Akshay Kumar in Boss Movie Review ( Akshay Kumar in Boss Movie Poster )
Akshay Kumar in Boss Movie Poster

Rating: 2.5/5 Stars (Two and Half Stars)

Star cast: Akshay Kumar, Aditi Rao Hydari, Shiv Pandit, Mithun Chakraborty, Danny Denzongpa, Johnny Lever, Parikshit Sahani, Ronit Roy

Director: Anthony D’Souza

What’s Good: It is a solidly magnetizing film which yields Akshay’s star power to the fullest. Filled with flattering dialogues and solid action, the film is an adequately superlative  masala flick.

What’s Bad: Over-the-top melodrama and incoherent romantic track between Shiv Pandit and Aditi Rao Hydari teamed with a diluted screenplay.

Loo break:  Some.

Watch or Not?: Boss is an exceedingly noisy film and yet is tremendous fun in parts. Vividly conventional, Anthony D’Souza’s Boss fits in the unoriginal moulds of Bollywood’s recent recipes of masala flicks. However, the overused plot still manages to solidify simply because of Akshay Kumar’s panache that makes the film’s pulverizing action so delectable. There’s no reason why you should miss savoring this tremendously winsome film whose beating to the pulp action will have you from the word go!

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Satyakant (Mithun Chakrabarty) is an upright man of principles who banishes his son Surya after the boy takes up the wrong path and ends up murdering a friend. The boy is picked up by the transport king Big Boss (Danny Denzongpa) and ends up being called Boss (Akshay Kumar), his Protege.

Years later, Boss’ path of life crosses again with his father when his little brother Shiv (Shiv Pandit) ends up in jail for the crime of falling in love with the cop Ayushman Thakur’s (Ronit Roy) sister Ankita (Aditi Rao Hydari). Hired to kill his own brother Shiv by Ankita’s fiance, Boss is a story of love, brotherhood, redemption and warmth.

Sonakshi Sinha And Akshay Kumar in Boss Movier Stills
Sonakshi Sinha And Akshay Kumar in Boss Movier Stills 

Boss Review: Script Analysis

I am not afraid to point out that the film which I am guilty of enjoying marginally, has only a wafer thin plot to its credit. A son banished from his home by a righteous father and he later goes the wrong way by joining the mafia world is quite a known story. The homespun desi yarn reeks of mediocrity in both its conception and shoddy execution; I don’t understand why Bollywood’s filmmakers are constantly remaking South hits. There clearly is a dearth of freshness in ideas which is compelling filmmakers to resort to crassy formulaic films to earn their breads! The lack of passion is often attempted to be patched up in the garb of glossy frames and zestfully distracting action, but the lack of story in the film leaves behind a void hard to be repaired even with the best technical attempts.

The script invests heavily in its larger than life hero, Boss played by Akshay Kumar. Carefully and quite persistently the script diverts our attention from the loopholes of the plot and its continuity hitches, to ensure enough that its mistakes to escape our attention. The commonplace story uses Bollywood’s most used vintage formulas of family drama, an evil brother of the heroine and misunderstanding between a father and a son!

However, there is barely any reason to complain as the story swiftly shifts from one incident to another giving no time to apply logic on it. Working for its benefit, the film’s momentum lags in the first half which settles its ambiance. But as the story kicks in after interval – with its clap trap of dialogues, flashy songs and enterprising action, it keeps you hooked for a great share of its time.

I managed to allow myself a few laughs especially in the scene where Shiv and Akshay meet each other for the first time; the set up and its dialogues were so hilarious that I couldn’t save myself from falling prey to the film’s deliberate attempt to squeeze out applause. Though such scenes are in short in supply in the film that plans to work off completely based on banging thrills and corny jokes!

The romance track was both unbelievable and needless which showed a lack of intensity. Even the glowering villain was given such less screen space that your hatred for him deflates even before it had bloated completely! The triumph of our hero could have been so much more impactful had the film had been designed slightly more differently!

Boss Review: Star Performances

Akshay Kumar manages to make his audiences go into raptures as he slips into the role of Boss with infallible comfort. His spirited performance is the film’s singular stronghold and though this isn’t amongst his most mesmeric performances, he manages to flaunt his star value with grace and charisma.

Shiv Pandit was insignificant and the opinion on him would be unanimous that a actor of greater caliber could have done the role more justly!

Aditi Rao Hydari has no role to play besides looking ravishing in one bikini scene she was assigned. Besides that the role which the talented actress had acquired could might as well be essayed by any junior artiste. The film was a sheer waste of her talent!

Danny Denzongpa was unflappable and though this is surely not one of Mithun’s most memorable roles, he gave the character more meat than it originally would have had.

Ronit Roy puts up a zealous performance and though the actor deserved greater screen presence to make his role more lucid but the actor nevertheless matches up Akshay’s stature and is grand is every scene!

Boss Review: Direction, Editing and Screenplay

Anthony D’Souza was enroute to delivering a damp squib had it not been for harnessing the potential of his actor Akshay Kumar. Trapping his Khiladi side amply, the director dishes out an entertaining feat despite an unsteady screenplay. The only plus point about the screenplay was its uninteresting structuring. The fast pace does save the film’s grace, but the improper chalky characterization and an insincere execution defies the good work of its actors.

