Dear reader, brings to you the interim results of the year-ender polls in which you participated with a lot of enthusiasm. In many instances, your opinion of the best film or the best star varied with what we thought, but that’s alright, as we believe in giving equal, if not more, importance to your opinions. And if you have not voted yet, or still don’t agree with the majority’s results, just click on the links below each category and vote again…

Shah Rukh Khan: Top Actor of 2011

Shah Rukh Khan in Don 2
Shah Rukh Khan in Don 2

Total Number of Votes: 4419

To vote for your favourite actor of 2011, click here.

1. Shah Rukh Khan: 60.1% votes

2. Salman Khan: 21.43% votes

3. Ajay Devgan: 6.26% votes

4. Ranbir Kapoor: 4.18% votes

5. John Abraham: 3.05% votes

Other Bollywood actors with fewer votes are Hrithik Roshan, Abhay Deol, Farhan Akhtar, Emraan Hashmi and Sunny Deol.

Kareena Kapoor: Best Actress of 2011

Kareena Kapoor in Bodyguard
Kareena Kapoor in Bodyguard

Total Number of Votes: 2161

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1. Kareena Kapoor: 34.65% votes

2. Vidya Balan: 25.2% votes

3. Katrina Kaif: 20.47% votes

4. Priyanka Chopra: 10.7% votes

5. Rani Mukerji: 2.69% votes

Other Bollywood actresses with fewer votes are Deepika Padukone, Anushka Sharma, Asin, Mahie Gill and Kangana Ranaut.

Don 2: Best Film of 2011

Don 2 Movie Poster
Don 2 movie Ppster

Total Number of Votes: 6759

To vote for your favourite film of 2011, click here.

1. Don 2: 57.96% votes

2. Bodyguard: 12.72% votes

3. Ra.One: 12.45% votes

4. Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara: 4.91% votes

5. Singham: 4.44% votes

Other Bollywood films with fewer votes are Delhi Belly, The Dirty Picture, Yamla Pagla Deewana, Murder 2, Tanu Weds Manu and Ready.

Chammak Challo: Best Dance Song of 2011

Total Number of Votes: 2808

To vote for your favourite songs of 2011, click here.

1. Chammak Challo (Ra. One): 46.9% votes.

2. Dhinka Chika (Ready): 29.27%.

3. Desi Beat (Bodyguard): 10.22%.

4. Senorita (Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara): 3.81% votes.

Other songs with fewer votes are Madhubala (Mere Brother Ki Dulhan), Sadi gali (Tanu Weds Manu), Char baj gaye (F.A.L.T.U.), I hate you(Delhi Belly).

Shah Rukh Khan: Best Action Hero of 2011

Shah Rukh Khan as G.One in Ra.One
Shah Rukh Khan as G.One in Ra.One

Total Number of Votes: 2321

To vote for your favourite action hero of 2011, click here.

1. Shah Rukh Khan: 62.56% votes

2. Salman Khan: 20.72% votes

3. Ajay Devgan: 10.77% votes

Other actors with fewer votes are John Abraham, Amitabh Bachchan and Eesha Koppikar.

Arjun Rampal: Best Villain of 2011

Arjun Rampal in Ra.One
Arjun Rampal in Ra.One

Total Number of Votes: 1306

Think Prakash Raj is better than Arjun Rampal as the best villain of 2011? Change the results here.

1. Arjun Rampal (Ra.One): 36.86% votes

2. Prakash Raj (Singham): 35.71% votes

3. Prashant Narayanan (Murder 2): 15.56% votes

4. Vidyut Jamwal (Force): 9.04% votes

Other villains with fewer votes are Mahesh Manjrekar in Bodyguard and Prakash Raj in Bbuddah Hoga Terra Baap.

Rascals: Worst Film of 2011

Sanjay Dutt in Rascals
Sanjay Dutt in Rascals

Total Number of Votes 1873

Disliked any other film worse than Rascals? Vote here.

1. Rascals: 20.07% votes

2. Chatur Singh Two Star: 19.86% votes

3. Mausam: 10.78% votes

4. Game: 8.38% votes

5. Thank You: 7.69% votes

Other films with fewer votes are Patiala House, 7 Khoon Maaf, Dum Maaro Dum, Always Kabhi Kabhi and Aarakshan.

Vidya Balan: Best Woman-Centric Role

Vidya Balan in The Dirty Picture
Vidya Balan in The Dirty Picture

Total Number of Votes: 780

If you think Katrina Kaif did it better in Mere Brother Ki Dulhan, vote here.

