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Delhi Belly Plot: Imran Khan, Vir Das and Kunal Roy Kapur are three young roommates who get caught up in a hunt for diamonds smuggled for a don (Vijay Raaz) in Delhi, which they have mistakenly taken. Shenaz (Imran’s girlfriend) is then kidnapped by the don. As the trio attempts to get back the diamonds first and Shenaz thereafter, Imran falls for Poorna, a married press reporter. What happens next? Find out rest in the full review of Delhi Belly.

Business rating: 3.5/5 stars

Star cast: Imran Khan, Vir Das, Kunal Roy Kapur, Vijay Raaz, Shenaz Treasury, Poorna Jagannathan, Rahul Singh, Aamir Khan (in a special appearance).

What’s Good: The comic situations; the colourful language in the dialogues; the good performances; Aamir Khan’s special appearance; hit music.

What’s Bad: The routine script.

Verdict: Delhi Belly may not be universally appealing to all age groups but it will prove to be a hit with the youngsters.

Loo break: None at all.

Watch or not?: Watch it for the bold scenes, the foul language and the situational comedy. And if you don’t like any of that, keep away!

User rating:

Spoiler alert! You may want to skip directly to the Script Analysis below.

Aamir Khan Productions’ Delhi Belly (A) is a comedy chase drama. Tashi (Imran Khan), Arup (Vir Das) and Nitin (Kunal Roy Kapur) are friends sharing a rented house in Delhi. Tashi is a journalist and his colleague is Menaka (Poorna Jagannathan) who is in the process of getting divorced from her husband (Rahul Singh). Nitin is a press photographer and Arup works in an advertising agency. Tashi’s girlfriend is Sonia (Shehnaz Treasury) and she works as an airhostess.

One day, Sonia gives Tashi a packet to be delivered at an address she gives him alongwith the packet. She is unaware that the packet contains very expensive diamonds and that she has been used as a carrier to smuggle them into the country for delivering to a don (Vijay Raaz). The person who wants the diamonds to be delivered to the don at the destination in Delhi is a foreigner who has travelled in the same aeroplane as Sonia. Not aware of the contents of the packet, Tashi casually asks Nitin to deliver it. But Nitin is suffering from Delhi belly (an upset stomach because of Delhi food and water) and he, therefore, asks Arup, equally casually, to deliver the packet and also to take his (Nitin’s) stool sample for testing at the pathological laboratory. As luck would have it, Arup delivers the diamonds (hidden in a wooden toy) at the laboratory, and the stool sample at the address of the don.

The don (Vijay Raaz) is flabbergasted when he gets the wrong packet. He reaches the hotel room of the foreigner who had smuggled the diamonds into the country, assuming that he was playing dirty with him. After a lot of drama in the hotel room, the identity of the real culprits – the three friends – is revealed. The don reaches them under the mistaken belief that they’ve pocketed his diamonds. Of course, leave alone pocketing the diamonds, the three friends aren’t even aware of their existence. Anyway, the don doesn’t believe them and he starts torturing Tashi and Arup, who are then at home, so that they can return the diamonds. As luck would have it, Nitin gets the diamonds just then, as the laboratory returns the toy to him when he goes there for medical assistance. On seeing the diamonds when Nitin returns home with them, the don is happy but he now wants to kill the three friends for fear that they would complain to the police about the smuggled diamonds.

The three friends escape from there and also take away the diamonds with them. They sell the expensive diamonds to a jeweller (Rajendra Sethi) for a fat sum of money but are soon informed that Sonia has been held captive by the don. The trio now has no choice but to go back to the jeweller to return the cash and get back the diamonds. However, the jeweller now asks for a much higher price for the same diamonds.

What happens thereafter? Do Tashi, Arup and Nitin succeed in getting back the diamonds? Are they able to save Sonia from the don? What happens to the don? Does Menaka return to her estranged husband? And where do the diamonds finally reach?

