When Rani Mukerji Struggled To Break Her Chain-Smoking Habit, Kept Mint With Her & Buried Her Cigarettes Well Hidden, Read On
When Rani Mukerji Struggled To Break Her Chain-Smoking Habit, Kept Mint With Her & Buried Her Cigarettes Well Hidden – Deets Inside ( Photo Credit – Instagram )

We all know that Shah Rukh Khan is a smoker and has been really honest about his struggles with his smoking addiction. Similarly, there’s Rani Mukerji who at one point in time in life was a smoker and would hide her cigarettes from her mother as she would take her case if she saw the actress smoking. That’s what mothers are for, right? Let’s read about Rani’s smoking addiction in detail below.


Rani was a superstar of her time. She has given some of the most incredible performances in Bollywood movies over the years and is also known for her fashion sense. Ever since she has become a mother, she has started doing less work in front of the camera but whenever she does a movie, it’s always quality content.


Today, we are going to talk about the time when Rani Mukerji was a smoke addict. She’s been pretty vocal about her smoking addiction and has revealed in multiple interviews that her family didn’t approve of this.

Rani Mukerji would start her day with a cigarette as it apparently helped her with the call of nature. Haha! We have grown up listening to this from friends and family over their smoking habits. But every time the Hichki actress would light a cigarette, her mother would take her case and not let her take a puff.

Not just that, Rani also tried quitting smoking but had side effects which led to going back to smoking again. The actress would sneak into a washroom with a good stock of mint and deodorant to not let her suspicious mother know about her secret stash of hidden cigarettes, as reported by Filmi Beat.

It’s unclear if Rani Mukerji still smokes or not but hasn’t spoken about her smoking habit in a long time now.

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