It was the year of superheroes, super-cops and a super-bodyguard. Check out‘s list of the top 10 actors of 2011. In case you disagree with us, don’t forget to vote at the bottom of the article…

1. Salman Khan

Salman Khan in Bodyguard and Ready
Salman Khan in Bodyguard and Ready

With Ready and Bodyguard, Salman Khan has proved that he is a force to be reckoned with. Whether it was his “modern zamane ka kutta” or his “Bodyguard Lovely Singh reporting madam”, Salman was the man of the year.

2. Ajay Devgan

Ajay Devgan in Singham
Ajay Devgan in Singham

After dabbling with comedy and romance, Ajay Devgan returned to his original love – action. And boy did he show us how! The lion roared with Singham and it will hopefully echo next year as well.

3. Ranbir Kapoor

Ranbir Kapoor in Rockstar
Ranbir Kapoor in Rockstar

He had a cute little item number in Chillar Party, but he turned a whole new leaf for Rockstar. He may not have had to drop his towel this time, but Ranbir Kapoor floored the audience and critics alike.

4. Shah Rukh Khan

Shah Rukh Khan In Don 2 and Ra.One
Shah Rukh Khan in Don 2 and Ra.One

Shah Rukh Khan was the superhero of the year – minus the cape and the mask. SRK unleashed an unprecedented promotional campaign for Ra.One and then returned as the Don in Don 2.

5. Hrithik Roshan

Hrithik Roshan In Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara
Hrithik Roshan in Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara

The green-eyed handsome hunk, Hrithik Roshan, was a sight for sore eyes in Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara.

6. Abhay Deol

Abhay Deol Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara
Abhay Deol in Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara

The dimpled hero Abhay Deol was part of the three amigos in Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara and boy, are we glad for that.

7. Farhan Akhtar

Farhan Akhtar In Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara
Farhan Akhtar in Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara

It must be genetics. No wonder Farhan Akhtar can make a seamless shift from acting in Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara to the stylish direction of Don 2.

8. Emraan Hashmi

Emraan Hashmi In Murder 2
Emraan Hashmi in Murder 2

Though Emraan Hashmi’s role in Murder 2 was morose throughout, audiences couldn’t get enough of this star.

9. Sunny Deol

Sunny Deol in Yamla Pagla Deewana
Sunny Deol in Yamla Pagla Deewana

Thanks to Sunny Deol and the success of his Yamla Pagla Deewana, ‘dhai kilo ka haath’ jokes made a comeback. And we want more of the skull-bashing Sunny back on screen!

10. John Abraham

John Abraham in Force
John Abraham in Force

The last super-cop on the list, John Abraham, beefed up for Force and even managed to romance his petite co-star, Genelia D’souza, on-screen.

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  1. I see so many negative comments everywhere about shahrukh on portal sides but you people forget that we the audience decide who is the top most and i agree salman, ajay, hrithik are the good actor and entertainers but why u ppl making Ranbir in top??? there is so many girls and boys dont like ranbir.. i can agree he is good actor or entertainer but nor he is top… so pls dont make of fun on biggies…

    • its ur opinion. but actually he is on top. there ar many peopl who doesnt like srk but like sallu and wise versa. im a big fan of srk too. but from the new lot only ranbir has proved that he can be on the top. so surely he is on the top. no doubt. he is the only youngster who was nominated back to back in best actor category for 3 years. so this list is totally correct. u r mentioning only abt ranbir. wht abt abhay deol and farhan akthar then??? please think openly please

