Amber Heard Blackmailed Elon Musk Into Paying Fees For Her Defamation Trial As She Held Dark Information Against Him?
Amber Heard Organised S*x Parties Full Of Drugs, Alcohol; Cara Delevingne, Elon Musk Were Amongst Other Attendees? ( Photo Credit – Instagram ; Wikipedia )

It looks like the Amber Heard vs Johnny Depp drama is going to be far from over. Everyone thought the defamation trial would be end of the high-profile case but it looks like it opened doors for many other controversies. After 6,600 pages of unsealed documents exposed JD, now an internet influencer is leaking details of the Aquaman actress’ s*x parties and how she allegedly blackmailed Elon Musk. Scroll below for all the details.

Well, it isn’t hidden that Amber and Johnny would throw parties and drugs were an important part of it. On their wedding night as well, there were ample illegal substances that have been talked about during the recent defamation suit. But looks like the parties also included a lot of s*x.



Internet influencer Jessica Reed Kraus, who runs by the name of House Inhabit on the online platform Substack has shared paid news newsletter. It includes all the dirt on Amber Heard that has allegedly been hidden all long. And it isn’t her claims but apparently experiences the ex-friends of the Aquaman actress shared with the writer.

According to the newsletter, Amber Heard hosted risque Los Angeles parties that included “copious amounts of MDMA”, booze and s*xual intercourse. Her ex-partner Tasya Van Ree along with Cara Delevingne were amongst others who attended their bashes.

Furthermore, it is stated that Amber blackmailed rumoured ex-boyfriend Elon Musk into paying the fees for her recent defamation trial against Johnny Depp. The actress would allegedly often record the Tesla creator at parties and now owns some dark information on him.

Amber Heard easily made friends with partygoers, thanks to her “knack for drawing in other young (typically gay) struggling actresses.”

An unknown person identified in the newsletter as Gia claimed she, Amber Heard and Elon Musk would often indulge in scandalous behaviour at those parties. She went on to detail Johnny Depp’s ex-wife as “But oh yeah, she’s genuinely a total maniac and, if she hasn’t already, I have no question in my mind that Heard will kill someone at some point.”

Well, these are quite scandalous claims to make, stay tuned to know if Amber Heard takes any legal action against House Inhabit!

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