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Star cast: Gul Panag, Purab Kohli, Sid Makkar.

Plot: Gul Panag, who is turning 30, faces a crisis when her boyfriend, Sid Makkar, with whom she has had been in bed, walks out on her. She is also under the threat of being fired from her advertising job by her exploitative boss. Enter Purab Kohli, her ex-boyfriend. What happens next?

What’s Good: Alankrita Shrivastava’s well-written screenplay; the protagonist’s characterisation; Gul Panag’s fabulous acting; all other performances.

What’s Bad: Lack of universal appeal in the script.

Verdict: Turning 30!!! will not work too well commercially but it is a well-made film for the multiplex audience.

Loo break: Not really.

Watch or Not? Yes, because it’s an honest attempt.

Gul Panag (Turning 30!!! Movie Still)

Prakash Jha Productions’ Turning 30!!! (Engish-Hindi; dubbed version also; A) is a coming-of-age film. It is the story of Naina (Gul Panag) whose boyfriend walks out on her and, at the same time, she is facing a crisis in her advertising career – all this even as she is about to turn 30.

Naina is going steady with Rishabh (Sid Makkar) who suddenly decides to walk out on her as he feels, Yamini (Ira Dubey) is a better match for him. This, even as Naina is actually expecting Rishabh, with whom she has been in bed umpteen times, to propose to her. At her work place, she faces the prospect of being fired on a flimsy ground. Even otherwise, she is very unhappy in the advertising agency she is working, because of the manipulations of her boss and colleagues. On top of all this, she is about to turn 30 because of which her mother keeps pressurising her to get married, if not to Rishabh then to a boy selected by her (mother).

Enter Jai (Purab Kohli), a friend with whom Naina had had a relationship before Rishabh walked into her life. Jai and Naina had been in bed together many times but when Naina had wanted him to marry her, he had developed cold feet and had walked out on her. He enters her life again on her 30th birthday. As days go by, Naina and Jai get close to one another. However, Naina is unable to forget Rishabh whom she loves madly. Now, Jai wants to marry Naina but she isn’t sure. Consequently, Jai leaves her.

Gul Panag, Purab Kohli (Turning 30!!! Movie Still)

Even as Naina’s life is in a mess, she is actually fired from her job. She is frustrated, confused, unhappy and doesn’t know what to do with her life. At one point, she even confronts Rishabh and his parents, pleading with them to not leave her in the lurch and hurling abuses at them for having cheated her. Then suddenly, Naina’s friend, Malini (Tillotama Shome), discovers the hidden writer in her. Malini and another friend, Ruksana (Jeneva Talwar), encourage Naina to give writing a novel a shot. There’s also a willing publisher, David (Anjum Rajab Ali). Meanwhile, Naina files a case of cheating against her company for having flicked her ad campaign.

Does Naina win the court case? Does she turn author? Does she get a chance to join her ad agency again? Does Rishabh come back into Naina’s life? Or does she opt for Jai? Answers to these questions are provided in the last part of the film.



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