Akshay Kumar, Sonakshi Sinha, Imran Khan in Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai Dobaara! Movie Review (Akshay Kumar, Sonakshi Sinha, Imran Khan in Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai Dobaara! Movie Poster)
Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai Dobaara! Movie Poster

Rating: 2/5 stars (Two Stars)

Star cast: Akshay KumarSonakshi SinhaImran Khan, Sonali Bendre

Director: Milan Luthria

What’s Good: It’s yet again a Once Upon… story where every line is a punch line and retro look is fantastic with its aroma of nostalgia!

What’s Bad: There’s melodrama, overdrama and too much drama.

Loo break: A few!

Watch or Not?: Milan Luthria’s OUATIMD lacks the effervescence and naturalness of its prequel. The vibrancy of the script is diluted with hard-to-believe romance, minimal story; the film falters due to lack of action and the calamity that OUATIM reflected in abundance. This one isn’t really a dull bore but fails to spark off the enigma of the former edition! Crime thrillers and love dramas shouldn’t be mingled, it results in an insipid broth like this.

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Starting off from where Once Upon A Time in Mumbaai had ended,the film begins with Shoaib picking up a local urchin to build for himself a loyalist at crime becoming his Godfather. 12 years later, Shoaib is the biggest gangster of Bombay who handles in all the way from an Arab Nation (Presumably Dubai).

Ditched by a man who plots to kill him, he makes a trip back to the city in order to eradicate his opponent.

Meanwhile he and the urchin he had adopted fall in love with a budding actress, which indeed results in the strife that initiates between them – a war as to who will win the girl.

This isn’t another love triangle of ordinary people. There is a gangster in love here and the story fierce-s itself with the love, passion and obsession of its characters to win, along with the police on the hunt for the man who rules Dongri.

Akshay Kumar And Sonakshi Sinha in Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai Dobaara! Movie Review (Akshay Kumar And Sonakshi Sinha in Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai Dobaara! Movie Stills)
Akshay Kumar And Sonakshi Sinha in Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai Dobaara! Movie Stills

Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai Dobaara! Review: Script Analysis

There are very few euphoric moments in the film partly because of its lazy writing that is carried out rather shakily, and rest because it doesn’t meet the standards set by its colossal predecessor. I can almost count the number of times I felt that ecstatic high inside me during the film. There are dialogues put in which make no sense and some are actually offensive to your gray cells without being remotely entertaining.

The film’s first part has a few good moments but nothing that the trailer hadn’t shown you. A few brilliant action scenes in the first half are done fabulously. There is a scene where Akshay and Imran leap off from one terrace to another, and that is perhaps the only place where the film shows some panache of what it had attempted on.

The romantic angle was overtly done and somehow doesn’t have the required blaze. The chemistry between Sonakshi and her actors is not fabricated neatly and somehow it comes across as a shock when she declares her love for one and rejects the other! The screenplay had barely given any tender moments or delicate minutes of love and hence romance obsession seems quite out of the blue.

The film fails to be a proper crime thriller or a love saga as it dismally flops at both doing absolutely no justice to either.

Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai Dobaara! Review: Star Performances

Akshay Kumar is so sleazy that he will crack you up with his dialogue delivery. It is outright hilarious. The actor fails to add depth in his character and couldn’t infuse charisma or persona in a role that Emraan Hashmi had immortalized. This Shoaib can at best manage to be a mock don but his over the top acting is such a flop show!

Sonakshi Sinha goes wrong every time she is in a commercial film. One can be rest assured that her performance in Lootera is a fluke or a mere shadow of director’s flawless cinematic abilities that he could extract such a wonderful performance from her. In this film, she is a chatterbox replete with idioticity which the director frames as naiveness. She shrieks as if possessed in the climax scene as bombards all her good, if she had done any.

Imran Khan is plain flat with nill emotions in his dialogues. His trying-too-hard-to-be-suave act will leave you yawning and doesn’t help in furthering the impression we have of him-his inherent inability to act. He could have done so much with the role but alas he painstakingly wastes every bit of it.

There is only one solid scene that the director gave to actress Sonali Bendre and she was brilliant in it. She was the only one who delivered her role in a compelling and convincing manner. In few minutes, she added depth to her character and managed to convey the emotional wreckage Shoaib’s love had caused her!

The supporting cast is needless and have nothing substantial to do. Mahesh Manjrekar’s buffonery was a pain in the literal sense of the word.

Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai Dobaara! Review: Direction, Editing and Music

Milan Luthria has given fabulous films before and this one feels stark and abrupt given his wonderful repertoire of fantastic films. His don shows off, has no charisma, his story lacks charm, the romance is not beautiful enough and fails to strike a chord and you will end up laughing at moments in the film’s most nailbiting moments. There is no simple way to present the fact but here it is – the film is a fiasco of sorts. Lesser than Himmatwala but nevertheless a damp squib that is the last thing expected from Luthria and Balaji. Rajat Aroraa’s dialogues felt labored and did not have the ease in its throw!

Pritam’s music ain’t extraordinary and the editing could have been better. But it is the script, the direction and the acting that dooms it all for them!

Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai Dobaara! Review: The Last Word

Once Upon Ay Time in Mumbai Dobaara screams to Bollywood to do away with its ridiculous trend of Dobaara films simply coz this time the Dobaara was painful on its audience. I am going with a generous 2/5 for its novel concept which was built flimsily. I was left flabbergasted at how audaciously the film spends so much energy flaunting nothing that they give its real theme a miss! It is hard to point out whom to blame, but the bottom line doesn’t change – you can easily miss this one and save yourself a headache.

Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai Dobaara! Trailer

Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai Dobaara! releases on 15th Augast, 2013.

Share with us your experience of watching Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai Dobaara!.

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  1. I knew outimd wudn’t be gud pakage bcoz its promo has only dialouges, nothng more dan dat. Now m sure, i’l give a miss to this film

  2. OUATIMD is a flop. I have nothing against Akshay but Ekta Kapoor’s luck is really bad now. All her films are flopping.

  3. its 100tyms btr dan ce…
    btr story drama action dialouges nd atlast btr acting done by akki rather dan srk’s overacting.

  4. RIP OUATIMD. Chennai Express will now run over this film. Tomorrow’s BREAKING NEWS : Cops find dead Khiladi on tracks. They say he was run over by Chennai Express.

  5. movie ghtiya h wo to sb jaante h… pr 15 august ko ye movie release nhi ho rhi aaj srf iska paid preview hoga… hahaha non-sense…. poore din movie dikhayenge or paid preview bol rhe h…

  6. Now Days Actual Public Review And Collections Are Just Opposite. Its All Publicity Stunts. For Example, None Of My Friends Who Die Hard Fans Of Shahrukh Liked Chennai Express, But The Collections Have A Different Story To Tell.

  7. I expected it would get at-least 3star but 2!!!! Agar CE market mai nai hota to movie sayad hit ho jata but ab doubt hai….

  8. What kind of a crappy review is?
    Putting the movie down so people don’t watch it and go and watch Chennai Express.
    The movie is gonna do amazingly despite your crappy review.

  9. I went to theatre with much expectation that created OUATM but I am really dissapointed.Pace is so slow and not needed overdrama.

    • Har chij me srk se problem… review accha nai to srk ne paise khila diye….film nai chali to srk ki chaal thi,shows nai mile….Agar film acchi hui aur chal gayi to hahaha srk is poor flop akki sallu rocks….matlab kuch bhi ho srk hi karab hai bus…..CE has also got poor star ratings dont forget,SRK unko bhi paisa deke 4 ya 5 star kyu nai le liya???

  10. the movie was released at a time when chennai express was running full houses…..only reviews could have saved the film…..now reviews are also poor…..who will save ekta kapoor now?????

  11. Super flop movie, very very boring. Poor acting. Muje mere paise vapis do. Time and money both are wasted. Do not watch this movie.

  12. Ppl dont go by this crap review. They just want everyone to go see srk’s movie! OUATIMD is going to be awesome! Akki rocks!

  13. agar aap log mind ko ghar pe rakh ke jao then go for chennai xpress….and if u want to watch a realy good movie then go for ouatim doobara ..

  14. OUATIMD is flop. I don’t have anything against Akshay but Ekta Kapoor’s luck is really bad now. All her films are flopping.

