Tiger 3 Will Save Salman Khan Who Knows Directors Are Failing To Do Justice To Him, Shah Rukh Khan's Formula Is The Only Thing Bhai Needs...
Tiger 3 Will Save Salman Khan Who Knows Directors Are Failing To Do Justice To Him, Shah Rukh Khan’s Formula Is The Only Thing Bhai Need… (Photo Credit: YouTube; IMDb)

Salman Khan fans aren’t the only ones who’re excited for Tiger 3; it’s the Tiger himself who’d be pretty nervous at this moment because of the juncture he’s standing at his current stage of career. After doing films like Race 3, Radhe, and Kisi Ke Bhai Kisi Ki Jaan, the fans have really missed the OG Blockbuster Khan.

Yes, he’s doing amazingly well on television with Bigg Boss by hosting it brilliantly every year, getting an unimaginable salary bump. But TV isn’t the medium his fans would be interested in at all because they want to scream their heart out amidst the chaos of seetis and taalis once again on the big screen.

The debate of how Salman Khan has gone downhill for giving too many chances to a bunch of not-so-talented friends & family in his films, ultimately hampering the quality, definitely has some truth to it.

Today, while launching Alizeh Agnihotri’s debut film, Farrey, he spoke about a specific thing that made us think about why he’s not changing his pattern despite possibly spotting the weak point. Why back-to-back when you kind of already know what’s going wrong with your films?

“Filmmakers don’t do justice to me” Salman Khan 

While talking about his presence in the films, Sallu Bhai said: “I feel they (filmmakers) don’t do justice to me,” as he got candid about how he feels whenever he sees himself on the big screen. He went on to add: “I still get (compliments) that you are better looking (in real life) than onscreen,” & chuckled at the end.

If you know what’s wrong, why to repeat it?

The question isn’t about why directors aren’t presenting Salman Khan the way he deserves; it’s more about why he’s choosing people who’ll fail at serving his aura on the big screen the way his fans deserve to see him. Why isn’t he saying no to the films in which we he clearly knows he’s not suiting, or the story is meh?

The Shah Rukh Khan formula! 

If you follow Shah Rukh Khan’s track record of how he changed everything for himself after a sabbatical post Zero, you’ll find one thing common – the scale of projects that are able to serve his aura in the style his fans deserve. Yes, Sidharth Anand (Pathaan) & Atlee (Jawan) aren’t Sanjay Leela Bhansali or Shankar, but still, they managed to show Shah Rukh Khan in a light that his fans were missing for many years.

This is precisely what Salman Khan needs at the moment, and Yash Raj Films‘ biggie Tiger 3 will give him some respite from the duds, but let’s not also forget the fact that this is a tried and tested franchise; hence, it’s safe. But, the steps Salman takes after this one would actually fuel this make-or-break situation.

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