Zero Movie Review Rating: 3/5 Stars (Three stars)

Star Cast: Anushka Sharma, Katrina​ Kaif​, Shah Rukh Khan, Mohammed Zeeshan Ayyub, Tigmanshu Dhulia, Sheeba Chadha

Director: Aanand L. Rai

Zero Movie Review
Zero Movie Review: Raise Your Head High For Bauua Singh!

What’s Good: Everything coming out of Bauua Singh’s mouth is hilarious from the word go – so half of the credit goes to the writer Himanshu Sharma and another half to of course Shah Rukh Khan, a couple of moments which will just astonish the human out of you.

What’s Bad: Most of the second half fizzles & that breaks the captivating link created by the first half, connect could surely have been better & editing crispier.

Loo Break: It’s a 2 hour 39 minutes film, whether or not you’re having a coke in the interval, you’ll need that break in the second half.

Watch or Not?: It’s not your run-of-the-mill love story, it’s different, it’s beautiful but it’s stretched & bizarre at places. Go for Shah Rukh Khan & the honesty he has towards his work.

User Rating:

From Meerut, Bauua Singh is a vertically challenged 38-year-old unmarried man. He is at a point of life where he has accepted the truth of how he can never match up to the normal people. Without any qualms, he lives his life ‘king-sized’ with his friend played by Mohammed Zeeshan Ayyub. He loves the superstar Babita Kumari but at the same time is also have applied at for marriage.

Through he meets Aafia and there where he starts falling for her. First-half majorly concentrates on developing the beautiful bond between Bauua Singh and Aafia. Without spoiling any further, let’s say Bauua Singh leaves Aafia for some reasons and moves on to Babita Kumari. What happens next is what’s the story is all about.

Zero Movie Review
Zero Movie Review: Raise Your Head High For Bauua Singh!

Zero Movie Review: Script Analysis

Himanshu Sharma took off the story with a brisk pace but all of it comes down in the latter half. What starts with showing the normal life of a vertically challenged man falls in the fantasy zone in no time. Sharma’s dialogues are the real winner of the film & they required one off-the-wall Shah Rukh Khan to do them the required justice. As they say, ‘being flawed is beautiful’ and that sums up the script of Zero.

The story is flawed in many ways but it’s beautiful. You see the intent in every frame, the intent of giving out the message to celebrate your own incompleteness. Yes, the second half is equally bizarre, senseless and lengthy but it keeps you intrigued with its beautiful cinematography and stellar performances. First half is for everyone, the second half is for some.

Manu Anand’s camera captures some stunning frames of Meerut as well as the US portions. Visually it’s a very rich looking film & with the added layer of good performances, it manages to cover some flaws.

Zero Movie Review: Star Performance

Travelling on the experimental path, Shah Rukh Khan as Bauua Singh is definitely one of the best performances of the year. Not just the delivery of the dialogues, let’s appreciate also the physical humour Shah has managed to bring on the table despite the heavy dosage of VFX.  Bauua is a multilayered character & his graph ranges from being very cute to extremely selfish. His act is a blazing display of bravura.

Anushka Sharma steps into a very risky zone emerging victorious. Her every scene has the scope to go overboard but she’s controlled in most of them. Also, Aafia was not just about how she presents herself physically; she also does an amazing job as far as her dialogue delivery is concerned.

Katrina Kaif has never looked so HOT before! Though she gets a very limited scope but impresses big time. She has carried the cockiness of a big movie star very well, displaying her inner incompleteness at the same time. Mohammed Zeeshan Ayyub perfectly aids the comical situations & is very well used in the first half. Cameos of Sridevi, Alia Bhatt, Kajol, Karisma Kapoor Juhi Chawla and Deepika Padukone are wasted.

Zero Movie Review: Direction, Music

Aanand L. Rai continues his bittersweet relationship with weddings in this one too. His direction is neat but because of the very predictable second half, sequences drag. The issue is at the script & screenplay level.

Ajay-Atul’s BGM scores higher than their songs here. There are two unreleased songs in the film which are very good. Mere Naam Tu is a visual delight & a treat to the ears. Issaqbaazi, Husn Parcham & Heer Badnaam are just for the sake of adding songs.

Zero Movie Review: The Last Word

All said and done, Shah Rukh Khan as Bauua Singh makes sure you leave the cinema halls with a smile on your face.  The first half has some of the wittiest dialogues to come out of Bollywood. Watch this one for stellar performances, arresting cinematography & uproarious dialogues.

Three stars!

Zero Trailer

Zero releases on 21 December, 2018.

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    • Calm down. Koimoi always praises SRK. If this movie would have a different star with the same level of performance, Koimoi would have given 2. 3 rating is only for stars performance and music.