  15. All of you people must know that don‘t go on Mohar Basus review , he is a fool of first class. Rather see reviews of other critics and decide. Actually leave critics too. Just go and watch movie and decide yourself that if it is good or bad. I am saying this because this fool critic gave aashiqui 2 ,2 stars and gave chennai express 3 stars and its story was worst than ek tha tiger whom he gave 2.5 stars. Further I noticed that on this site maximum content is about SRK only and it happens to me that if all other Indian superstars are worthless. I think this site should be banned. Nothing was written about Salman Khan when ETT made records and when CE made records this whole site was flooded with SRK contents. But whatever they do it is a truth that Salman is more popular than SRK in India and no one can change this truth.

  16. Me and my friends really enjoyed this movie and we did not feel any over acting this a awesome movie don’t miss it

  17. Lagta hai aap ko sirf bura likhna aata hai. Film too good better much better than channai exp. Dilog. Songs. Acting. Cast. . For ur information akki sab se powerful mine almost 100% houseful stared mila hai to sale dekh kr comment kiya kr.

  18. i dont know your review is right or wrong as i have not seen the movie yet i will go tomorrow, but i can tell you that akshay kumar has much more charisma and persona then emraan hashmi.so i know he will play this role much better than emraan.

    • Actually, Emraan performs really well in chutiya characters. Jab usne Ajay Devgn (Sultan) ko maara, dil to kar raha tha usko laat marun.. Thats because of his acting dude, he really lives up to those zealous characters. And in this movie, I wished , I could kick the screen instead. And thats because of Imran Khan and partly due to Akshay.

  19. Why the hell they picked Imran Khan? He is dull, disappointing, flat. Emraan Hasmi is a thousand times better than him. I used to dislike Emraan during his early career, but he later proved his potential. He complemented well with Ajay Devgn’s Sultan in the first one. But here, Imran is nowhere near Akshay and hell, Akshay is not even a good actor like Ajay Devgn.
    They made a romantic movie on the backdrop of gangster content. The audience expected fights, intense acting and politics. But they served a zealous love story. I am not a Salman fan but I will still say that Bodyguard was better than this. At least that movie stayed true to its content. This movie will just deceive you. People will certainly prefer Chennai Express over this one as that one is a masala joyride, whilst this one is utter nonsense.

    Don’t watch it.

  20. ouatimd is such a gud movie…actually srk has a name …the movie ce is really bad ..no sense..actually it looks like south Indian movie…deepika dont know how to act…
    go for ouatimd….it’s a gud movie..

  21. I have not seen OUTIMD yet so I can’t say anything about the movie but I am 100% confident that Akki should have given Best Performance for his role as “Sohaib” and the truth is no other star is as dedicated as Akki regarding his work and no other star can do all roles perfectly as Akki does.

    And oneSentence to the writer of this article : Mohar Basu, Please stop partiality and come out of 3 Khans world as there are other talented stars too like Ajay, Akshay,Ranbir, Abhay, Manoj, Hritik, Farhan, Ranbir, Saif etc.

  22. the best movie…akshay kumar rules the box office chhennai express to monday se hi box office par fussss ho gaye ouatim mein bahut dum hai…200 crores k upar ka business karegi



  25. abe o writer kya bigaad diya akshay ne tera jo awesome movie ko bekar bta raha h
    Aur accha likhna nahi aata to ye kaam band kar de….


  27. ce jaisa faltu film ka time aap ka review kaha tha…tab kya aap audience tha…ab jab akki ka film hai tab critics ban gaya…and aap emmi jaisa ek chota aur jisa acting ata vi nahi uska sath megastar akki jaisa most talented actor ka sath kaisa comapre kar sakta ho….aap khans ka chamcha giri karo thik hai par akki ka film ka negativity mat koro….OUATIMD ce sa better hai…

  28. I had seen your ratings as many as time but one thing I can tell you that your ratings are always bullshits … Public Always wants some different kinds of scripts with some modification ,,, so keep your ratings with you … I dnt care abt your rarings .. Let the movie goes on than I will late you know the real ratings … Do not rate on your perspective .. Let the people decide .. And we are watching the movie with our money if doesn’t comes from your pocket .. So be cool

    • Bhai Jaan Bhargav, bhaiya phele angrezi school jao aapni pocket se uske baad movie dekhna aur wapas aake comment karna ….;p

    • Bhai, Why don’t you go and watch the movie instead of shouting here? If you really think that the reviews at Koimoi are useless, then why you ever come here to read those. And one more thing, I understand your feeling. You searched all over the internet and didn’t find a single critic who praised this movie. So Koimoi was your last resort, but even here the movie got a bad rating. So you lost your mind and your English (If you have learned anything).
      Go wash off your face and be cool.

