Shah Rukh Khan Gets Trolled By Netizens & Brings Up Priyanka Chopra & Lady Gaga As An Old Video Of Him Sharing Thoughts On Women Goes Viral- Read On
Shah Rukh Khan Gets Trolled By Netizens & Brings Up Priyanka Chopra & Lady Gaga As An Old Video Of Him Sharing Thoughts On Women Goes Viral(Photo Credit –Instagram)

Superstar Shah Rukh Khan, often referred to as the “King of Bollywood,” is known for his versatility as an actor. His ability to bring depth and believability to his roles has earned him critical acclaim and a dedicated fan following.

He has established himself as the epitome of romance in Bollywood. Fans adore his on-screen chemistry with his leading ladies and often associate him with the idea of an ideal romantic hero. Now an old video of him and his thoughts on women is going viral. Scroll down to know more.

In the viral video, Shah Rukh Khan is heard saying, “The strange part about me being turned on by women and loving women is that there is an immense amount of respect for them. I have never thought of them as objects. My thought about women is not to bed her. My first thought about women is how beautiful she is even if she doesn’t bed me. I remember when my kids were small, they’ve asked me, Papa do you really kiss the girl in the film? do you really love Rani aunty? Do you really love Kajol and Juhi aunty? I say yes, I love them. Like my children will always be able to say. Yes my Dad loves this girl but my dad has never ever belittled our mother.”

Take a look at the video below:

SRK’s Thoughts on Women
by u/Independent_Yam1545 in BollyBlindsNGossip

However, as soon as the video went viral on the reddit, netizens who are seemingly SRK haters, began to point out his alleged affair with Priyanka Chopra and Lady Gaga. A user wrote, “Priyanka and Lady Gaga disagree,” while another user commented, “Lady Gaga was utterly disrespectful towards him in that interview. She needs no kindness specially from Bollywood fans.”

Amidst this, another user defended Shah Rukh Khan saying, “Only on the internet you would have people question this man, no actress of old era or new era or any era, have anything bad to say about SRK. In fact, all actresses, when they speak about him, they speak about how respectful and caring he is. So I’ll take their words over internet conspiracy theories and stupid rumours.”

So what do you think about the netizen comments on SRK? Let us know in the comments.

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