Fugly Movie Poster
Fugly Movie Poster

Rating: 0/5 Stars (Zero star)

Star cast: Jimmy Shergill, Mohit Marwah, Kiara Advani, Vijender Singh, Arfi Lamba

Director: Kabir Sadanand

What’s Good: Absolutely nothing.

What’s Bad: Lack of solid plotline, narrative, screenplay, good acting, good direction, good music et al. If there’s any department of the film I have missed out, just consider it was bad as well. The worst part was the dialogues.

Loo break: Loo is abode compared to the film.

Watch or Not?: For film critics, movies like Fugly is nothing less than traumatic. A bunch of haywire newbies find themselves lost in a plot that is ridiculous and lame which kills you by the end. If by God’s grace you survive the slang talk and sleaze show, the climax murders you. In a typical Rang De Basanti weds Highway climax done in all seriousness, there is no scope to laugh at it either. It is a plain, flat and bad film that must be avoided under every circumstance.

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A story of four friends, the film captures their journey, friendship and how they begin a social movement eventually. The film begins with Dev Mazumdar (Mohit Marwah) setting himself ablaze at the India Gate. He on reaching the hospital after sustaining 3rd grade burn injuries tells the story of his life.

His dream wasn’t dying of burns but set up an adventure sports camp in Ladakh. Circumstances force them to kidnap a guy who had made a bad pass at Devi (Kiara Advani). The guy gets murdered and a sly police officer Chautala (Jimmy) makes life miserable for them. How they come out of it is the story of Fugly

Vijender Singh, Arfi Lamba, Kiara Advani and Mohit Marwah in a still from movie ‘Fugly’
Vijender Singh, Arfi Lamba, Kiara Advani and Mohit Marwah in a still from movie ‘Fugly’

Fugly Review: Script Analysis

The script writers set out with the motive of butchering Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra’s RDB but sadly the movie is so etched out in the brains of our generation for whom it was an awakening film, anything that reads Fugly can’t take it away. But the obvious references aren’t hard to place. Living on speed and high octave action, the film is bearable till the four kids are strolling across Leh giving us gorgeous glimpses to gorge on. But once the story picks tone, it becomes pathetic scene by scene. Trying to work off a slim plot, the story isn’t much about friendship or camaraderie. With zero emotional moments in the film, Fugly is eons away from anything that even remotely qualifies as entertainment. There is no plot to film as much as it is a couple of hairbrained sequences strewn together.

Writer Rahul Handa should have just left RDB alone. There are some films which when recreated will leave back a smile but others are better left alone.

In one of the initial scenes, Vijender Singh procures an American flag to get boxers made out of them. Humor based on the national flag (be it any country’s) is something I don’t have the acumen to appreciate. It was just written in bad taste. In fact most of the film can resonate the same emotion. Despite the tall talks about eve teasing being the national pass time for lecherous men, the writers don’t bring that forward too much in their story.

Apart from bad writing, it is the bad dialogues which perturb more. The rustic and raw jatt twang is disturbing much, but it is the apparent gem-like lines ala ‘Dilli ki ladki hoon. Dhakke aur ragad ke beech ka fark janti hoon’ that will leave back the feeling of destruction: the more you love cinema, the worse the heartache is.

Fugly Review: Star Performances

Mohit Marwah is stony. With his limited facial expressions and wooden dialogue delivery, even his good looks can’t please enough.

Kiara Advani looks hot but again not an actress at all.

Vijender Singh was better off as a boxer. Wasting his precious time in a moronic film will surely not make an actor out of him.

Arfi Lamba is the worst of the lot. I have never understood what is the criteria for picking up actors, because Lamba doesn’t score on any of my pre-requisites to be an actor.

And finally Jimmy Shergill find himself stuck in an ungrateful role and despite outshining, he doesn’t achieve much with this film.

Fugly Review: Direction, Editing and Screenplay

Kabir Sadanand should have just left Rang De Basanti alone. Had he and his writers employed some brains in writing a simpler story with more heart to it, that would have worked. But the mammoth task of touching the feel of RDB was a tad bit much to achieve for Kabir whose limitations made this film worse than it should have. There are no plusses here but the minuses are myriad.

Not only the senseless and yawn worthy plot, but the film fails to flaunt a single good reason to watch it. The screenplay is shaky, it is replete with logic lapses, the direction is weak and the music isn’t a fine either. In a particular sequence where Vijender Singh dances about how good he is in bed, I can’t help but wonder how does any tom, dick and harry find himself competent enough to make any trash and called it a film.

Fugly Review: The Last Word

Fugly must mean trash because I couldn’t find anything better in the film. A film devoid of soul, this movie will leave you mind-fuglied and I assure you that’s a state hard to overcome. I sat through the film in the hope of drooling at Akshay Kumar and Salman Khan’s gorgeous faces in the much hyped song but alas the film doesn’t allow us a single pleasure. I can’t bring myself to give any stars. It was too dumb and doomed to deserve anything.

Fugly Trailer

Fugly releases on 13th June, 2014.

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