Dabangg 2 Review (Dabangg 2 Movie Poster)
Dabangg 2 Movie Poster

Rating: 2.5/5 stars (Two-and-a-half stars)

Star cast: Salman Khan, Sonakshi Sinha, Arbaaz Khan, Vinod Khanna, Prakash Raj, Deepak Dobriyal, Mahie Gill, Kareena Kapoor and Malaika Arora Khan (special appearances).

What’s Good: The return of Chulbul Pandey-Rajjo-Makkhi; the comedy; some songs; the direction & cinematography.

What’s Bad: The convenient story; the forced father-son & Mahie-Arbaaz trajectories; the whole feel like a wannabe clone of Dabangg; the irritating product placements.

Loo break: Not Really.

Watch or Not?: Watch it for Chulbul back in his game and if you’re a fan of Salman.

User Rating:

Remember when all Salman Khan movies started looking the same? This is just another chip off the old block. It’s heart-warming to see that the extra reel from Dabangg was put to some good use.

Our dear corrupt-but-good cop Chulbul Pandey (Salman Khan) has shifted base to Kanpur with wife Rajjo (Sonakshi Sinha), step-father Prajapati (Vinod Khanna) and brother Makkhi (Arbaaz Khan). Pandeyji even has some of his loyal constables transferred with him. As Kanpur begins to feel the heat of Chulbul’s awesomeness, so does local-don-and-aspiring politician Thakur Bachcha (Prakash Raj). Bachcha and his spoilt, troublesome brothers are a menace to the town.

When Bachcha’s brother Gainda (Deepak Dobriyal) oversteps by threatening Prajapati and tries to abduct a girl from her wedding, Chubul Pandey breaks his neck. Caught up in the preparations for the elections, Bachcha denounces his brother and continues campaigning. There Chulbul bonds with his father and revels in the news of being a daddy soon. Even his dim-witted brother takes an interest in taking up a job.

But it doesn’t take long for Bachcha to remember his brother.

Does the tide turn on Chulbul this time?

Dabangg 2 Review (Dabangg 2 Movie Stills)
Salman Khan (Dabangg 2 Movie Stills)

Dabangg 2 Review: Script Analysis

If you’re looking for something new in Dabangg 2, you will be disappointed. Dileep Shukla’s script and screenplay is very similar to Dabangg; while this is amusing in some parts, it looks lazy in others. The jokes, action, dialogues seem like fall-outs from the old script. With Chulbul’s mother out of the picture, his bonding with his father and brother stick out like a sore thumb. Makkhi missing his wife also seems half-baked. Even Bachcha’s late revenge is something the writer alone can explain.

That said, the gags and jokes do entertain especially thanks to his jovial deputies. His one-liners are enjoyable. Even his romance with Rajjo is well-done and cute.

Dabangg 2 Review: Star Performances

Salman Khan aka Kung Fu Pandey, is lovely as the maverick cop. He is very good in the action and comedy scenes, but when it comes to emotions (that one godforsaken scene where he has to cry), Pandeyji gets a demotion. Sonakshi Sinha does aptly as Rajjo though she spends an oddly large amount of time drying clothes. Arbaaz Khan reprises his role as the village idiot with a few scenes as Makkhi. Vinod Khanna is absolutely wonderful as the worried patriarch Prajapati. His conversations with the unknown lover and reminiscing about his late wife are excellent.

Sadly, Prakash Raj is not at the top of his game as Bachcha Lal; his menacing side comes out only towards the climax, and even that is not enough. Deepak Dobriyal gets very little space as Gainda, but he’s a darn good baddie. Mahie Gill has a blink-and-miss appearance. Kareena Kapoor is super sexy in the item song, with our Munni Malaika Arora Khan added for the extra-drool factor.