    • Dabba movie he yaar, Bollywood walo ko coaching leni chahiye rajamauly our shankar se. Don’t waste ur money on zero , go again to watch 2.0

    • I love your reply brother i mean there is no doubting about your comments this is how it is been played now days what to do but true creativity lovers like us should not give up I think KOI MOI developers have stopped using mobile phones after watching 2.0 saving birds what crap man even a boot polish vendor on the road is having a mobile phone

  1. Jao chato SRK aur sab Khans ka Peechwada. Bewkoof indian public ko kabhi samjh nahi aata kaun apna hai aur kaun gaddar. isi lie RAGA bhi PM banega…………..itihas gawah hai, french/portugal/British aur Moghuls ne pehla hindustaan ki mabehen Ch%$i thi, aur C*o%te rahenge, kunki sab indians BEWKOOF HAI………..Print this truth, do not HIDE IT

  2. Admin plz tell me….we all were waiting fr long time bt after reading review, I can’t understand….what’s the problem with this film….bz director actors writer music everyone is the best…..then plz tell me Sir ….what’s happened in this ZERO 🙏🙏….should I watch or not ??

  3. I am not sure if I should go watch this movie after reading this review. Koimoi gave 3.5 for JHMS, and it was a disaster. Now Koimoi has given 3 for this movie. Looks like I can skip this one. Or may be wait for public review.

  4. I think teeno KHANS per ‘Raj Kumar Rao’ Ayushman jaise actors ka pressure hai ….bz this year Race 3, Thugs Of Hindustan dono hi movies flop hui aur ab ZERO k review k bd lgta h ye v kch khaas Ni hai…..this Yr all KHANS disappointed Bollywood and Indian movie lovers also 🙏🙏

  5. Now public is more intelligent than before… a days public like script and character driven roles….they don’t like lager than life character…..hence this Yr “Andhadhun, Badhaai Ho, Stree” all became blockbuster…appreciate by critics & public also and these movies have low budget also 👍👍

  6. I also appreciate reviewer fr giving best review of Race 3 , Thugs and Now ZERO….reviewer never save or biased towards these KHANS….reviewer gives us real review always…..i don’t fully agree with 2.0 review but budget matters…..that’s why admin give 4 rating to 2.0 I think…..🙏🙏

  7. Another biased review of a KHAN FILM by KOIMOI. 3 star is deserving as the public response is extremely mixed what I see in YOUTUBE. So, clearly it should be 2.5 but again this is KHAN film and every single person in the Bollywood is so biased by Khan that they can’t say the truth.
    Although I trust KOIMOI reviews specially by Umesh Punwani but I should have kept in mind that whenever it is SRK somehow Umesh Ji’s loyalty comes before honesty.

    This time it’s really disappointing from Umesh Ji.

  8. Zero is a 5 star movie. Srk has given his best performance
    It will break all records . The king of bollywood is back again. East or west , Srk is the best

    • For your information, movie reviews are given based on various criteria, not only for stars performance. Movie content comes before stars performance. That 3 star is only for his performance, otherwise ZERO would get 0 rating.

  9. Zero gets 3 starts and KGF gets 2..
    no more proof needed to say that the reviews are very biased, trash and don’t really reflect the reality, but that of a biased, sadist individual with a frog in a well mindset.

  10. Dear Koimoi..
    Y do you make ur website fake to save someone .
    Here people visit it coz they need genuine reviews.
    U keep on doing it, we have many sources where we can find the truth..
    I have not watched the movie, however most of them has given only 2**

  11. Film is so nice.. i dont want to go on any disbute but this is one of best srk performances. Dont go with koimoi review, this is most of time biased. This is must watch movies for all good cinema lovers.

  12. Thank you guys from bringing another SRK offer down inspite of some brilliant performances and exceptionally high class VFX but what to do people love to see their mobiles flying and forming into some kind of AVATAR and Chitti coming to their rescue BADHAI HO is a wonderful moving but not a 140 cr movie the trend of indian cinema is changing but yet Srk was the best and will always be the best an actor unparalled in the history of Indian Cinema after Dilip Kumar and Amitabh Bachan

  13. The movie was good in the first half, but deviated away to “space” in the second half…there’s no point in shooting in US locations , when it could have been scripted wonderfully well within India itself..looked like the shooing locations in NSAR were booked in advance, and then the plot was designed to fit in all those locations..

    SRK deserves all the best actor awards this year for sure , for this was a stellar performance from him , particularly in the first half…in the second half, the effort was there from each and every actor , but you cannot make such a vague and absurd idea believable…dearly hope , next SRK movie has some content in it , not anymore of JHMS or HNY or zero please. Indian people wants to watch good stories first in the movie, merely using technology and foreign locations and star power won’t pull audiences to cinema hall any more

    And this is perhaps an honest review which says straightway that second half of the movie was trash, but the 1st half looked good…all other reviews are literally bashing each and every thing that was done in this movie which is terribly unfair for any film…the critics these days criticize even an average film so hard right after the first show itself, that it literally makes people decide immediately not to go to the theatres…wonder how this “paid media review” system works these days

  14. i am so sad that a beautifully made movie even though lengthier in size has been rejected which is really rude on the entire cast and crew of the movie they have spent time and handled even the minute of details so carefully that you dont find anything you feel SRK is like a dwarf and what witty dialogues and expression by SRK and what lovely emotions from Anushka superbly played these performances should get them both the best actor and actress award and some soulful music great man i loved this movie beyond anything it was superb the journey from Meerut to Mumbai to USA it was great thanks Anand L Rai for making such a great movie keep making such innovative concepts and entertain us and 3 cheers for SRK to have taken up the challenge and coming out in flying colors


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