti-Semitic remarks, now by former business partner
Kanye West accused of anti-Semitic remarks, now by former business partner (Picture Credit: IMDB)

Rapper Kanye West has been accused of making anti-Semitic remarks by his former business partner Alex Klein.

In a new BBC documentary The Trouble With KanYe, Klein detailed the anti-Semitic remarks by the rapper, now known as Ye, 46.

Discussing the decision to no longer work with Kanye West and his subsequent reaction, Alex Klein, 31, said: “We turned down 10 million dollars. Kanye was very angry, you know he was saying ‘I feel like I wanna smack you’ and ‘you’re exactly like the other Jews’.”

Alex Klein went on to add that Kanye West was “almost relishing and revelling in how offensive he could be, using these phrases hoping to hurt me,” he was quoted as saying by the ‘Daily Mail’.

Alex continued: “I asked him and I said ‘Do you really think Jews are working together to hold you back?’ and he said ‘Yes, yes I do but it’s not even a statement that I need to take back because look at all the energy around me right now. Without that statement, I wouldn’t become president’.”

Alex Klein is a tech entrepreneur, and former friend and business partner of West and created his Stem Player for his ‘Donda 2’ album.

Last year, he was banned from Twitter and lost a series of lucrative sponsorship deals after he made a variety of anti-Semitic statements.

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