Delhi Belly Review (Delhi Belly Movie Stills)

Delhi Belly Review – Script Analysis

Akshat Verma’s story is routine but it is his screenplay which makes it interesting and funny. The comedy quotient is so high that even the routine story gets a boost. Added to this is the colourful language used by the characters, which adds to the comedy. In fact, in no mainstream film in the past have so many four-letter words been passed by the censors. These swear words, uttered by the various characters  with a lot of flourish, will be a major attraction for the youngsters because it is for the first time that so much foul language will be heard in a Hindi film. The older generation and the more orthodox audience may not approve of the language used and may, therefore, be put off (in some cases, completely!) by the film but on the other hand, the youth, the young-at-heart and the ones who use foul language in their day-to-day conversations would simply love the dialogues (Akshat Verma). Some dialogues, especially, are so bold and spoken in such colourful language that they will shock the Indian viewers. There are some embarrassingly bold scenes too which, again, will be loved by the youth and probably detested by a section of the audience.

On the minus side is the short length of the film which, for an audience used to longer films, can be a dampener. Having said that, it must be added that the pace of the drama is so fast that it doesn’t give the audience time to think. Also, a point to be noted is that the target audience for this film – the youth – is not too particular that the film should be lengthy. The absence of a novel story will also prove to be a negative factor and will limit the film’s appeal, to an extent.

Among the scenes which will bring the house down with laughter are the orange juice sequence; the scene in which the ceiling of the home of the three friends comes crashing down, bringing the dancing girls from the top floor down in the bargain through the hole in the ceiling; the scene showing the shocked honeymooning couple when it enters the hotel room and finds it occupied by Tashi and Menaka; the burqa sequence, especially the portion when the burqa-clad Arup, waiting outside the jeweller’s cabin, realises that the closed circuit television is showing the action taking place between the jeweller and his burqa-clad friends inside the cabin; and the kissing scene between the burqa-clad Tashi and Menaka.

Delhi Belly Review – Star Performances

Imran Khan acts ably and gives a good account of himself. Vir Das is splendid. His sense of timing is so brilliant that it’s a delight to watch him on the screen. Kunal Roy Kapur also gives a marvellous performance. His comic sense of timing is also remarkable. Vijay Raaz, as usual, gets into the skin of the character and leaves an indelible mark in the mind of the viewer. Shenaz Treasury does a fine job and enacts the role of the stylish airhostess with aplomb. Poorna Jagannathan makes a lovely debut and impresses in her maiden job. She doesn’t seem to be the traditional heroine material but is good in this role. Rahul Singh is very effective. Paresh Ganatra is as natural as natural can be. In the role of his police officer-brother, Sanjay Taneja stands his own. Pradeep Kabra is very cute as the don’s sidekick (the ‘londri’ man). Lushin Dubey does well in the role of Sonia’s stylish mother. Able support is lent by Rajendra Sethi, Raju Kher, Divya Bhatia (Tashi’s father), Shilpa Mehta (Tashi’s mother), Kim Bodnia (as the foreigner who smuggles the diamonds), Anusha Dandekar, Bugs Bhargava (as Arup’s boss) and master Vishesh Kaul. Aamir Khan adds great star value in a special appearance in a retro song-dance.

Delhi Belly Review – Direction & Music

Abhinay Deo’s direction is focussed and crisp. His handling of the comic scenes does justice to the script. Music (Ram Sampath) is a major plus point. The ‘Bhag D.K. Bose’ song is already a major hit and its double-meaning and controversial lyrics (Amitabh Bhattacharya) have only added to its appeal. The ‘Sweety Sweety’ (Munna Dhiman’s lyrics) and ‘I hate you like I love you’ (lyrics: Akshat Verma) songs are also very well-tuned. The ‘Jaa chudail’ song (lyrics: Amitabh Bhattacharya) is well-conceived. ‘Bedardi raja’ (Amitabh Bhattacharya) has melody and lilt.‘Nakadwale disco’ (xxx), a fun song, and ‘Tere siva’ (Munna Dhiman) are quite nice. The title track (penned by Ram Sampath and Chetan Shashital) is okay. Song picturisations are good. Aamir Khan’s retro dance will be loved by the audience. Ram Sampath’s background music score is pretty effective. Allan Amin’s action scenes are in keeping with the comic mood of the film. Jason West’s cinematography is superb. Shashank Tere’s art direction is lovely. Huzefa Lokhandwala’s editing is super-sharp.

