At the end of a week at the box office, Holiday stands at 68 crores at the domestic box office. Well so far, it seems to be a commendable number for a film that has been earning aggressively at the box office so far. Staying stably in the range of 6 crores, the film has been showing promise in both multiplexes and single screens. Benefiting largely from the lack of any powerful release in the bandwidth, Holiday is steering close to the 100 crore mark.

Agreed, 100 crore is no more a novelty with even a 2 States attaining it without much huffing puffing, but Akshay Kumar has remained devoid of an entry into the club for a while now. Despite films like Special 26 and OMG! Oh My God faring well with the audiences, the numbers incurred did not add up to a magnanimous 100 crore total.

Akshay Kumar in a 'Holiday – A Soldier Is Never Off Duty' movie
Akshay Kumar in a ‘Holiday – A Soldier Is Never Off Duty’ movie

Holiday made an opening day income of 12 crores with the income multiplying to 42 crores by the draw of its first weekend and the first week total approaching 70 crores almost. Since the film doesn’t have any stiff competition from Fugly this weekend, and Filmistaan catering only to a niche audience group, the film can expect to add on 20 crores more to its income. The film’s 10 day total should be in the range of 85-90 crores. The film might witness a slower pace post its 10 day run and can expect to earn within 10 crores till its 15th day. It shouldn’t be a surprise if by the end of its 15 days’ box office journey, the film makes it into the 100 crore club at the box office.

Earlier Akshay had witnessed massive success with Rowdy Rathore and Housefull 2. While Rowdy Rathore made it into the 100 crore club in 11 days with its lifetime total coming up to 131 crores, it took 17 days for Housefull 2 to reach the mark with the lifetime total summing up to 114 crores.

Though both Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai Dobaara! and Boss failed dismally at the box office, Akshay’s hold over his audiences remained unfazed. OUATIMD suffered primarily due to the clash with Chennai Express, it was a shocker when the film made 65 crores only at the box office. Probably it was the failure of OUATIMD that affected Boss as well. It was an above average film that flopped with a lifetime earning of merely 54 crores.

With Holiday reviving Akshay’s star power, benefiting massively from it will be his upcoming films It’s Entertainment and Gabbar. For now Holiday is almost a winner with 100 crore at bay for it.

Holiday Rowdy Rathore Housefull 2
Day 1 Opening 12 cr 15.10 cr 14 cr
1st Weekend Total 42 cr 48.05 cr 42 cr
Week 1 Total 68 cr 79.52 cr 63 cr
2nd weekend addition 20 crores
Total in 10 days 90 crores estimated
11th to 15th day 12 crores approx
100 crore club Will reach in 15 days 11 days 17 days
Lifetime Total 115 crores projected 131 114

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