Pyaar Ka Punchnama Plot: Three bachelor boys fall in love with three girls but soon realise that the affairs are not worth it. Find out what happens next in the full review below.

Pyaar Ka Punchnama Review (Pyaar Ka Punchnama Movie Poster)Business rating: 1/5 stars

Star cast: Kartik Tiwari, Divyendu Sharma, Raayo Bhakhirta, Nushrat Bharucha, Ishita Sharma, Sonali Sehgal.

What’s Good: The comic portions, especially in the first half; some performances; a couple of songs.

What’s Bad: The serious second half; the lack of heroism of the heroes; the way the three heroines have been projected (as vamps).

Verdict: Pyaar Ka Punchnama is for a section of the youth only but that won’t be good enough.

Loo break: Not really.

Watch or not?: Watch it because it is different.

Viacom 18 Motion Pictures and Wide Frame Pictures’ Pyaar Ka Punchnama (UA) is the story of three bachelor boys who find three girls whom they fall in love with. But it’s not simple thereafter. Their love stories don’t take the usual route till they get married and live happily ever after. Instead, problems begin soon after they fall in love. And the problems aren’t created by anybody other than the girls themselves.

Rajat (Kartik Tiwari), Nishant alias Liquid (Divyendu Sharma) and Vikrant Chaudhary (Raayo Bhakhirta) are bachelors who live together in a flat. Rajat falls in love with Neha (Nushrat Bharucha). Nishant falls for Charu (Ishita Sharma) who is his colleague. She makes him do a good part of her own work in office and also makes him foot her beauty parlour bills but he is dumb not to understand that she is only using him but doesn’t love him. Charu has a boyfriend, Abhi, but they aren’t on the best of terms. The third guy, Vikrant, loves Riya (Sonali Sehgal) who also can’t get over her boyfriend of many years, Varun.

Rajat leaves the bachelor pad and starts living in with Neha who, as days pass by, becomes more and more demanding and refuses to give him space. He is frustrated but he is so madly in love with her that he tolerates all her tantrums. Nishant is also so blinded by his love for Charu that he can’t see the obvious – that she is a user. Vikrant is aware of Riya’s ex-boyfriend, Varun, and also knows that Riya has not yet called off that relationship but he doesn’t mind waiting because he is besotted by Riya. On her part, Riya keeps assuring him that she will end the relationship but actually ends up sleeping with her ex even while she is dating Vikrant.

Pyaar Ka Punchnama Review (Pyaar Ka Punchnama Movie Stills)
Pyaar Ka Punchnama Review

Pyaar Ka Punchnama Review – Script Analysis

Luv Ranjan’s script offers a new side to a love story, rather, to three love stories. It explores the love angle and concludes that falling in love may be fine but what happens there- after is not always a bed of roses. Viewed differently, it concludes that girls are always difficult to please, that they use guys, that their love can never be selfless like the love of guys.

The first half is quite interesting because the novelty in the subject is sought to be conveyed in a comic manner. The young guys, especially, would find the love stories of the three friends interesting and entertaining as they are bossed around and used by their girlfriends. Even girls may not mind this half because it’s all humorous. But the film takes quite a serious turn after interval, which is when things start going wrong for the audience. In a way, the very flavour of the film changes and what had started off as a fun-filled comedy turns into a serious, tension-filled drama in which the characters fret, fume, shed tears and stomp out of relationships in frustration.

Although the screenplay talks about three different stories, the similarity in the love stories of Nishant and Vikrant Chaudhary makes it quite repetitive. For, both, Charu (Nishant’s girlfriend) and Riya (Vikrant’s lady love), have their old boyfriends whom they can’t forget. In a way, both the girls are sailing in two boats although it is revealed that Charu never loved Nishant in the first place. Even though there is this basic difference in the two love stories – Charu does not love Nishant whereas Riya is in love with Vikrant – the similarity about both the girls having problems with their earlier boyfriends does make the drama seem repetitive and similar.

But probably the biggest drawback is that girls come across as opportunist vamps even as guys appear to be salivating idiots who cannot see beyond sex and who can take any nonsense from their girlfriends only because of the three-letter word. Such desperadoes cannot be the average Hindi film goer’s idea of heroes just as such shameless and heartless girls cannot be his idea of heroines. There isn’t much heroism of the heroes on display except, perhaps, of Rajat, if at all! Writer Luv Ranjan, in his quest to be different and provide to the audience a side of love not exploited earlier on screen, has made quite a mess of a romantic film. Had the drama remained a love story with a happy ending, in which the girls and guys realised their mistakes and follies, it may still have worked. But the way this drama or these three love stories end, the whole concept of love has been turned on its head. Even this may have been accepted had it either been done in a brilliant and convincing fashion or as an out-and-out laugh riot but not as a half-comedy-half-serious drama.

The scenes showing the tendency of girls to never be satisfied are enjoyable if only because they show how fickle-minded they can be. The scenes between Nishant and Charu as also between Vikrant and Riya don’t appeal as much as the ones between Rajat and Neha because those less-appealing scenes make the heroes look dumb as ever. In other words, the characters of Nishant and Vikrant look rather unbelievable as even besotted lovers can’t be as foolish as they’ve been shown to be.

