Tiger Vs Pathaan: Shah Rukh Khan & Salman Khan's Film Has Got A Crazy Floating Rumor & Here Are 3 Reasons Why It Can Not Be True In The Wildest Dreams!
A New Crazy Rumor About Shah Rukh Khan & Salman Khan’s Spy Universe Film Tiger VS Pathaan ( Photo Credit – Facebook )

Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan in the year 2023 laid the foundation of the Spy Universe with two action biggies – Pathaan and Tiger 3. Now, with with War 2 in the making and a female spy film with Alia Bhatt and Sharvari Wagh, YRF is planning to scale up the Spy Universe with the ultimate battle in Tiger Vs Pathaan.

The much-awaited film, which will star Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan in the lead, is supposed to go on the floor this year and arrive in 2025. It will be helmed by Siddharth Anand. However, it was reported a few months back that the film has been delayed, and the script is being worked on.

Now, as per the craziest theory floating on social media, the film has been delayed to accommodate another film setting up the base for Tiger Vs Pathaan. A few reports also suggest that Aditya Chopra is planning another Shah Rukh Khan vs. Salman Khan film before beginning Tiger vs. Pathaan’s final battle. We cannot trace the source of origin for this crazy assumption. It might be some inside fan-war joke gone viral or something else.

Even if we want to believe this piece of crazy theory, logic, stats, and maths, all three do not add up at all to make us believe this.

Here are three reasons why this wild theory is the most bizarre collection of unverified and made-up rumors.

1. The Budget

To afford Shah Rukh Khan in one Spy Universe Film, YRF had to shell out hundreds of crores to accommodate the superstar in Pathaan. Similarly, Salman Khan charges 100+ crore for a film. Putting the two together in a film will already cost Aditya Chopra a fortune. A big-budget action film would require a budget worth 300 – 400 crore. Why would a man as sane as Aditya Chopra plan another biggie with the same cast and almost the same plot?

2. Kill The Hysteria

The world goes mad when they see Shah Rukh Khan & Salman Khan together on screen. The USP of Tiger VS Pathaan is their reunion after more than decades of Karan Arjun. The hysteria around Tiger Vs. Pathaan is so high that YRF even risks going with the film sans a leading lady because a film so high on bromance would not require one. So why would one kill all the hysteria and hype around Tiger Vs Pathaan by bringing a prelude?

3. Let’s Talk Logistically

While Yash Raj Films had flown high with Pathaan, it has seen the low with Tiger 3, and it is time to work on logistics and chalk out a foolproof plan for Tiger Vs. Pathaan, for if it fails, it will kill the most magical pairing on-screen, and an unimaginable and unmanageable outrage will follow. Yash Raj Films and Aditya Chopra, at this point, very well know there is no time for experiments, but it is time for analysis and rework.

So, while the last update on Tiger VS Pathaan says that the film has been delayed by Aditya Chopra to initiate reworking on the script (which seems like the most logical thing to do), any further update can be nothing more than a baseless rumor. Hawaa ka Jhonka you see!

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