Dabangg 2 Review: Direction, Music & Editing

This is a wonderful debut as director for Arbaaz Khan. The movie is too reminiscent of Dabanng and so is the directorial style with a serious Abhinav Kashyap hangover. Sandeep Shirodkar’s background music is good. ‘ANAL’ Arsu’s action – though a repetition of the rippling muscles, slo-mo punches and kicks – is grand. Aseem Mishra’s cinematography is sharp. Hemal Kothari’s editing is alright. Sajid-Wajid’s songs are good (again, very similar to Dabangg, with the scenarios being almost the same).

There are endless tributes to Salman itself in the movie with the Ready ringtone, same old dance moves etc. As if the movie isn’t making enough money, you have really annoying product placements with mobiles, digestive tablets, money transfer services… all making special appearances that make you feel bad for Munni. The green screen backdrops are too obvious. The climax, with Salman’s bare-chested fight, is a treat (though his shirt coming off is not as dramatic).

Dabangg 2 Review: The Last Word

Dabangg 2 is like the poorer clone of its precursor, but it’s enjoyable with the action, Kung Fu Pandey, dollops of romance, songs and the rib-tickling comedy.

Dabangg 2 Trailer

Dabangg 2 released on 21st December, 2012.

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  1. Bakwaas Movie..thi..Pehli waali phir bhi theek thi,magr ye waali to poori waste of time thi…bakwaas gaane the..sirf vo kareena walaa song hi sahi tha..Dont watch this sh**t

  2. hahaha,now it is proved sallu & dabang is a lallu products……..& lallu people always prefer sallus lallu movie………………….

  3. DABBANGG 2 rating should be 4.5 out of 5. It’s a damn good full entertainer movie. I have enjoyed every scene in those 2 hour 20 minutes i loved it and loved. Full Paisa Wasool Movie. 2 Thumps Up from me.

    • beta india tv ne 2.5 aaj tak ne 2.5 manish dubey 2.5 ibn7 2.5star diye .ye 4.5 kya tumne diye hai. jaise log baisi pasnd

  4. is se zyaada bakwaas movie ho hi nahi hosakti is acha hai ki akshay ki JOKER dekhlo bhai
    dont waist ur MONEY and precious TIME
    aur ek baat SALAMN U R NOTHING with out south remake

  5. Still south copy sallu pls do somthing new like raaz2,don2,Race2,Dhoom2,murder2 his good script dabangg2 borring movie pls don’t watch

  6. mere paise waste kar diya sala
    salman kya bakwas don’t waste time and money even don’t watch pirated too such boring..

  7. abe, bachuuu laals.. salman ka power dekhna.. jab 200 cr cross karega.. tab ake bolna ki sharukh, amir ye kar sakhtaha tha.. lekin jo kehathe he vo kehathe hi rahenge,, salmaan always rocks.. at this time with 200 cr

  8. Still sallu copy of south movie pls do something new like Don2,Raaz2,Dhoom2,Jannat2,Murder2.
    Boring movie pls don’t go watch not new in film

  9. is saal ki best film hai dabangg2. jo bhi dabangg2 dekha hai wohi kaha hai lovely. ahapar akki aur srk fans ne jo film dekha hi nahi hai wo kaherahe hai bakwas. abe tum sab akki ke bakwas aur srk ka boring film dekho. tum sab ka jarurat salman ko nahi hai. samjhe srk aur akki ke boring fans. salman roks, dabangg2 roks. .

  10. Salman is never a good actor(anyone can definetly tell this) so he only can serve a good entertainer(nonsense)film.but dabbang is not that kind of entertainer

  11. India is an ILLITERATE Audience who likes this kind of low quality action, comedy FILM. There is nothing to learn this kind of movie.

  12. 1 From wanted, salman has forgotten that there is a
    term called original story or script.
    2 next, salmania is a fever.. nd all know fever cums and
    go never remains with u forever. with his cheap
    stunts, how far can he go??
    3 wen akki does the same stunt people hate it, it
    bcums illogical, but with salman everything is
    possible.. very guud.
    4 n comparing with srk and aamir is a sin bcz they
    know acting. they dont fool people by computerised

    • At least, he is not a ‘self proclaimed’ king of Bollywood.