Delhi Belly Review – Komal Nahta’s Verdict

On the whole, Delhi Belly is a laugh riot and will be lapped up by the youngsters in a very big way. One section of the audience would give the film the thumbs down but it will still make handsome profits, never mind its high cost (almost Rs. 32-33 crore). …..The film has been dubbed in Hindi too. The Hindi dubbing is fantastic. The business of the dubbed version will also be very good. There will be many who will watch both the versions just to experience the colourful language in Hindi and in English.

Delhi Belly Review – Video Review

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  1. the movie is not good too much.. sorry dear Aamir I didn’t liked it… also it was whole english just littele in Hindi.. so it was not understandable… thaks a lot

    • c*****e majid, tujhe english hi samajh nahein aati to ghanta movie achi lagegi, isiliye ye comment b hindi me likh raha hun taaki tujhe samajh aajaye. saala bol raha hai movie achi nahein thi, amir khan ki movie hai bete kharab kaise hogi.

  2. broda euh came up wit a sexy n different movie… it was feelin lyk da sex at theatr ..
    da best thing bou movie was dat it was in english.. i hope da bollywood soon gona opt english……
    hats off 2euh n also imran khan.. he made da movie more fantastic by his dirty habits

  3. one more blockter of aamir khan productions,its already proved he can change bollywood cinema.awosome movie

  4. wow what a movie..Its Shocking, Surprising, Daring, Entertaining, Unique, Crazy & Bold, On the whole Delhi Belly is a Guilty Pleasure..Go get It but at your own risk..bhag bhag ..:)

  5. ZABARDAST!!!!!!!
    i couldn’t stop laughing !
    gud thing abt this movie was there was no slow moment …it was situational comedy…and the film was to the point (no stretching of story which is commonly found these days) ..

    3.5 is way too less ! it clearly deserves above 4/5 as it has already mentioned 18 plus audience

  6. this movie is simply a waste of time. its such a bad movie which has crossed all limits of abusive language and indecent scenes. the shooting of the movie started in 2008 and it was pending since very long and just to get this released they have added such things. its hard to believe that how aamir khan productions can make such a movie. I wonder how censor board approves such releases.highly disappointing!!!

    • garima tujhe kucch pata hi nahi hai . it is a good movie which show the realty of life . if you hear abusive language in real life than why u r against this .

  7. delly belly rox. ghanta abusive language h. ye sab to day to day life me sab youngsters bolte h aajkal including girls. overall rocking movie bt only for youngsters not for families.

  8. Komal Nahta…do you think God of Bollywood films? You have given it 3.5 stars saying Youth will like it! Youth also like to see rape scenes which could be with your sister and daughter too, and you will still give it 4.5 stars? Ridiculous phallus, you should quit analyzing movies and should start working in municipality.

    • shut up, you idiot, rascal, this is just a movie, jise dekhna hai dekho jise nahein dekhna mat dekho, but you don’t hv right to say such a things about some one sister and daughter, it shows your mentality, movie k baare me kehne se pehle apne aap ko dekh le

  9. Its just Awesome…Hats Of for Trying out Such kind of script..n for people rather “youngsters” who did nt lyk it for the language… I guess they must b “SAINTS” in their life… :P :D.. its just the simple daily language used in colleges n every what’s the shame in accepting it?

  10. Awesome movie since it has been released on 1st July 2011 i have watched it 5 times till 6th July 2011 awesome before this i had only watched 3 idiots 13 times but this delly belly is just awesome totally a young generation movie and Amir bhai we punjabi’s really liked this movie keep it up Cheers!

  11. Delhi belly Movie is some thing diffrent and fact which happens in realy life realy we enjoy the movie its too good ……..pls watch it fully paisa vasool film

  12. In my opinion, entertainment at the cost of morality, ethics, corruption of mind, wastage of precious time and money is wisdomless action. Although it was the day of release of “Delhi Belly”, but some of my colleagues already warned me that this movie was not something which I would like.

