A leading website saw a long fan mail from a staunch SRK fan stating the reasons why SRK has lost the zing in his films. With Chennai Express looking for a much hyped release on August 8th, the movie has a lot of proving to do – to Khan’s critics and fans alike. Trying to slip into the arena of Salman’s Eid release trend, the looming animosity will just go a step forward to intensify the pressure on the film. With the hype on the film building on, Koimoi takes a realistic view of the box-office collections the film is eyeing to make or break.

 Deepika Padukone And Shah Rukh Khan in Chennai Express Movie Poster
Deepika Padukone And Shah Rukh Khan in Chennai Express Movie Poster

Highest Opening Day Collection

Salman Khan’s Ek Tha Tiger  holds the record of 32.92 crore as highest opening day collection. The same also manages to be the highest any film has earned in a single day. It is a benchmark record which is followed by Shah Rukh Khan’s Ra.One that had collected Rs 25 crores, which happens to be SRK’s highest single day collection. However, the earning wasn’t recorded on the film’s opening day and was hence missed too easily.

 The openings of other significant films are Agneepath which opened to a hefty Rs 23 crores, Bodyguard that raked up Rs 21 crores, Dabangg2 which earned Rs 21.10 crores and finally Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani which made Rs 19.45 crores despite being released on a non-holiday.

With the strong figures in order, the biggest challenge for SRK’s Chennai Express will be to beat the collections of Ek Tha Tiger, or at least level it. Since both films are releasing on Eid, the undue comparisons will be natural.

Highest Opening Weekend

So far 2013 has seen the highest opening weekend collections of Ranbir Kapoor starrer Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani. The film within its first three days managed to earn a sum of 62.11 crores. However, the highest weekend opening record ever is held by Salman Khan’s Dabangg 2 that had made 63.60 crores in its first weekend. Salman’s last Eid release Ek Tha Tiger had earned 60.27 crores in its opening weekend. SRK’s RaOne itself had earned in its opening weekend a total income 59.1 crores. Hence, Chennai Express does have some huge numbers to beat and should aim at a 65 crore mark in order to surpass the highest collections in the list.

N.B – The First Three Day Collections have been counted here and not the long weekend. In case a film released on a Wednesday, the collections till Friday have been accounted for here.

Speediest Entry into the 100 crore club

The last three of films of SRK has smoothly entered the 100 crore club. RaOne, Jab Tak Hai Jaan and Don 2 easily managed the entry and one can be rest assured that Chennai Express will do the same unless it is a damp fiasco like Sajid Khan’s Himmatwala! SRK’s speediest entry into the club has been with RaOne that made the entry in 10 days. However, Salman Khan’s Dabangg 2 and Ek Tha Tiger both made 100 crores within 6 days of its release. The record is followed by YJHD that reached the 100 crore mark in 7 days! The challenge for Chennai Express right now will be to reach the 100 crore club within a week of its release!

Rohit Shetty’s Tryst With SRK

Rohit Shetty has been a member of 100 crore club with 3 of his films attaining the distinguished place. But Bol Bachchan, Singham and Golmaal 3 are all Ajay Devgn films. This time Rohit has managed to venture out of his comfort zone of working with Ajay and has roped in the King of Bollywood, SRK. However, it is for the film to prove what laurels this one wins for Rohit Shetty.

Deepika Padukone’s Hattrick

Deepika Padukone has been soaring this year. With Race 2, the actress delivered her first 100 crore film. The success was furthered with the collections of YJHD that has turned out to be a blockbuster. And finally with Chennai Express, the actress is hoping to make a triple century here.

Highest Lifetime Collections

 The record of the highest collections are still maintained by Aamir Khan’s 3 Idiots which a lifetime of 202 crores. The film is closely followed by Ek Tha Tiger which rests at 198 crores. Though, YJHD has already earned 170 crores approximately, Chennai Express should optimistically aim for nearing the 200 crore mark.

Highest Overseas Collections Record

Though the domestic box office has been wavering, overseas is still a domain SRK rules unquestionably. With 6 films in the top 10 Overseas collections, SRK still doesn’t hold the top notch place in the list withheld by Aamir Khan’s 3 Idiots that has a total overseas collections of U.S.D 25 million. SRK’s My Name Is Khan is the second on the list with a lifetime global income of U.S.D 23 million.

The expectations pining on the film are extreme and with every passing day the hype on it increases. Records wise, the film has the above box office parameters and on a personal front, SRK is all set to claim stronger his position as the Badshah of Bollywood!

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  1. 8 augst CE, 15 augst outim2,23 aug satyagrh, 30 aug Madras Cafe & kanchi so CE has no chance to earn more than 115 cr,,, but it will earn 100 cr within week defintly,, CE tralr was excellent & movi will also be excellent..SRK movies always done decent business..