      And what is it about script script, you are watching a masala movie. There are no scripts in masala movies. Things are illogical in masala movies (just like songs popping out of the blue). It’s like eating a spicy street food to give pleasure to your taste bud – you shouldn’t talk about ‘calories’.

      Instead of writing this bull, please concentrate on your english, it’s pretty poor even for my standard.

  13. Guys dont believe in all these bullshit reviews. The movie is good. Waise jo insaan movies bhi dusro ke reviews pe dekhta hai, jo khud se ye bhi decide nahi kar sakta ki use kya dekhna hai…use sharm aani chahiye…

  14. best…………………………………….
    salman is back…………………………………………….
    koi movie release kerne ki na soche……….
    5 out of 5

  15. In Defense Of Salman Khan Fans
    January 18th, 2012 by Manjusha Patil
    A guest blogger takes up the fight on behalf of Salman Khan’s fans and makes several persuasive arguments in favour of the Bollywood star, and sometimes, against Shah Rukh Khan.
    There is not only a lot of Salman Khan bashing but even bashing of his fans that is going on in the cyberspace and some things need to be made clear on that ground. Two blogs by some Asher Madan have prompted me to write this.
    In my opinion, Salman fans are left with no option but to retaliate in this fashion. They are pushed to the corner by the media and SRK fans and I think they have every right to fight back. When things far from truth are being shoved down your throat, when the unfairness of it all becomes hard to ignore, the unrest and anger is going to surface somewhere in some way.
    The Media Bias

    Salman Khan
    Media religiously writes false negative stuff about Salman and when the fans protest, they are criticised or attacked by some totally unwarranted vicious comments. There is never a neutral, matter of fact kind of a report about Salman. Everything is given a decidedly negative turn. To add to that there are bloggers who are constantly telling people why Salman Khan shouldn’t be liked and why his films are bad and why he has no business to be successful and popular. Then you have SRK fans who can’t praise their idol unless they run down his biggest and probably more popular rival, Salman. The anguish of Salman fans or this ‘fan-war’ angle can never be understood unless this media bias is considered.
    Shah Rukh Khan: The Great Man Who Can Do No Wrong
    Irrespective of the quality of Shah Rukh’s films, they get four stars.
    There is this inexplicable stand by the media and an all out effort to tell people that they shouldn’t like whom they (people) like but they should like the person of the media’s choice. That’s SRK. I have been observing for the past many years how the media is supporting Shah Rukh and glorifying him as if he is the greatest person to have ever walked the face of this earth.
    The qualities Shah Rukh doesn’t possess are plastered on him, his failures and wrong doings are masked and each and every action of his is explained and praised. Irrespective of the quality of his films, they get four stars. No matter what the calibre of his performance is, it is praised with the choicest of superlatives. He is always mentioned with loads of positive adjectives and even a casual mention of him comes with a 2-4 lines tribute. Whenever his films seem to be getting unfavorable response from the audience, the entire media gets into action and starts telling people why and how that film should be appreciated and what a great job he has done by making such a film. This has been observed for Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi, My Name Is Khan, Ra.One and Don 2 in the recent past. Then there are reports of the film doing very well which do not necessarily match the real picture. The moment the public opinion seems to be getting even slightly negative, there is bombardment of stories attaching all sorts of elements of ‘greatness’ to him.
    Salman Khan: The Bad Boy Who Can Never Do Anything Good
    Now just reverse all of the above and you get the coverage on Salman khan. In the past 20 years, the media has made all possible efforts to present him as the monster which he obviously is not. His good qualities are never talked about. His perfectly normal and even well intentioned actions are attached a negative motive and presented as examples of his highhandedness. When they don’t find anything, they actually cook up stories and bash him on the basis of that. They deliberately create controversies around him and his films. Presently, he is supposed to be having an affair with every pretty newcomer and a fight with anyone who happens to pass by. He is never praised even when he has given many praiseworthy performances now and then. He is probably the most charismatic Bollywood star ever. But an honest effort to analyse his appeal or to salute his uniqueness is never done. His success is never recognised. He is never given credit for anything. When it becomes impossible to ignore, there is only a grudging acceptance of his success and popularity. Now, please don’t tell me that media reports things as they are because my point is, they don’t.
    Pour The Black Paint And Then Slam As ‘Black’
    Media and SRK fans take great pleasure in calling him a murderer, criminal etc. Now, thousands of accidents happen every year all over the country. Which driver is called a murderer? Thousands of youngsters are caught driving drunk. Who amongst them is labeled a criminal? Has Salman really done things that he is accused of having done? Nobody knows the truth of these cases. But media and SRK fans have given the verdict and have declared him a criminal. None of the allegations on Salman including beating his girlfriends etc. have ever been validated. But people write with so much conviction and passion as if they have actually witnessed these things happening. They also add other imaginary stories as they please.
    The media keeps adding new details every time they mention the old controversy which itself is their creation. They totally avoid writing about his good Samaritan acts for industry people, his helping nature, his unparalleled generosity and the acts of charity that he has done all these years. They never praise his loving, caring nature and his helping ways. There are so many positive and interesting aspects of his personality that never seem to catch media’s attention. It’s always the ‘bad boy’ stories for them. He may not be a saint but he definitely is not a criminal and a goon that they like to portray him as.
    Just How Many People Know Salman?