    But still, as the team was in mood and they had booked the tickets, I had no choice. I made up my mind, and just because the movie was produced by Aamir Khan, who is considered as a genius in his work, I still had few hopes to keep myself comfortable till the end of the movie.The movie started with a disgusting scene, it kept on introducing more disgusting ones as the movie proceeded. Every scene in the movie was competing with the other one on the parameters of disgust. Be it dialogues, scenes, songs, script everything was in the same tone. Half past the movie, it was difficult to keep myself seated. It was difficult to understand whether the movie was a comedy or a tradegy. It was difficult to understand whether I should instruct my Endocrine System to secrete hormones for laughing or crying or disgust or patheticness or anger or sorrow or loss of sense or something else. I think disgust was the best one and yes it did the same.If this has become the standard for comedy, then I would rather wear a boring outlook throughout the day, it would be much better. However, many of the occupants of the auditorium may have different opinion, as most of them were laughing like anything during most part of the movie. I really wonder which way the senses of educated people are going. If they have heard that laughing is a good medicine, then they should definately explore healthier way of doing so. These types of movies may make people laugh for sometime, but their sub-conscious mind keeps on getting corrupted without their being cognizant of the same. I can suggest one priceless, free of cost way of laughing and keep themselves healthy. Just try “Hasya Aasan” during morning Yoga session. It would be much better for the body and mind’s health.One of the other person in my team who almost had the same opinion about the movie as myself, was sure after noticing the responses of the people out there, that next days newspaper will definately rate this movie as 4 Star on a scale of 5. Such has become the level of understanding of critics, even some famous ones like “Nikhat Kazmi”. The thought pattern of movie makers is setting lower standards on each new release. Most of the recent films have no character actors including the lead role. All of them sounds like villains or at least characterless people. Once a great industry to entertain people in a healthy fashion with a good lesson at the end of the movie, now Bollywood is moving towards a direction where character and morality are the last thing that comes to their mind while making a movie. They have even coined a term “moral policing” to safeguard their freedom of expression from anyone who speaks in a different direction of what they think. They don’t realize that they are contributing in making our youth corrupt, weak and characterless and the future generations will have a hard time defining morality for themselves. They forget that this country has produced many great people and there can be many ideas derived from our heritage and history for making movies. In the name of showing truth and the stories of the current times, what they are showing is just a limited view of the people they interact to, on a daily basis. They are surrounded by these kinds of people and hence think that all people in Delhi are like this. Even if there is a truth in this, showing this in the form of a movie, is actually untruthfulness and will add to the chaos of the people’s mind.I am not personally against any of the moviemaker, but I had high hopes from Aamir Khan production. I really have to do a lot of “aatmamanthan” (Introspection) before watching any movie from Aamir Khan now, which till now I had good faith on.I would suggest all sensible people not to promote these kinds of movies and make them a candidate to be a 4 star rater movie. However, this is my personal opinion and people are free to decide about the same themselves. But please watch out, be sensible, be responsible for our current and future generations before promoting these kinds of movies. Our netas, babus, and other people who rule us, have already displayed a lot of corruption, let us not allow getting this demon of corruption enter into pure entertainment.

  13. Went to the movie by reading the reviews.Found nothing in the movie except 60% verbal sex, unnecessarily forced abusive language in every dialogue, weak story line. But some places were really sensuously funny.Director sould have concentrated in such type of scenes instead of vulgarity quotient. Some dialogues even create embarrassment if you go with elders of your watch it maximum with your girl friend, if she is convenient with verbal discussions on sex.

  14. It’s a ‘cheap’ comedy movie and also uses abusive language .. so mast hai for all Indians… must watch with whole family Enjoy !!

  15. only the pakau and vheja dislikes this filmmmmmmmmmm,,,everybody r familiar with dis sorts of languageeeeee.people who didnt like the film,,why dont they moved outside,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,amazing movieeeeeeeeeee,,,,,,,,,,,

  16. Hello my loved one! I wish to say that this post is awesome, nice written and include approximately all vital infos. I’d like to peer extra posts like this .

  17. […] fan of Abhinay Deo and his brand of humour. I’ve really enjoyed the previous movie that he made Delhi Belly, my expectation was to come here and have a similar amount of fun. Irrfan is one of the best actors […]


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