    • India has never been the country where people were pulled by acting sensibilities or emoting capabilities of an actor.. Its rather the style and his starpower that is revered. Its no secret whether accepted or denied, the fact is a naseer/irrfan can kick salmans ass in acting but can they attract the same crowds.. nooo..
      I am no Ranbirs die hard fan but youve got to give it to the guy for giving the performance of the year in his 4th year in the industry. His was easily the best.. Kabeer you talk about why Ranbeer is at top.. I ask why not… Honestly how many think consciously Salman khan can act.. yes tere naam terenaam chants go haywire but I dont think he was great.. Even if he was, such a performance oriented movie for Salman came 18 years after he came into the industry.. This is Ranbirs fourth year and look at the risks he has taken to prove himself.. Just take a look at what kind of movies these big stars were doing when they were 4 years into their career.. Salman was a joke and nothing to rave about his acting.. It was the 90s and family stories worked.. Ajay devgan was pathetic in his kanoon, ekhiraasta,, bedardi type movies, shahrukh khan worked due to his different stammering in darr and baazigarr but that wasnt great acting .. It was applauded because it was different.. Aamir was th only decent actor but he never took the risks that Ranbir dared 4 years into his careers and Akshay 4 years into his career, the less said the better.
      Ranbir in terms of sheer emoting today as I feel can do a lot better than most senior actors.. Yes Ajay, Akshay are fine actors today, but thats a result of experience and evolution as an actor for being that long in the industry(20 years). So give credit where due.

      • if the stars like srk and salman are famous in the public it is not because of nothing.its because people disagree with your thoughts.they like srk and salman because they both have attracted the crowd not to mention srk was not born with a golden spoon in hand like Mr ranbir.Ranbir is a very good actor but don’t forget his sawariya in which he was pathetic..every actor needs some time.But i don’t see ranbir to any of the khans dominance.He can not just pull back public.You talked about darr the srk starrer.In fact that was a movie when people just get all around srk.

        • Perhaps you didnt clearly read what I have written.. The point I make is this.. The public like SRK or Salman today, they might have this star power today but were they the same when they were 4 years into the industry. Nooo. Ranbir is a good actor as agreed by you who isnt even a Ranbir fan by the nature of your comments.. OK let me leave SRK out here.. he is an exception to rise to the stardom he has without any backing.. but look at others..Was Salman as good as Ranbir when he was 4 years into the industry, Was Ajay/Akshay the same.. Nooo Make fair comparisons man.. Dont compare what Salman/Ajay are today with a newbiew like Ranbir..Compare what they were when they were as new as Ranbir is today .. Salman cant act to save his life even today.. Rockstar is a performance oriented movie.. Did Salman/Ajay/Akshay get such kind of roles during their initial days.. Noo.

    • ajay is wonderful in singham. but salman..giv me a break. he is a superstar. but not a good actor. srk is a great actor. but this year i go with ranbir. he is the best this time

  2. u koimoi just love srk.if he is more deserving then y his movies coming duds on boxoffice.while salmans movies doing wonder on the boxoffice.

    • Abe Dhakkan Ra.One has earned 115 crore net and it was original idea as compared to already superhit Ready & BoduGuard scripts. Similarly, DON 2 is also an original idea and it is in the race with BodyGuard as the top grosser of 2011 and just waiting for Overseas total to be $15 million and it will surpass BodyGuard. DON2 Blockbuster despite good music and Katrina Item Number. Just see the power of SRK. King is really Back and How? Sallu’s original idea movie was Dabanng and no doubt it was a good movie. Wanted, Ready and Boduguard already has superhit storyline and on top of that Tapori style music helped it to become blockbusters while Ra.One has novel concept and DON2 is also SRK, Farhan cinematic genius minus good music. If DON2 had chartbuster numbers I am sure it would have shattered even 3Idiots Records everywhere. so the bottomline is this – AB SRK ko koi nahi rok sakta. Long Live Thy King!

      • you are absolutely correct…. just to inform you dabanng was also a remake of telugu movie….not an original script….

        • Mr. abdul, really DABBANG was remake of telugu movie then ur absolutely wrong bcoz DABBANG remake is happening in telugu as gabbar singh as hero pawan kalyan and in tamil as osthi as hero str……….so get ur facts right ok! !!!

      • abe jhantu teri khodi me sirf srk chalta he yeh buddha sirf bade bannar ke leye kam karta he iske liye opening to achhe milte he phir monday se o.festi time ka thakela hero.

  3. salman movies did very well only because there was not a single movie of shahrukh or amir for almost 2 years. thats y people have no choice except to like that. shahrukh was relaxed as there was no cometetor who gave him serious challenge.He is truley the king and all these actors were there when he got this tag.and hold it for many years.srk is best

    • Of Course Sallu is NEW KING for Remake of South Indian Movies…

      SRK I Internationally Popular… Where Lallu Sallu Only in Mumbai…

      Rethink on What you Just Thought….