    How many people know of the extraordinary charitable deeds that Salman has been doing for past years?
    How many people know that Salman has helped so many accident victims before and after he himself was involved in one? He has spent time and effort on taking these strangers to hospital and aiding in their medical treatment. How many people know how he has helped many artistes and technicians to find a foothold in the industry? How many people know how he has helped producers in difficult times? How many people know that he spends his valuable time which he can utilise to earn money, on terminally ill patients, orphans and people in need of financial help? How many people know that all of his income from participating and performing at various events goes directly to his charity ‘Being Human’? How many people know of the extraordinary charitable deeds that Salman and his father Salim Khan have been doing for past so many years?
    Media’s Choice Of Convenience
    People in the media obviously know all of the above things but avoid writing about them. They are happy to attack him for things which he has not even done or words that he has not uttered. His films are bashed left, right and centre. He is presented as a downmarket hero when he actually has a following in all classes and in all countries where Bollywood has managed to reach.
    I have personally written letters to many publications requesting them to stop believing that the world is full of only SRK fans and to wake up to the fact that a large number of their readers are fans of other actors also. My letters and my advice are obviously ignored. Media has continued in this fashion for so many years now. Why so? That is for people to think and find out.
    Salman’s recent successes have only increased the frequency and intensity of attacks on him. Why should Salman fans keep tolerating this attitude of media and why shouldn’t they point out these things to them? Nowhere in the world would you find a personality loved so much by people being targeted like this by the media.
    SRK Fans Make It Worse
    Then there are these so called SRK fans who think it is their duty to bash Salman. Their comments are never limited to the news or article that they are commenting upon. It is always the personal attack and character assassination for no reason. The comments are crass, cheap, abusive and full of mindless accusations. Just because he is involved in two court cases doesn’t mean you can accuse him of just about anything and abuse him as you like.
    After the controversial court cases, Salman has not really done anything that would anger people or invite any kind of negativity. He never boasts, never makes tall claims, never tom-toms about his success, never asks for accolades and is just happy to go about his life and work. His performances have only got better and his success, bigger.
    When despite all the positive and right things done by the person, a totally unwarranted negativity is directed towards him on a huge scale, the intention of people doing so becomes totally suspect. Salman’s fans obviously get irked by all this and react. They may not understand the nuances of campaigns against him but they surely understand that their hero is being treated unfairly and is targeted unnecessarily.
    Why should Salman fans keep taking this rubbish? Why shouldn’t they stand up for someone they love? Especially when he is being targeted for no reason and made to look bad just to make somebody else look better and appear bigger?
    I totally support Salman Khan’s fans. In the absence of personal PR machinery and in the wake of the mean and hateful attitude of the media, it’s only his fans that are there for him. So, don’t worry guys! Don’t cross the limits; don’t go overboard but stick to your guns. You are not committing any crime by loving someone and taking up his cause.