  29. to all the genius people commenting here about srk , are all salman fans, most of them have not seen either ce or ouatimd, but they just want to bark

  30. i watched 1st day and 1st show it is very good 4 star out of 5.
    Kitni riswat mili ce walo se iss movie ki burai karne ke liye

  31. akshay ko acting hi ni ati sale ko bawrchi hi rhna chahiye tha aisi gandi acting thoda sa imran thik thak tha isliye movie dekh li.gadho faltu ka 150 br bad kr diya super flop…srk is the bst forever….

  32. If review on Once upon than why comparision with CE. It shows here the people who are saying that movie once upon is superhit are the fan of Salman, Amir, Ajay & Akshay Kumar. Also being indian I will watch CE it is unity showing color of india. Instead of seeing movie based on Don who destroy india. Today is 15 august and any body who sees ONce upon today are nothing but people with Terrorist mentality

    • u see film for entertainment n nth more it has to do with ur personal life or the nation’s integrity. Hence, u cannot say that watching OUATIMD on Independence Day have terrorist mentality..

  33. it is a great movie better than chennai express.all things direction songs lyrics and acting superb ok.dont miss it.if you miss it u will be in loss.

  34. Not interested to waste my time n cash on this stupid movie..who’s interested to kw Dowood, bloody terrorist’s love story…

  35. hey… akki’s acting is marvelous.. in opening day it had shown on limited hall so may be it will gross lower that we expect but OUATMD and akki will rock everywhere

  36. chennai express vry foolist and rubish movie of 2013 till now,
    raanjhana is best movie of 2013 till now except dhoom3 and krish 3…
    mughe srk se intne ummid nahi thi ki wo kabhi itne bekar movie bhi de sakta h i am fan of srk but true is true……

    • Agar tum sab ki baat sahi hai CE ke baare me to wo itna profit kaise kar rahi hai…??
      Raanjhana ko hit kehta hai.. to matlab tuje movie ki sence hi nahi hai…

      tum sab log jalte ho SRK ki success se… A lonely Delhi boy without any support, aaj Bollywood ka King, Baadshah hai… why…??

      Salman, aamir, akshay etc all are good at his place.. but SRK is the Best….

  37. Waste critics ratting , really it’s pathetic to see just 2 stars for such grand and worth to watch movie. Please stop rating..

  38. realy super movie as compair to bakwas chennai express,,,,,akki is all time best than srk….chennai exprss so paku sadeli fully boaring moviebu OUTIM IS SO BETTER THAN CE

  39. Dear Friends, I hv watched both movie…. CE is really family entertainer. I have seen that all SRK critics spreading wrong news for CE bcoz they all are jelouse for SRK. They all know CE is a block buster… but apni jalan kaha nikaale, bass comment karke hi nikalte rahenge…

    Dont worry SRK, we all are with you. You are the REAL king of Bollywood. You rule the world…

  40. Super hit mv h 150cr sure.. Akki sir ki acting realy gud n dailogs aur vilan k liye best aword in this year frends plz watch ouatimd agar mv nahi dekhi to aapki pahechan aapse bura man jayegi plz watch this super hit mv with your ful family plz

  41. ouatimd is an outstanding movie with superb dialogues, luv trio story, luvly songs…….total paisa wasool movie so i just want to say people plz dont blive in critics review just go nd watch once dn u`ll realize dat all d critics are merchantable…coz movie must deserve 3.5*

  42. awesssssome movie
    akhay acting is best
    better than chennai express
    great story and dialogues
    great movie
    ***** from me

    • Bhai agar movie acchi hoti to log zarur jaate…………….

      Even it won’t cross 65 cr, and will be in list of biggest flop made of 85 cr budget

  43. Akshay is very good in OUATIMD and he was superb in Rowdy Rathore from than on i started liking his movies, its very strange to see this movie not doing well even though it is fantastic, its almost like a bad spell has been cast over it.

  44. Though iam aamir Fan, but liked the movie its not too bad. The movie is indeed good and has its moments. Its one time watchable, the dialogues are suberbb and the climax. Go for it guys, this crictic seems to be dumb.. As an audience review go for it!

  45. Worst series of any movie I have seen.. Emraan Dialogue to Akshay.. Mere Jaise kapde pehenke tu Sultan dikto sakta hai par Ban nahi sakta…


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