Lovesutra Episode 13: Cameron Diaz Once Admitted Her Love For Primal, Animalistic S*x But Is It Normal For Men To Acknowledge Or Even Enjoy Rough S*x With Their Partner?
Lovesutra Episode 13: Cameron Diaz Once Admitted Her Love For Primal, Animalistic S*x But Is It Normal For Men To Acknowledge Or Even Enjoy Rough S*x With Their Partner? Here’s What We Think ( Photo Credit – Wikimedia )

The concept that women would accept or inflict is implausible since, in general, males have the perception that women are delicate flowers. It seems long past time for women to even request or initiate rough s*x. Guess what? It isn’t. In fact, it was once mentioned by Hollywood actress Cameron Diaz.

Those times, when order took the place of gentle caresses, are long gone. In contrast to the sweet, seductive charm of a typical night, rough s*x has a different tone. Physical contact and vigour are common in rough s*x. The Charlie’s Angel actress previously discussed a similar incident.

During a conversation with Playboy magazine, Cameron Diaz opens up about her love life and her love for primal, animalistic s*x. “I’m primal on an animalistic level, kind of like, ‘Bonk me over the head, throw me over your shoulder. You man, me woman.’ Not everybody has the right kind of primal thing for me…I love physical contact. I have to be touching my lover, like, always. It’s not optional,” she said.

As the actress Cameron Diaz noted, it is normal for women to have fantasies about having raunchy s*x, and even males. In reality, a new study that was printed in the journal Evolutionary Psychological Science provides some clarification. According to reports, 734 college students in New York were polled by researchers on their opinions of and experiences with consensual rough s*x. The majority of pupils (92% of them) identified as heteros*xual and female (77%).

The majority of the sample (51%) reported having had rough intercourse in the past, with scratching, spanking, pushing, name-calling, ripping garments, tying up, blindfolding, and slapping being the most often reported rough s*x practices. A rough and tumble s*xual encounter between consenting people can, in my opinion, be a wonderful, liberating experience that can help release tension, rekindle desire, increase communication, and bring profound physical and emotional joy.

You must, however, make sure that your aspirations are secure, clearly articulated, and between two consenting adults who have properly established their boundaries in order to make these dreams a reality.

I’d want to stress that men enjoy aggressive s*x just as much as women do as said by Cameron Diaz. It enables us to s*xually express our dominating personalities in the first place. As a result, when our partner consents to or displays a desire for rough s*x, we essentially have permission to act aggressively and intensely—emotions that we typically try to control. We also enjoy seeing how excited our partners get throughout a tough, s*xual encounter.

For men who typically believe that having rough s*x is inappropriate and impolite, it is a treat. Or, to put it another way, it’s not how you treat women. Men frequently become fixated on the “Madonna and the wh*re” paradox, which holds that a woman cannot be both good and wicked. She must be one or the other, and the man must decide which one to treat her as in order to know whether to treat her as nice or bad. This straightforward framework provides psychological and social comfort.

However, it also serves as a confirmation of male feelings of oneself and the rich and complicated feelings towards a partner and women in general. Having rough s*x can be just a heated frolic between the sheets.

So in conclusion, the intimacy that the bond created by rough s*x creates between a man and his partner is more than just a s*xual connection. But it is worth pointing out that refrain from having references from p*rn as it is just unrealistic.

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