      SRK… Naan Hee Kafi Hai…

      • Really and what is Don, trying to copy Amitab B. He’s no where near him. Atleast salman doesn’t copy other actors. You rethink what you just said. SALMAN IS THE BEST.

  4. oo myy god srk movies done almost 400 crr net worldwide…what u want 2 say dear ranbirrr and ajay is ahead of srk common yar what about rascal and avg status of rockstar if u make these ranking as per acting skills no doubt ranbir delivered his bst perfomance bt then how salman comes at no 1..komal sir its clear u r very much confused during making these rankings

  5. wtf? ..huh..i think ur top 3 is last 3..uhh..
    First place is for srk..always.. Shah rukh khan is the best actor n he is a superstar all over the world..He has got highest number of fans in this world..No one can beat srk ..he should be at the top..urs is a stupid rating..

  6. salman is the real hero. without any publicity like RAONE and DON2, he is given the blockbusters like BODYGUARD and READY. RAONE is a boring movie.

  7. Yar grow up don’t think like Salman’s masala movies. Ur website’s public poll srk toped and ur saying he is no.4. U do one thing remove his name from the list. He don’t need ur support.

  8. What a waste of time when koimoi did not even look at the results.Ranbir is not a actor,infact Abhay Deol and Emraan Hashmi are better.As for SRK and Sallu,where as SRK is the only hero who has consistently fiven hits since DDLJ,Sallu has only given a few.I really believe its people’s jealousy towards SRK succesfull personal and professional life that they are trying to give bhav to Sallu and trying and make him something he’s not

  9. Which is the highest grossing bollywood movie of 2011?
    The answer is:: highest grossing bollywood movie of 2011 is “bodyguard” [budget:60cr,collections:india-142cr,overseas-41cr,total=183cr,](all time blockbuster) then…
    “” [budget:135cr,collections:india-124cr,overseas-49cr,total=173cr,](hit)
    and then can be “don 2” still running now!
    please check it out all bollywood lovers>>>

    source::^wikipedia^^ and many more. also use world’s no.1 search engine::GOOGLE::

  10. Grow up don’t think like salman’s masala movies. In ur site’s viewers poll srk topes the list and u put him at no.4. U do one thing remove srk from the list. He don’t need ur support.

  11. guys ra1 s bakwas story. Nd hs acting s stl worse.. Ranbir deserves to b no1 . Bt sallu bhai s also 2 gud. So wht if ts a remake. Hs acting ws superb. Jst imagine shahruk doin actn n bodyguard. It wud b a flop movie

  12. bull shit, this is how can you put srk behinh all those guyss. first salmaan khan ( ok he is a go actor but not better then srk , he is a super star because he is a very good human being but not a great actor). ajay devgan ( the guy gave a flop (rascals)). ranbi kapoor ( he made a successful film but still srk gave two successful films flims and the acting was much better).

  13. In my opinion, Salman Khan generated money more than any bollywood star last year (2011). The block busters are READY, DABANGG & BODY GUARD. When looking on acting, Ajay Devgan is the best actor (I agree that he can’t dance well). Acting and dancing is 2 different field. Ajay can act any character so so so natural.

  14. is it d countdown based on total movie collections or on actors acting???if its on collection den srk ra1 collected rs 240cr”world collection” which is more den bodyguard ”229”..n if its bout acting den i cant think salman has acted well in both d movies..he even lost his acting skill wid no facial expressions..bullshit.srk has acted phenomenal in don2…ranbeer was brilliant in rockstar…ajay was 2 gud in singham n v sud not 4get R.Madhavan 4 tanu weds manu…so i my thout deyy r much better deb salman.

  15. delhi belly is the magnificent movie ever made in the history of bollywood…………,ready,bodyguard,don 2,rockstar are the bad movies,,,,,,,delhi belly sud atleast deserve 10 filmfare awards and many more awards ,,,,,,,,,if delhi belly fails to get any awards then i will consider the indian awards as the cheap and saleble,,,,,,,,delhi belly is best,best,best thriller comedy movie…………………….

