Vishal Bharadwaj Says, "Mahatma Gandhi Didn't Like Khajuraho Temples... Mandir Tudwaye Gaye, Tode Gaye..." On 'Father Of The Nation' Not Being Comfortable With It...
Vishal Bharadwaj Says, “Mahatma Gandhi Didn’t Like Khajuraho Temples… Mandir Tudwaye Gaye, Tode Gaye…” On ‘Father Of The Nation’ Not Being Comfortable With It… (Photo Credit: Facebook; Wikimedia)

Vishal Bharadwaj is from those gems Indian film industry loves to flauntingly boast about his body of work & deservingly so. Makdee, Maqbool, Omkara, and Haider are just testaments to how we’ll always be proud to have him.

If you want to watch a man speak and intrigue you about his every next word, you’d have to listen to VB speak. As he smartly communicates through his films, he says a lot of exciting things about cinema on the whole. He is one of those filmmakers whose personality is reflected clearly in his creations.

His latest Netflix film, Khufiya Promotions, took him to Unfiltered With Samdish, on which he spoke about a lot of fascinating things about Bollywood, his career, Mahatma Gandhi, Khajuraho temples, Makdee, Kamal Haasan‘s Maqbool connection and a lot.

As Samdish always does, he took an unconventional route with his questions and asked the filmmaker about p*rn. He started with, “I ask every filmmaker about p*rn; to ask you about it, I feel I’m crossing a line.”

“P*rn Zindagi Ka hissa hai…”: Vishal Bharadwaj 

To which Vishal Bharadwaj replied in an intelligent manner, saying, “P*rn toh zindagi ka hissa hai. Ek age mein sabne dekha hai, agar main bolunga maine nahi dekha hai toh hooth bolunga. Jis desh mein Kamsutra likha gaya hai, jis desh mein Khajuraho ke mandir hai wahan pe tum mujhse p*rn ke baare me puchne se sharma rahe ho?” (P*rn is a part of life. Everyone has seen it at a certain age, and if I say I haven’t, I would be lying. In the country which is known as the land of Kamasutra, where we have temples of Khajuraho, why you’re shying away from asking me about p*rn?)

The deep connection of s*x & Khajuraho temples 

Focusing on how many lack perspective while opposing Khajuraho temples, Vishal Bharadwaj added: “Usko nazariye se dekhne ki baat hai, Khajuraho ka mandir agar dekhe toh yeh soche ke banaya kyun hua hai? Uski spirituality dekhen, spiritual level pe uska kehna yeh hai ke ‘Go within’ – all these walls, s*x are outside because finally you’ve to go within. You’ve to find yourself; it’s a spiritual metaphor.” (It’s just about perspective. If you talk about Khajuraho temple, also think about why it exists in the first place. Feel its spirituality, and at a spiritual level, it preaches you to ‘go within’)

“Mandir tudwaye gaye… Toote gaye…” 

He then name-dropped Mahatma Gandhi, mentioning how even he didn’t like the temples of Khajuraho. However, he clarified that he might be wrong with the source; he has read this one and said: “Mandir tudwaye gaye, mandir tode gaye, Gandhiji (Mahatma Gandhi) ko pasand nahi the. Jo maine history mein paddha hai, apni history… Ho sakta hai main galat hoon. I think he wasn’t comfortable with that.” (Temples were demolished, temples were destroyed. Mahatma Gandhi didn’t like them. The history that I’ve read says that, but I might be wrong.)

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