1. Vidya Balan (The Dirty Picture): 37.31% votes

2. Katrina Kaif (Mere Brother Ki Dulhan) 31.79% votes

3. Priyanka Chopra (7 Khoon Maaf): 14.62% votes

4. Rani Mukerji & Vidya Balan (No One Killed Jessica): 9.1% votes

Other woman-oriented characters with fewer votes are Kangana Ranaut in Tanu Weds Manu, Gul Panag in Turning 30!!! and Kalki Koechlin in That Girl In Yellow Boots.

Don 2: Best Dialogues In A Film

Total Number of Votes: 1948

If you liked the dialogues of Singham or Bodyguard better, vote here.

1. Don 2: 59.39% votes

2. Bodyguard: 19.56% votes

3. Singham: 10.11% votes

4. The Dirty Picture: 4.11% votes

Other films with fewer votes in this category are Ra.One, Yamla Pagla Deewana and Pyaar Ka Punchnama.

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  1. I dont agree with ur ranking.i think it is setting frm shahrukh with u.why salman is not even ur reviews.u will b wrong whats the ranking says

  2. Komal sir, do you agree with these poll results? In my opinion i m not agree basically most of the votes given to srk movies due to his active fans are searching for don 2 performance these time so they are giving most of votes in poll if srk movies were released before than salman’s the result would complete opposite so this is not kind of poll which has to taken seriously

    • You are out and out wrong. 3-4 Blockbasters do not ensure a guy like Sallu to compete with Shahrukh. Who was far behind 2/3 years back in this race. Sallu needs 4-5 years more to continue same trend to secure 1st place.

  3. SRK is the best actor there was,there is and there ever will be. Don’t compare him with other lallu actors,he is unreplaceable.king khan rocks..

  4. Hey you all SRK haters,The KING IS BACK. The Best Actor of India after Dilip Kumar And Amitabh Bachchan.Eight times holder of Filmfare Best Actor trophy,a record.The Biggest Superstar of the country after Big B.Super performances like Baazigar,Darr,DDLJ,KKHH,Mohabbatein,K3G,Devdas,Kal Ho Na Ho,Swades,Chak De India,My Name is Khan,Don 2.These superlative performances are beyond Aamir Khan and Salman Khan.You haters have spread a negative compaign about SRK.But let me inform you that for 1 SRK hater,there are 1000 SRK lovers.There are 11 All Time Blockbusters in overseas.SRK has 9.This is called dominance.You haters have gone to such an extent that you are questioning the box office records.This shows the extent of your frustration.You say that 3 Idiots is the biggest grosser in bollywood.It is the biggest grosser but unadjusted for inflation.According to IBOS, the adjusted gross collections of DDLJ are 925 crores which is the thrice of 3 Idiots.If DDLJ would have released today in the era of multiplexes it will do 10 times more business than 3 Idiots.DDLJ is the longest running film in the history of bollywood and still running in Maratha Mandir,Mumbai.Long Live Raj,Rahul,Kabir Khan,Rizwan Khan and Don.Long Live SRK.


    • I don’t think this argument works in your favor. You’ve just insulted 60 percent of the fans you are “supporting” and listed the superior intelligence of the fans you are speaking against. And if you want box office collections, the entire world figures in the total; part of the whole. You can’t manipulate the collections to get the answer you want. There is more money involved than India alone.

  6. if you see the Box Office figures then Salman Rules..That is the only criteria to judge the popularity of an actor. poor people of this country with no internet knowledge absolutely love Salman.I agree with Mr Debu that these internet polls are of no importance.The ticket window and the number of footfalls into a theatre matter.The upper middle class and the rich of India and the NRIs mostly identify with Shahrukh.Things have started changing person has written about DDLJ, but he forgets that if the inflation is adjusted for then HAHK is the biggest hit as per box office india.

  7. The results are perfect.SRK is the best ever.salmans name should not even feature here cos he is anythng but an actor.