  16. Arjun Rampal to salman in style….” 2m har saal south ka remake isliye banate ho..kyunki 2mko pata hai ki 2mahari original movie nahi salti” :-D

  17. SRK is the best..nice films,both superhits with new and revolutionary ideas of international level..yet u keep tamil remakers at the top..there is no good reason in ur listmaking..grow up komal..thnk wide n appreciate new ideas..kip the king at the top

  18. Salman is no. 1 at present….nobody can deny it. His movies did more business than srgay….his time has gone…its all over in media…salman is the no. 1 superstar today….srgay still lying way behind….

  19. nice to see salman fans being honest and appreciating sharukh. thanks 4 all of them….
    and hope salman and sharukh reunite…….before this world ends….

  20. srk has put indian cinema on the map of international movies……………he really made 2011 special for bollywood………he is two step ahead than other actors….quality of his movies is far better than saman bhai’s movies……….undoubtedly king of bollywood

  21. abay dhakanoo tum logon ko shayed pata nhi k ajay wahid actor hai jo har qisam ki acting kar sakta hai aur sab se bara saboot to kaal film dekh lo kya aisi acting koi kar skta tha tha tumhare SRK ne khud AJAY bhai ko hi KAAL movie k lye chice kya tha kiun k wo janta tha k aik AJAY bhai hi hai jo sab kar sakta hai to kon hua best? JUST AJAY DEVGANNNNNNNNNNNN

  22. In 2011 ranbir kapoor was best actor,but in order competete with srk’s and salman’s oceanic and mountainius fan following he needs more three-four years. In 2011 ranbir kapoor was No.1actor.

  23. botom line is ajay devgn is a badshah of bollywood.nobody can compare with him because he is bajura signam.after amitab bachan ajay devgn is a king of bollywood.

  24. srk is the i’ve never been compelled 2 prove y my father is my is the case with srk the king,he doesn’t need 2 prove y srk the king is king of bollywood..and now he is all set 2 conquer hollywood tooo..lop u srk…

  25. botom line is ajay devgn is a badshah of bollywood.nobody can compare with him because he is bajura singnam.after amitab bachan ajay devgn is a king of bollywood.

  26. botom line is ajay devgn is a badshah of bollywood.nobody can compare with him because he is bajura singham.after amitab bachan ajay devgn is a king of bollywood.

  27. u morons shahrukh khan is the no 1 and best of all,many of his movies are super hits and blockbusters.u guys rethink back to his previous movies,like Darr he acted in it very superbly kkkkiran dialague is still Baazigar he was a vengeance.what to say about DDLJ it is a all time blockbuster,it has been 15 yrs but DDLJ is still running in cenimas.the longest running movie in indian theaters.he had acted with salman khan in few those movies he has beaten salman khan in acting……SHAHRUKH KHAN is the real king of bollywood …

  28. ajay devgn is rocking ………….Go ahead…………we r……………… God is………..catch……..king of bollywood.Bottom line is without AJAY DEVGN no Bollywood.

  29. salman khan is rocking
    ………….Go ahead…………we
    r……………… God
    is………..catch……..king of
    Bottom line is
    without sallu no Bollywood.

  30. Once King is tagged he will be King for forever as history is obvious and also been proven by the work…..SRK is not the King Khan but King Of World Film Industry as he has more fans than Tom Cruise…Bollywood is only known by SRK in the world.

  31. SRK kitna paisa diya koimoi ko ke even after 2 flops he is there at no.4? Marketing karke, Jada screen main release karke, ticket price barake, HIndi & hollywood film nakal karke bhi bodyguard kya ready aur singham ka bhi record tor nehi paya. He is a self said king actually he is a looser

    • sab dil jeetne keliye paise,nahi chahiye….paise bhi nahi,physically sound body bi nahi chahiye,….sirf talent chahiye,,,,
      mind u, salman is listed top in this list for no bloody reason…
      abhi main pooch raha hu,kitna paise diya salman ne ,ye list me top rakhne keliye…..