  2. Wow what a nice piece of analysis and am sure SRK will beat all records with this film INSHA ALLAH and reclaim his boxoffice king position. Fingers crossed

  3. i am very much assured that 100 cr within 1st week will be achieved…
    main concern is,,eid is on 9th not 8th,,,so opening day collection will not be broken…as 8 th is a workindking day…

  4. Chennai Express will not smash any records as such. It may get close to Salman’s records becuase SRK is going all out to make sure the film will be a hit. He is desperate to get into Salman’s star status.

  5. SRK is a good and popular actor but ageing fast.He is 48 and a middle aged man and his wrinkles are disturbing.With young heroines he looks old—Uncle-Bhatiji type.He is slipping gradually and he is grabbing to the succesful directors like Rohit and Kayshap to revive his career.If —Mehoob Khan’s Mother India,K.Asif’s Mughal E Azam.V.Shantaram’s Do Aankhe Bara Hath,Raj Kapoor”s Awara or Bobby then how come SRK’s C.E or JTHJ,Amir’s Three Idiots.Ranbir’s YJHD or Salman’s Wanted—-The real producers-directors are alive,not dead.You must change these trends.The other participants of a movie also must get the credits.Salman,Amir (though both middle aged)are far ahead of SRK since few years.Ajay,Ak,Roshan and recently much younger Ranbir are doing tremendous business.Ranbir will be a Mega Star within few years.

  6. Only Salman can break his record..period..and we (Salman ki Sena) will ensure Mental breaks all records of films released from Dabangg2 to Mental…So guyz chill..Salman alwayz Rocks..

  7. I don’t understand why you are so confident about this film.The trailer is not at liked by audience and this is the first time Rohit Shetty is working without Ajay Devgun..It will surely can not smash any record for sure..Before writting such article atleast wait for this film to release and its quality..seems like very much partial to SRK stardum.You are forgetting that OUATIMD is releasing on 6th day of Chennai Express, so from that onwards OUATIMD will definitely eat ChennaiExpress’s business.

  8. Yeah right – releasing prior to xmas, new year, or eid – of course these movies will be cash spinners. But unfortunately the genuine non-holiday releases which did great would always be “Agneepath”, “Rowdy Rathore” and “Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani” because they dared to be released without any hypes of eid, xmas or new year :) Beat that!!

  9. Considering previous trend of business of SRK movie it will take more than 8 days to reach 100cr club . The trailer of film is not so attractive and outstanding to create a huge fan following . Rohit shetty is good for action flick movie not a romance and thriller genre . It shall nt cross more than record by JTHJ .

  10. badshah is also badshah shahrukh khan once again break record s chenai express tha n jab tak hai jaan

  11. There is too much negativity about srk since MNIK. So lets hope this will change now with Chennai Express. And this movie create lots of positive buzz about srk. So in positive way Shahrukh is back with bang.

  12. Yes his popularity has not been the same since past few years. There was a time when he ruled but that time passed. Now salman rules. Srk needs to fight against others now to remain in the top 3. Rohit shetty could deliver very well. I dont agree with the argument that he wont deliver cause this is non-ajay film. His films barely cross 100cr and with srk he has chance to try to reach 150cr.

  13. Hi salmankisena…just wanted to ask you. How will mental record stand? Krrish n dhoom3 will break its records na? They are huge action movies in the end of the year….what do you think??

  14. Arre listen….Bhai ki film will be number 1 samjhe. Yeh chennai express toh 70-80cr jaayegi basss….REMEMBER my words! Only bhai ki mental will go to 200cr and be number one pe….Srk movie will prove that he not in top 10 anymore…Salman rocks!!!

    • Which BHAI..who has Fan follwoing of Autowalas,Rickhwala..Sallu mans wid golden HEART..SRK won Awrds for NOBLE CAUSE for UNESCO..UNESCO ,being human jaise LAKHO NGO ka peet palti hain..All Market Leaders Be it AIRTEL,NOKIA,DISH TV,HYUNDAI,NERoLAC,DABUR has SRK as Market Leaders…Sallu Ads WHEEL powder…hahahhah..Blockbuster in india is not big thing…More Imp is OVERSEAS..

  15. I agree with you that srk doesnt have same popularity and love as he did before. Things have changed since he did MNIK in india. But CE is capable of reaching past 100cr i think.

    • Yes true!! it might just cross 100 crore, but what matters is worldwide, being in india, where people say salaam bhaijaan, sallu bhai lmaooo!!! cracks me open!!!! SRK professional nothing related to this, but as it stands Katrina Kaif makes movie with salman to get popular in India, But she became a Global star after Jab Tak Hai Jaan, I though she was an Item girl before Jab Tak Hai Jaan! Lastly hahahaha Salman Khan moving a belt up and down is not acting!!

