Whether, it was Ajay Devgan’s roar in Singham or Salman Khan’s powerful punches in Bodyguard, the action genre turned out to be treat for the Bollywood film buffs. Koimoi.com brings to you the list of action heroes of 2011. Don’t forget to vote for your most loved action hero!

Salman Khan in Bodyguard

Salman Khan in Bodyguard
Salman Khan in Bodyguard

Full-packed action. After all, it was Bhai protecting Bebo in this year’s super-hit, Bodyguard!

Ajay Devgan in Singham

Ajay Devgan in Singham
Ajay Devgan in Singham

Singham proved why all fans of action films dream of Ajay Devgan in the role principled police officer. No competition there!

Shah Rukh Khan in Ra.One

Shah Rukh Khan in Ra.One
Shah Rukh Khan in Ra.One

Shah Rukh Khan became our new super-hero, G.One. Although many didn’t like the film Ra.One, SRK’s performance, coupled with the outstanding visual effects renewed the action genre in Bollywood.

John Abraham in Force

John Abraham in Force
John Abraham in Force

John Abraham tried his hand at action in 2011 and it turned out to be a right decision. Audiences loved him as an officer cleansing his country from the drug menace in Force.

Amitabh Bachchan in Bbuddah Hoga Terra Baap

Amitabh Bachchan in Bbuddah Hoga Terra Baap
Amitabh Bachchan in Bbuddah Hoga Terra Baap

A simple one-line answer to all who thought that the ‘angry young man’ couldn’t be angry or young any more – Bbuddah Hoga Terra Baap.

Shah Rukh Khan in Don 2

Shah Rukh Khan in Don 2
Shah Rukh Khan in Don 2

Stylish and charismatic Don with his wicked smile and lethal plans – Shah Rukh Khan in a negative role took to fighting like a pro in Don 2!

Eesha Koppikar in Shabri

Eesha Koppikar in Shabri
Eesha Koppikar in Shabri

Why should boys have all the fun! Eesha Koppikar played the role of an avenging angel brilliantly in Shabri. Toting a gun with the ease of a pro, she became the new action hero among heroines.

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  1. DON Fantastic Action SEQUENCES,Public Itself Saying iTS lOOK lIKE wE aRE wATCHING a hOLLYWOOD mOVIE iN iNDIAN sTYLE…..Wawi

  2. I guess the only were srk can beat salman khan is on online polls wow what an achievement he deserves an award for this aswell lol ask everyone in india then you will get your answer salman khan owns that stick srk give him some food he is running out of money with all the promotions etc

  3. Salman is the new king of bollywood. In fact he captured the thrown right from the time Dabbang released. Accept it or not Bodyguard is the best movie of 2011, the investments on the movie and the box office collections just prove my point precisely. SRK is just a near contender like others. Salman is the king of Bollywood and he is here to stay for long. SRK, just accept the facts and the loud reality, its time for you to take retirement or play fathers roles for the younger heroes.

    • so stupid.. salman is looking older than srk and srk should play father roles??? have you seen Don 2??? it is way better than bodyguard.. collections prove nothing, you tapooris will watch any crap film, Don 2 is world class, bodyguard is 2nd class indian comedy film

  4. @hamid

    yes i totaly agree with you.
    There is huge fan following of Salman than shahrukh in india but from them more people not aware of these kind of polls.For better result they can survey or use sms voting.
    Recently Star plus used that technique & Salman wins with high margine.

    Incase of action Salman is miles ahead of Shahrukh,
    but in year 2011 in action only Bajirao Singham.

    • Abe Yahi To Difference Hai Pade Likhe Logo Me Aur Anpad Me,Internet Par Sab Pade Likhe Log Hi Baithte Hai,Isiliye ing Bar Bar Jeet Ta Hai

  5. Actually basha the best movie in terms of return of investment is murder 2 and then dirty picture NOT bodyguard. All salman khan does is keep making the same type of movies since wanted. SRK is trying something different with my name is khan, ra1 and don 2. It’s sad such movies are too intellignet for most indian audiences who can only understand masala movies. SRK has been a consistent performer, salman is just going well now.

  6. Hamid srk is an international star, he’s the world’s most popular actor… salman khan is nothing overseas compared to srk – jus look at srk’s movies overseas compared to any other actor. In fact akshay kumar n hrithik beat salman in terms of overseas collections.

  7. Shahrukh Khan is the king of the WORLD not only India. The collections for Don 2 speak for itself. 125 crores worldwide in the first week, 50 crore from overseas already in the first week. Don 2 collected more from Friday to Monday in USA than Ready, Dabangg and Bodyguard did combined in the same period of four days. Enough Said!

  8. None other than SRK,he,s international icon.
    Salman khan,s movies are 3rd grade extremley poor quality for….audience.e.g. bodyguard or dabangg

  9. Undoubtably it is KING SRK. He has proved it time and again That he is the King of Romance, King of Comedy & King of Action. Don 2 will be remembered for outstanding Action scenes superbly directed by Farhan.


  11. Hello every1, the best action hero for 2011 is ABHISHEK BACHCHAN.

    – My name is abhishek bachchan, only I can vote for myslef, No one else does…………….:(((

  12. No dout Ajay devgn.Dear friends who is ur fav that is nt imp here u seen such a powerful acting & dia from ajay so ajay deserve the award in best actr , dia &in action

  13. Salman’s bodygaurd becaure aaj jo hit hai wohi fit hai.and i have come to know that it was a small budget film compared to don and ra1 still done a great business….happy new year

  14. It sud be Shah Rukh Khan for Don2….becoz he was briiliant in d movie..or Ranbeer Kapoor for Rockstar..bt not sud be Salman khan bcoz it was a poor acting in both Ready n Bodyguard infact Kareena got more appreciation den d main actor.

  15. last 8 to 9 years salman and aamir contribute with or tv very few times on the same time shahruk was all the time .only last two to three years salman was contributed with tv shows and media . within short time people like him. becaz his fan and folllowers always want him with hit or not hit that doesnt matter.
    shahruke or aksay or even aamir everybody needs hit with every film but salman don’t need . see only last couple of years ago he gave 4 flop movies , mr mrs khanna, london dreams,yuvrajj and veer.still people wants him. if this things happen with shahruk might people will forget him.

    that’s basically the differences between salman and others.

    he don’t need to influence the media wat the other actors do,
    he don’t need to sent twitter msg everybody.
    he don’t need to go every area in india for promotions
    he don’t need to begging or crying to the people for watch his movie

    that’s called salman

  16. Ajay devgun is best actor in bollywood industory.
    No one comperison with ajay in bollywood industory.
    Singham is my most favorite movie.
    Best actor in 2011 is ajay devgun from the movie singham.


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