  32. abe sarb salman is coying all telungu actors and his dance style is like tamil and telunngu actors . srk is best. ra one earned 240 crores (still to release in 20 countries.) don 2 earned 179 crores in 9 days n still to release in 45 countries. srk gorss would be above 600 n salman’s gross is 408 crores. his stupid film will only be hit in india but not outside world. srk is best

  33. most of the salmans fan belong 2 village & small city. they dont know about action & acting.they just like dhishum is in bollywood bestest acter n action king KING KHAN

  34. Corruption is everywhere in the world. How high SRK is but u gave him 4th rank. I just cant believe this . Rubbish, rubbish rubbish

  35. @Koimoi team – I like both SRK and Salman.
    But the truth is that Salman’s Bodyguard and Ready were both bakwas film.
    On the other hand, SRK introduced Ra.One which made bollywood go to a new standard.
    and with Don 2 he changed the rules.
    Don 2 was super awesome movie.
    So my vote goes for SRK :)

  36. luv u srk. u r the best in bollywood as well personal life. u had no filmy background though u achieved the Padma Shree Award.

  37. m a neutral khan fan…it is evident that salman movies though mediocre they are ,turned out to be blockbusters for the past three years, and srk movies could not do it even with good directors/bammers/stories/acting/music/every technical aspect..this proves srk to be less popular than salman in INDIA.let us look at the recent movies of salman and the team he has worked with..wanted(debut director prabhu deva)..dabanng(debut director ).ready(anees bazmee not so popular infact his movies after WELCOME were not working )..bodyguard(siddique-no even in bollywood knew abt him).. and let us look at srk’s movies..Rabne Bana di Jodi(aditya chopra)…My name is khan(Karan Johar)… Sinha of Dus fame)..Don2 (farhan akhtar)salman has been carrying the movies on his shoulder only..look at the differece between the salman and sharukh has been working with for the past 4 years and yet salman delivered blockbusters and sharukh cud not..srk is more popular than salman in overseas only but not in india..

  38. Srk will be the winner! Bcoz his performence in DON 2 is the best of 2011. I want to tell something why srk movie wasn’t Blockbuster in india bcoz of high Budget.

  39. listen me clearly salman ache script pr depend krta he pr srk ni lik my name s khan rab ne banady jory r dosry baat ye k aap log sirf ek chez ko ni deko mtlb aap sirf fight ni deko mtlb chalne pirne ka andaaz baat krne ka andaz hasi rona sb ko dekna chae i think the way of talking running laughing etc of srk s different from other actori think now u people understand.

  40. i dont know, why a few people, dont like srk, i really dont know,
    he got every thing,
    im in love with him,
    im an irainian girl, who love srk, so much
    i will die for him, if he wants
    i love himmmmmmmmmmm

  41. Ra-one Bugget is 150 corors hai aur business sirf 100 crore ki means the movie is flop. ya but Don2 is good business movie thats all. Salman movies bugget is less than 50 crores but business is more than 100. Amir is recordable collection king of the whole bollywood movies 3 idiots when and who is break the record his is best actor.

  42. Frankly speaking Salman is the only actor in hi fi which hi fi could proudly present infront of hollywood. above all his smashing goodlooks and well toned physique gives him an edge above others. shahrukh popularity cant even save him from emigration officers.with his looks and poor health he might be remembered as a good actor but surely not a star like amitabh, salman or aamir

  43. shahrukh is best actor in the word i love u shahrukh khan verry mach he is hensome actor good job shahrukh khan i like ur movie every time i watch ur movie is very nice movies woooooooooooooooooooooo

  44. Ajay Devgan in the best actor. He can do serious roles and action films very well. he is the god of action.

  45. akshay kumar is a very fadu actor in bollywood bhai ne 2012 mein sabse zyada film hit ki thi bhai is a 1st rank bhai ki 2013 ki film bhi once upon a time in mumbaai again mein bhi bhai sharukh khan ki film chennai express ko faad dalega

  46. All action heros are hit but AJAY DEVGAN is super hit & one man army ……………………………………………….


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