  16. Bhaijaan movie rocks always. Srk ki ce toh 80cr bhi nahi touch karegi…likh ke lena. This year only Mental. We urge you to not go to cinemas for CE and wait for Mental or OUATIM2. Support bhaijaan – the man with golden heart.

    • Yes!! Support the man who doesn’t know the ABC of Acting, whether you believe it or not overseas know best what is true acting than India Or Pakistan, they are foolish people who run after false acting, Mr Shah Rukh Khan knows what acting is all about, after him Aamir Khan knows what is acting and then Hrithik Roshan, Ranbir kapoor is also getting to know, but salman khan please gimme a break, hes awesome at comedy I must say, but acting is not his subject, please dnt reply back cuz I dnt wanna here the bullshit about salman khans acting, tere naam is the only one I might give him a standing ovation other than that he has lost the plot!

  17. past was past salman ki bhi film ne bhi kabhi opening day me33 crore ka buisness nahi kiya tha par hua na n srk better than salman agar salman itna aacha kar sakta hai to srk kyon nahi wait n watch chennai express hit 40 crore first day 150 crore week or 200 crore plus overall jha salman phuch bhi nahi sakta

  18. SRK ne Salman se Eid apne naam pr karli
    bahut bada challange kiya hai boss.izzat rakhna warna next Eid Salman Coming

  19. srk is always the king of bollywood aur badshaah ki film ko kabhi koi challenge kar hi nahi sakta. i love shahrukh khan. i will be the fan of srk untill i die………………

  20. 35 crores 1st day
    22 crores 2nd day
    25 crores 3rd day
    13 crores 4th day
    11 crores 5th day
    9 crores 6th day
    1st week 115 crores
    5 crores 7th day
    6 crores 8th day
    8 crores 9th day
    3 crores 10th day
    2.5 crores 11th day
    2 crores 12th day
    1.5 crore 13 day
    2nd week 143 crores
    3rd week 160 crores
    4th week 170 crores
    Life time 195 crores
    Overseas LL 85 crores
    Total 280 crores

  21. In bollywood who watch movie btwen salman & srk. There iz no salman means no srk. I mean in the world & earth there iz no God means no us i mean (people). Evry1 knw that salman brougth srk, Thatz why salman iz best actor, best heart, best acting, best bodybuilder. Salman ki bina bollywood ka actor & actress adhura lakta hai. B’coz salman iz the king of bolywood nt faltu srk.

  22. Srk is called the ‘king of bollywood’ b’coz of his acting n his unbreakable records. The only bollywood actor whose film will b a blockbuster either it s a class movie or a mass movie. He s d king of acting salman doesn’t know how 2 act his films r blockbusters onlx b’coz of his fans who doesn’t know the power of king khan. Chennai express wil definitely breaktd record of sallu . There s no doubt in it.

    • 100 per cent right shiva ur absoulutely incredible with this comment hi m karthik from chennai i m a huge fan of srk the king of bollywood its my pleasure u estimated right thing about this idiotic salman khan

  23. now once again people will realize with d bumper opening of Chennai express that srk is d real king n big superstar of bollywood.aur haters ke muh pe bahot bada tamacha padnewala h khas kar ke salman ke fans par

  24. First of all im the big big fan of king khan shahrukh. I watching every movies his person. And finall i says that he is the real king of bollywood indusries and many many congrtulations his new movie ‘chenai Express’ Thank U.

  25. Some1 said that salman brought srk in b’wood. Thats wrong.
    Srk has been brought by legendary person who give him a break in his own movie is nothing but YASH CHOPRA. Every Remember this especially salman fans.

  26. Srk hamesha best aCtor rha hai aur rahega kyun ke sRk ko best manane wale bhI lengendry hain jaise dilip kumar nd biG b salman khan ki koi cArier nh hai dostoN woh chahe kuch bhI KRle king khan ki trah blockbuster aur roMantic aCtor nh bnega

  27. well i am a veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy big fan of d one and only one


    no one can beat him ftom all d way
    that guy is best in the whole universe
    he know that how to live a life with family frnds fans and many more

    i know him completly
    srk does not give up from any challenge in his

    and I m SHUBHAM

    i believe only one man inspired me
    Shahrukh khan
    thanks for the comming in mah life

    you r the best

    and sallu u can not create a big level like SRK .
    and Big Boss is a reality show
    itz not ur popularity
    its will a popularity of participents
    u only come out big boss and host it thats it

    SRK is best best best best

  28. They say that CE was a bad movie but this bad movie surpass the record collection of 3 I WHICH THEY SAY A. VERY GOOD MOVIE. SO IT TAKES ONE CRAPPY MOVIE TO BEAT THE VERY GOOD MOVIE 3I. Ha ha ha…


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