The music of the film is an enticing facet. The Honey Singh sang title track and item number are the film’s most high and energetic bits. Anthony D’Souza still manages to ensure that the film’s editing is crisply done and doesn’t tread for a minute longer than it should. The storytelling has seen a remarkable improvement since Blue days but has a lot more polishing to do before the man can ace the genre!

Boss Review: The Last Word

Akshay Kumar starrer Boss manages to indulge you in a feast of thrilling ugly action and crackling comedy with its crude and rustic premise. The film absorbs you in its tottering plot despite its puerile humor and thunderous action! Somehow even with all its blunders,because of Akshay Kumar alone Boss works. Though at points I found the film horrendously bizarre, I admittedly found myself getting entertained in several parts of the film. Giving a 2.5/5, the film is worth the price of your ticket compensating well in the enjoyment quotient, the value of every penny you put into this! Akshay Kumar single handedly saves the film from being a sore bore and that is reason enough why Boss deserves a definite shot!

Boss Trailer

Boss releases on 16th October, 2013.

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Reviewed by
Mohar Basu
and Rated

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  1. Boss seems to be just like any of the akshay movies, tired of it already, same mindless masala movie with artificial action. Sure shot flop .

  2. Mohar Basu tujhe critic kisne bana diya be…………
    Akshay ki koi bhi film ho chahe Special 26 jaisi critically acclaimed use bhi 2.5
    i dont trust you and Your Koi moi

  3. mohar basu is a safe player..he always give all the big movies 2.5 star atleast.see besharam,outimd,race 2..all dese were crap movies.instead he ll throw an averange small movie by saying dat he’ve never seen such a bad film….damn u man u r not fair at all..show some respect to ur job.we people r not fools..resign ur job and go sit at ur home please

  4. See guys this is totally Akshay style movie, full of action, comedy masala movie. A total entertainer movie. Must watch

  5. Superb movie….kadak ….

    Humko kya h …hme to sirf pani nikalna …

  6. I watched it. Piasa vasool movie.
    Don’t expect every movie to be 3 Idiot.
    Boss is much better than Ek tha Tiger, Bodygaurd & Besharam

  7. Loved the movie !

    Akki proves again only he is the BOSS of action and comedy. No one in bollywood can even dare to come close to his class of action (except Vidyut).

    Amazing performances by Mithunda and Ronit Roy.

    Very touching too. Senti kar diya tha :)

    Planning to watch it again only for the BOSS :D

  8. watched it…a good one after flop show of outimd…
    will do giant business among masses…
    film is up to the mark if we consider the typical masala genre…
    akshay and ronit roy both have done extremely good job respective of their roles….
    akshay kumar suits larger than life roles especially in masala movies…
    i liked it…

  9. one of d best movie of akki……total paisa wasool movie…with owsum todu-fodu action,comedy,emotions,dialogues, music……nd star ka tadka…..gr8 acting by ronit roy,mithun da, danny and obviously by our BOSS !!!
    my fav dialogue: maut to yuhi badnaam hai takleef to zindagi deti hai

  10. very entertaining, funny and superb action packed comedy. akshay & ronit are simply rocking.
    maut ko yu hi badnaam karte hain log taklif to zindagi deti hai….waah!

  11. mahaaaaaa bakwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaas movieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

    akki u r big zeroooooooooooooooo

  12. akki u r always making good movie sir plz don’t stop plz continue no matter of script just take benifit of opportunity……

  13. gajab ki movie hai………….kya ffaaaduuuuuu….movie………….mindblowing………super………………….akkshay sir a great and super great actor……………………jai ho akshay sir ki………………………………i m a big fan of akshay /khiladi bhaiya

  14. akshay sir ki super great movies jinko mai dailywatch karta hu……..
    garam masala = 120 times
    hey baby= 15 times
    hera pheri=20 times
    phir hera pheri=59 times
    khata meetha=48 times

  15. lajavab movie ,great and mindblowing movie boss…………………7* out of 10…….and i m waitng for hera pheri-3, 4,garam masala-2,3,4 hey baby-2, boss-2,3,4..

  16. boss is really a fantastic film i have seen but numbers are not coming out….i think all r gelous bcoz the film is mind blowing all r enjoying it…
    really this film appreciated to be in 150 crore mark but it seems to be impossible , you can easily compare the film with dabang 2,dabang,ek tha tiger and even with Chennai express…
    sry if i said wrong but it is really right…

  17. Great film akshay once again u have proved ur self that there is only lion in a jungle who can give competition to khans…..Boss is fantastic and superb i have seen it thrice……..JAI HO

  18. Boss was a gud movie just like other south indian masala fight movies but akshay now its enough we want something different from rowdy rathore to khiladi786 and now boss try something new otherwise one day you will become salman khan who do same acting in each movie…………:()

  19. super hit movie family movie and akshay u always is great star because u r the best we all hindu from india always support hindu actor so keep it up akki.


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