Lovesutra Episode 14: When Selena Gomez Revealed Why She Had S*x With Her Ex Justin Bieber & We Couldn't Agree More!
Lovesutra Episode 14: When Selena Gomez Said ‘Yes’ To Having S*x With Ex Justin Bieber Out Of Love(Photo Credit –Instagram)

Love, relationship, s*x, and intimacy – they are all related to each other in some way or the other. Being a person who is hopelessly romantic, love and intimacy is something that I will always crave from my partner. If there’s no love, no spark I might not get involved in physical intimacy with the person. And, well our favourite Hollywood sensation Selena Gomez had also once agreed to it and it has Justin Bieber connect to it. Scroll below to read more about it.

Getting physical with a partner, losing virginity before marriage – these are taboos that no women talk about openly. However, I feel there’s nothing wrong with it if there’s love. That doesn’t mean I have something against casual s*x but it’s just being me, I feel a woman would like to get caressed by his man with love and get physically involved when there’s affection and spark. It’s not like we are robots and have switches on us!



Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber was once Hollywood’s IT couple until they decided to part ways. However, rumours were rife that the ex-couple had flown to Palm Springs, California in 2011 summer to consummate their relationship. A close friend of Justin Bieber had shared that Selena had agreed to have s*x with him after she confessed her love to the Baby singer. The friend revealed, “Justin told me, ‘I knew she (Selena) was in love with me when she gave me her virginity.’ He said it with no embarrassment or shyness whatsoever.”

The source further gave some more details about Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber and said, “It was in the summer of 2011. They flew to Palm Springs for a couple of days and had a super private place to stay. The purpose of the trip was 100 percent because Selena finally said ‘yes’ to having s*x with him. They agreed because they both said they were in love.”

Well, as a woman I feel there shouldn’t be any embarrassment from either of the partners because whatever is happening between them it’s out of love and consent. As per reports, there are more than 60% of women who have lost their virginity before marriage because they were in love with their partners. ‘Marriage’ is such a taboo, I feel. There is no fixed age when you have to get married but society has definitely shown us the perfect age to have s*x. When? Oh well, on our suhaag raat, ain’t it right? But why can’t a woman have fun and pleasure in her life too?

Every human being needs physical involvement (aka S * X) to keep their mental stress at bay, to work even better, and to always have a better mood at doing everything. So why not? And this whole hormone level gets boosted up if both the person gets involved in the act out of love.

It’s high time that we should talk about women’s virginity not as a taboo anymore. No hush-hush talking, no gossiping about ‘oh look she had s*x with her boyfriend before her marriage’, etc etc. Yes, there should be a lot of precautions to be taken care of but that shouldn’t prevent a woman from having s*x with a person whom she loves. Physical touch is a love language, ladies! (*wink*)

Well, what are your thoughts about a woman giving her virginity to a person she loves? Should it be a taboo anymore even in 2023? Let us know in the comments below!

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