  8. Debu you are right SRK fans are people who are educated and appreciate real talent.Not like other stars who are churning out rubbish making remakes.Bodyguard was good due to good music and Kareena’s acting

  9. I’m a Srk fan…. But i believe its highly biased polling… Polling is surely inaccurate… Best movie should’ve been ZNMD… Acting and dialogues don2 rocks… But its surely not a very good action movie…

  10. SRK Best Actor for DON2, Best Action Hero for DON 2, and Best Film of 2011 is DON 2.
    SRK rockssss
    The King is Back with DON 2 best movie

  11. SRK rocks..he is always the best..he doesn’t need south remake action movies to draw audiances…he is not comparable with rock faced/expressionless sallu…

  12. Shahrukh can win only in polls.
    Go & compare Bodyguard & Don 2 on Box office collections.
    Don 2 is way behind Ready.

    People voted there on box office by buying tickets.
    & Ready is winner(Forget BG & dabangg) on BO against don 2.Then who cares such useless polls.

  13. I don’t understand why people care so much about the box-office collections? Avatar made $2.7 billion but does that mean it’s better than movie’s like The Godfather, The Shawshank redemption, pulp fiction or one of James Cameron own pervious film’s Terminator 2? NO! let’s say bodyguard made more than Hum apke hain kaun and it obviously made more than Andaz apna apna so that makes bodyguard the better movie out of the three right? NO!! If you wana talk about a movie or compare a movie don’t talk about how much money they made because records are always going to be broken. Peace out.

  14. abe tum logo k lallu actors se kuc hota nhi to bas chidne lag jao…….vo bacha sallu abi abi thoda hit hoke hava may udd rha h…….bt srk is rulin from last 20yrs……tabi to usko kinG khaN bolte h……he is da bestest…gretest

  15. Salman khan is a true authentic people superstar…. His movies run by his names, where as srk movies run by his director names….
    He z the only superstar whose stardom is rasing to a peak level with every year…. His movies are blockbuster all over indian territory starting from small town to big cities.
    Where as SRK mvies run housefull only in big cities, small town they won screen SRK movies..
    most inportantly slamn has got the huge fan following than any other actor in indian cinema… he has got class, mass,panache…
    A complete superstar with great physique macho looks…. Salman roxxxxx big time.
    All the channnels across india has rated Salman khan as no 1 Sperstar with his 4 blockbusters in a row and creating a legacy of records….

  16. zara dil ko tham lo…naam lo….kahebhi do kaun….aa gaya ..aa gaya…lout ke dekho …DON….
    the real king of bollywood MR SHAHRUKH KHAN is in ground……….so others………….shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  17. sallu fanz knows ke sallu ki fan following sab tapori log hai lallu ki tarah …..sala tapori kahin ka ….. he only knows how to kill people while drunk and driving …… lallu ko koi bhi larki nahi miley gi q ke he does’nt deserve 1


  19. bakpasss…..ranking, who is best koimoi also was know but here is doing all floating to public bcuz public has given ” Bodyguard & ready” record at the box office. All public knows raone and don2 has not broke record of ready still now. so What is ranking koimoi and srk Fans …….. lol…….

  20. bakpasss…..ranking, who is best koimoi also was know but here is doing all floating to public bcuz public has given ” Bodyguard & ready” record at the box office. All public knows raone and don2 has not broke record of ready still now. so What is ranking koimoi and srk Fans …….. lol…….dont joke with public.

  21. Sab bakwas hai jitna margin polls me dia hai woh galat hai aur woh bhi 4000 – 5000 vote me kaya pata chalega……..

  22. All the way Shah Rukh Khan, the King Khan, who rules hearts. Who doesn’t stop anyone going to theatre to watch the film, who doesn’t send sms like slaman sister did it to stop people to go to Ra ONe. SRK doesn’t hold medi to spread rumours against the film like the ” Some Dirty Devils” did it.Still they can’t fight with GOD, because whatever GOD wants all are helpless in front of GOD.

  23. don2 no match against dabangg chulbul. ra one no match against bodyguard lovely singh.

    salman rules indian box office. the one that matters the most.

  24. srk is like a goat and salman is the tiger so thier is no combination between the two bcoz no one has the ability to touch the stardom of salman khan srk is big idiot salman rules the industry salman rocks.

  25. i think srk is the best in the bolywod and he is the “king” also.he hav a grt fan folowng and atlast he is the representative of bolywod nd he is the face of bollywood.

  26. king is always king koyi tapori ise panga kaya lega just like salman shahrukh khan se kya panga lega srk is the best

  27. Emran Hashmi is the King of Bollywood and popular in Youngsters.But Shahrukh is not Professional Actor bolna tak to thek se ata nahi Shahrukh ko ruk ruk kar bolta hai ye ruk ruk khan acting kia kare ga


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