  16. srk real king of the bollywood agar jab tak hai jaan ko zayada theather milta to vo definatly to break the record 3idiot salman ko to acting aati hi nahi hai bas paisa kaamana janta hai

  17. No change.Same acting last 10 years.Salman you looks old,you have to learn acting,to me you are one kind actor.I am sorry to say that Dabang 2 is not a good movie.

  18. @malaya, i m totally agree with u………..this kind of illiterate movie always irritating us & reducing bollywood quality…………………

  19. Must read specially srgay’s gay fans


    Haters review:-Copy of south,faltu acting of salman

    B.O verdict- Biggest blockbuster of 2009 ( 90cr)

    2) DABANGG

    Haters review:- No script, rickshawala movie

    B.O verdict :- Most loved movie and biggest blockbuster of 2011 ( 148 cr)

    3) READY

    Haters review:- pakao movie, copy of south,pathetic

    B.O verdict:- One of the best rom-com movie ever and collected 123 cr( which JTHJ cudnt even beat )


    Haters review:- Worst acting,remake, no story

    B.O verdict:- Went on to collect 152 cr breaking all records and also won best film and best actor awards atmany award functions!

    5) ETT

    Haters review:- Wohi boring sa story, no acting

    B.O verdict:- Collected 33cr on opening day and lifetime 199.7 cr( which SRK can only dream)

    6) DABANGG 2
    Haters review:- Copy of first part, nothing new , bad direction

    B.O verdict:- Hahahahaha everybody knows ;)

  20. Story samajh me nai aaya,,lekin 2012 ka first movie 200crore se jyada business karega,,comedy action,,Aur dagabazz re

  21. jo ye keh raha hai ki dabbang 2 is bakwas,unkeliye
    ye wo movie hai jise logone pasand kiya hai janwaro ne nahi,
    wo log shayd gharme baithe rehte hoge,jara gharse baher nikalkar dekho ki jo box office me public ja rahi hai wo kise dekhne ke liye jarahi he,ye salman bhai ki movie kisi aire gaire ki nahi…aur uska result to isi week me lagega ,to jalnewalo apne jale pe thoda pani dalo…aur chupchap dekhte rahO

  22. Salman khan s a gd act0r bt nt like. King khan . . . . . Friends ap larae mt kr0, dbang m0vie ek ashey m0vie ha. . Lakn. . King khan ke m0vie sa upar nhe ha. . . .

  23. Malaya,rushi and jobel u ppl are big &^&t …. Guys trust me its an awesum movieee … This people they are talking about illliterate n all , nothin to learn .. This people are moron and don’t understand that ppl watch movies for entertainment and not to learn and all …. Dabangg 2 rocks – salman bhai rocks aka chulbul pandey luv u for giving an throug entertainment …. Luv u salman .. Stay blessed and once again I will sayy must watch dabangg 2 .. Amazin movie

  24. ETT holiday, 3500 screen, no competion by other movie, high ticket price, lots of holidays……. Jab tak hai jaan…..lakshimi pooja day, 2500 screen, big competition by sos, normal ticket price, lots of incidents…… king is srk always

  25. Bakwaas Movie , Its like watching Old Dabangg with new villian . Total Waste of Time and Money. I think the movie did’nt got the opening as the tickets were readily available for all the shows and the occuoany was of 30% in the screen in which i was watching the movie.
    I think the public is fed with Salman’s over the top bakwas action and lame dialogue bazis.

