Shah Rukh Khan On His Smoking Habit
Shah Rukh Khan Once Apologized For His Smoking Addiction (Photo Credit: Instagram)

Shah Rukh Khan is loved by his fans unconditionally. But there remains a thing which is a sort of complaint from SRKians, and yes, it’s his smoking habit. While smoking remains to be one’s own choice but fans definitely don’t want Khan being a chain-smoker.

Shah Rukh, as accepted by himself on several occasions, is a chain-smoker. It does look cool to a certain extent and yes, that’s all about it. Shah started smoking from very early years of his career. Back then, he didn’t has any restrictions on him. Thankfully, it’s his children who have made a change in his life choices.



Shah Rukh Khan has confessed that his kids don’t like his smoking habit and worry about him. Even fans request him on social media to get rid of the addiction.

During the promotions of Don in 2006, Shah Rukh Khan had graced NDTV’s show. That year, Khan had launched an anti-cancer drug. Talking about the same, one of the audiences pointed at the actor’s double standards. Khan said, “Yeah, it is ironic. See I don’t take polio injections anymore but I do tell people to take polio injections. I have always said it and I will say it again and again, I am trying to quit smoking and smoking is not good for health and it is something that I should and Inshallah as soon as I can do.”

Speaking further about launching anti-cancer drug, Shah Rukh Khan said, “The day I was called by the company was my father’s death anniversary who had died of cancer. So, I just felt as if I am doing a prayer for him in his memory. But yes irony aside, I think smoking is no good and I am really sorry and I apologize that I smoke and I will try and give it up. “

We hope Shah Rukh gives up his smoking addiction and stay healthy. Also, smoking s*cks!

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