When Rishi Kapor Was Unapologetic About Attending Dawood Ibrahim's Tea Party & Getting Monetary Offers From Him
Rishi Kapoor Was Once Offered Anything By Dawood Ibrahim While He Attended His Tea Party(Photo Credit –Instagram/Twitter)

Rishi Kapoor was a man of spoken words. He had opinions, rather strong opinions about everything, and he did not mince his words while putting across those opinions. Be it calling out Karan Johar for Sonam – Deepika’s Koffee With Karan bashing on Ranbir or something else. He made scandalous revelations in his autobiography Khullam Khulla.

In one of the chapters of the book, he wrote about meeting Dawood Ibrahim twice in his life, and his confessions surprised everyone else. It was not the admission of meeting Dawoon; it was Rishi Ji’s guts to admit it which made way to the headlines.

In an interview, he was grilled about this admission, but Rishi Kapoor was unapologetic about it as he was in his book, as he clearly mentions that Dawood at that time was not the Dawood Ibrahim world knows now. Scroll down to read how these meetings of the D-Day actor went.

Rishi Kapoor, in his book, mentioned that he was in Dubai for a concert with some friends when he was handed a mobile phone by a stranger who told him Bhai wanted to talk to him. Later, the actor and his friends were invited by Don over tea as he did not serve alcohol.

In an interview with India Today, Rishi Kapoor was asked if he regrets meeting the Don. The actor denied it and said, “He invited me over for tea. I went to his house, thinking there was nothing wrong because he is just a fugitive, he had not done the menace. However, it was reminded that Dawood was still a criminal then, the Karz actor firmly said, “So what? I have met so many criminals in my life. Maybe I am also a criminal, but I may have not committed any serious crime. But yes, as an actor I thought I would like to know his story. I did so much of him in D-Day, I was inspired by him for playing that role.”

This meeting was before Dawood Ibrahim was accused of the 1993 Bombay Bomb Blast. They had a couple of tea where Rishi Kapoor was told by Dawood that he feels he will never get justice from India. Before leaving, Dawood Ibrahim told the Mulk actor, “If you need anything at all, any money, anything, just feel free to ask me.” However, the actor declined. Later, he met Dawood at a Lebanese store in Dubai in 1989 when he was shopping with Neetu Kapoor. Rishi Kapoor even admitted that Dawood Ibrahim had sent his representative to Raj Kapoor’s funeral.

He concluded the discussion about his meeting with Dawood Ibrahim, saying, “I am not a hypocrite; there’s nothing wrong (with having met him). People go to prisons to meet criminals. I met him in a foreign country. By that time, he had not gone against our country, at least not done something as grave as he did later.”

When this interview came out in public, Rishi Kapoor was called out for not regretting meeting a Don. In the same interview, he regretted buying an award for Bobby which irked people more, saying he regrets buying an award but not meeting a don! However, all the criticism never bothered Kapoor senior, who had no qualms about talking his mind.

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