  26. Film is very boringgggg,,,,,,,,,this time salman don’t success in making indians fool,,,,,,,,;public ab samajhdar hoti jaa rahi hai,,,,,,to salman ab apna boriya bistar bandh lo kab tak south ki style maroge,,,,

  27. Ek dum bakwas movie hai is se acha cartoon hi dekh lo…
    Shingham ko bhi aaye paseena

    pandey ban gaya haseena

    aamir ko hai ab hight ki talaash

    aur in sub ko don kare ga khalaas

    • Pandeji ban gaya haseena .What a line ! awesomesala.
      It is better to hear boring lecture from teacher than seeing 5th class cinema.

  28. Awsome Awsome Dabangg 2 is fully entertainment + comedy so nice movie Salman is Rock Rock Rock
    Awsome movie everyone watch so nice movie

  29. this is biggest hit in this year for me and all the fans of salman khan no doubt………………like fevicol bond strongest movie for every one……….


  31. Pahle Salman Bhai ki tarah ban ke dikaho phir unke bare me bakwas karo. Apni aukad se jyada bat mat karo. The film is not only about action and comedy its beyond that. The Scene wher Salman Bhai bar bar Rajoo se kuch na kuch demand karte hai. (Kanghi kanha hai, belt kanha hai….etc) Rajoo did all tose thing, There after Salman says TUM MERI PATNI HO GULAM NAHI MERA BIRODH KIYA KARO……….take away from the film……are kitne log samajhte hai in chijo ko. FILM TO DEKHAKAR KUCH SIKHO AURTO SE KAISE BAT KARTE HAI.

  32. Misguide add kar ke film ke liye logo ko nahi bulate hai Salman Bhai like RA.One The best fill, will give new dimension to Indian Cinema. Bullshit man. Gane chor ke RA One me aur tha bhi kya. Great entertainer Dabang is.

  33. Hum bhi gaye the D2 dekhne, itni bheed me lag kar ticket mili aur wo bhi itni bakwaas movie nikli, I was salman bhai fan but now i have to say SRK is much much better than SALMAN bhai

  34. Salman Khan is the real king of box office. Well people may bark that SRK is the best but numbers speak for Salman. He has more fan following than any other in Bollywood. SRK fan might criticize but the fact remains the same – ” Salman Khan leads SRK “.

  35. wa bhai ek number movie.bhai jese sa be movie nekalo hum aap ka movie hit bana denge bahi.kewke aap mere sabse jhada fewret ho bhai,shirf aap ka faan hu bhai……

  36. Comment.: dabang 2 is very good movie…!
    what a performance giving by saLman khan.
    F… for fire !
    SalmaN is on higHer..

  37. I had enjoyed the movie. I really didn’t care about the story..It was purely Salman and his Chul Bul character..and Rajjo’s acting is also very nice as a typical Indian, home woman,Kareena again got chance to show her hotness with “fevicol se” full of fun movie..must watch to refresh your mind..

    • yeah @shruti I agree with you…I was also not expecting anything & so I liked the movie…It was typical movie for masses & u would enjoy the most if you watch it in single screen rather than posh multiplexes…soon after the movie release I had seen the review in Dabangg2 Android app…the review was fascinating & so was the movie…Salman bhai truly rock..only he can do such films

  38. Salman movies is for everyone.. he is an entertainer… If some one needs story in his movies.. please don’t go to Movie Theater … buy a book and read the story at home.. need entertainment watch Salman movies…

  39. salman khan is d sachin tendulkar of bollywood. he makes d record n breaks d record by himself like sachin does. he is d real king khan of bollywood. dum hai agar shahrukh khan ke andar toh salman ki movies ka record todke dikhae………..

  40. My rating for Dabangg 2 is- 6 (OUT OF 10)
    My favourite films with rating:- (Out of 10)
    1. Chak De India-9.5
    2. Veer-Zaara-9
    3. Don 2-8.5
    4. Rowdy Rathore-8.5
    5. Housefull 2 -8
    6. Om Shanti Om-7.5
    7. Ra.One-7
    8. Kya Superkool Hain Hum-7
    9. Wanted-7
    10. Dabangg-6.5

  41. My rating for Dabangg 2 is- 9
    (OUT OF 10)
    My favourite films with
    rating:- (Out of 10)
    1. Chak De India-9.5
    2. Veer-Zaara-5 Don 2-0
    4. Rowdy Rathore-8.5
    5. Housefull 2 -2
    6. Om Shanti Om-5
    7. Ra.One-1
    8. Kya Superkool Hain Hum-0 9. Wanted-8
    10. Dabangg-9 films like kchh and don2 raone are totally rubbish

  42. Dabangg2 is really awsme….grt. Perfomance by pandeyjii……best entertaning movie I have ever seen…till today I hav wachd it 5 times……thank you sallu bhai for giving us such experiences…………….

  43. OutStanding Entertainment. Forget about reviews i was hooting and clapping.

    Last Word:
    Dabangg:2 is like a Christmas recipe where Salman is the taste maker eventhough the ingredients are not properly added but the taste maker makes it a fantastic outing. I will be enough generous with Arbazz as I was completely amazed hooting whistles with Sallu bhai’s ultimate energetic performance and sheer Screen Presence .
    I will go with a 3.5 on 5 for Salman Khans Dabangg-2 . Go and watch it you will love our Kung Fu Pandey like never before.

  44. Is film ki ending bekar hai. Pehli vali ki sahi thi. Zyadatar sari film ko mazak me lene ki koshish ki gyi hai. But still it’s watchable. The only thing I disliked is weak ending. Jo villian ke sath hona chahiye the vo nhi hua.

  45. Akdam faltu movi.mera dost ne dakh kar vul kia.mey dubara yea vul nahi karung ga…sallu vai police nahi chor hai,gali gali shor hai,salman vai chor hai”

    Super dupper hit DABANG 2 i saw in theater 15 times but still want to watch it and dance in theater. BHAI JAAN if you read this message then want to let you know that we all are the biggest fan of yours!!
    I heard the news that RADHE is coming in EID. Good Luck BHAI JAAN and hope it break the record of 3 idiots.
    Bhai jaan you are the biggest superstar of all time and no one can come close to SALMAN KHAN or can even be compared with SALMAN KHAN.
    ARBAZZ BHAI …..please if possible then make DABANNG 3.We all want to see ROBIN HOOD PANDEY once more ARBAZZ BHAI………………….

    GOD BLESS YOU SALMAN KHAN and I wish you to rock the industry with huge hits of more than 600 cores each movie for coming 20 years.

    I wish None of the STARS of bollywood could even come close to the record of SALMAN KHAN….







  49. […] Dabangg 2 opened with 21.10 crores and huge expectations but didn’t live up to them. Though it collected a very 158.50 crores but failed to amass the love that Dabangg got. Sanju with 167.51 crores has managed to surpass it in 5 days. Shah Rukh Khan’s crime-com Dilwale which didn’t win many hearts at the box office was criticised by the audience too. Few found it passable, others labelled it as unbearable. It collected 148 crores and was a plus affair at the box office. This too, has been crossed by Ranbir Kapoor’s Sanju. […]

  50. […] Dabangg 2 opened with 21.10 crores and huge expectations but didn’t live up to them. Though it collected a very 158.50 crores but failed to amass the love that Dabangg got. Sanju with 167.51 crores has managed to surpass it in 5 days. Shah Rukh Khan’s crime-com Dilwale which didn’t win many hearts at the box office was criticised by the audience too. Few found it passable, others labelled it as unbearable. It collected 148 crores and was a plus affair at the box office. This too, has been crossed by Ranbir Kapoor’s Sanju. […]


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