Pyaar Ka Punchnama Review – Performances & Direction

Kartik Tiwari does an average job in his debut attempt but his scene of outburst in front of Vikrant is very enjoyable, probably because the scene has been very well-written. Divyendu Sharma is supremely natural and is the best actor of the lot. Raayo Bhakhirta makes an ordinary debut. Nushrat Bharucha acts with admirable ease and impresses a lot. Ishita Sharma is also very good in some scenes. Sonali Sehgal does a fair job. Ravjeet (as Abhi) and Padam Bhola (in the role of Varun) look handsome and do what is required of them.

Luv Ranjan’s direction is definitely better than his script. He has handled the comic scenes with as much maturity as the dramatic ones. Music (Clinton Cerejo, Hitesh Sonik, Luv Ranjan and Ad Boys) is good but ought to have been better. The ‘Kutta’ (Luv Ranjan) song is racy. The picturisation of the ‘Baawre’ song is mature. Luv Ranjan and Shammi’s lyrics go well with the film’s mood. Background music is okay. Sudhir K. Chaudhary’s camerawork is fairly good. Akiv Ali’s editing is quite nice.

Pyaar Ka Punchnama Review – Komal Nahta’s Verdict

On the whole, Pyaar Ka Punchnama may be a moderate-budgeted film but its box-office prospects would be limited to a few cinemas in the cities because it is radically different from what the average cinegoer is used to watching. Flop.

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    • are kuen paka rahe ho bhai , dono ki story mein koi samanta hin nahin hai; this is an outstandind movie and a real story of an IT-BHU guys

  1. A film can be good and entertaining without the hero or his heroism.

    Heroism ? Is it necessary in a movie ? Those characters were not supposed to be heroic.

    More movies should come with characters picked up from real life.

    Had enough of love stories with a happy ending.

    This movie was awesome 4/5.

  2. itz superb…movie shows d actual reality of relationships dese days….owsm movie must watch…i went wid my frnz n we njoyd a lot…

  3. pyar ka punchnama realy a good movie a good commedy touch and supperub monologue of kartik youth is liking the movie 4\5

  4. @komal your thoughts qr. obvious as you fall in the category of vamps.This is great movie and 100 percent close to reality

  5. the muv.i is goddamn gud……… its really a sensible muvi n based on realistic lives of the people……..unlike the typical bollywood larger den lyf muvis….. many cn relate their luv lifes to the muvi…….n i jus luved the muvi……. do watch it……. its really a must watch………….

  6. luv stories of gud boys always end badly,,
    oh baanwre…………sun toa le,
    oh baanwre…………sun toa le,
    oh baanwre,, sun toa le jara,

  7. Dear KOmal mehta you suck to the point noone has ever, you call yourself a critic my 4 year old cousin has a better viewpoint. you are a waste of life and space on the internet, people like you should stop breathing my air because you are just extremely stupid

  8. the movie is nt made for guls.. rather females.. nd reading a review from , well a female is as insane as nt watching ths movie!! totally nt agreeing wit ths bull beep written above sorry no offence meant!!

  9. well, its realy amazing movie. I always wondered why every movies focused on female emotions? What about emotional aspects of men. And this movie gave me what i wanted. I know bad men exist but so do bad women. Awesome movie, must watch.

  10. reviewers like komal suck a big time and are douchbags. We need some young and enthusiastic reviewers with a better thinking, not s***holes with old rusty brain like komal!!

  11. Dear friends, I do not agree with the review of the Pyaar ka Punchnama, i think it was an amazing movie, not an half Comedy and half sad movie as is reviewed, it is a real portray of what happens in the life, of course if the reviewer was a woman, i don’t blame her.
    i enjoyed the movie very much and have already seen the movie 3 times, it is an actual presentation of what has happened with so many close friends of mine. very impressive and amazing movie so far…

    keep up the g8 work guys

  12. hi i liked this movie . i saw this movie 6time but Climax could have been much better!

    reallly i liked the all three character specially Liquid & rajjo . rajat is also somewhere good… & what say..

    PLZ watch this movie

  13. s*** man, i missed a chance of watchin this movie in the thetr, now i hate this stupid critic for misleading her followers….

    and one thing for sure she too falls in the categorie of the vamps pictorised in the movie.

  14. good film aajkal girls boys ko apna A T M card shamjti hai ……. unko boys ki filing ki 1% bhi kadr nahi hoti ……. pahle purane time me boys dokha dete the an next zen hai na ………. P K P sutch me must film hai isko her payar karne wale ko dekhna chahiye…….. ye mai isliye kah raha hu kayok mere sath ye sub kuch hua hai…..

  15. Very good movie! Well done, except it could have been shorter by about 15 mins. Most Indian boys are pushovers, so a must-see for them

  16. I came to know about this movie from one of my friend & to my surprise , it is a decent flick better than hiped movies like dabang. I think looking at the business rating of the critic , i feel all other reviews of her cannot help me any more. They are driven by hipes & not by reality

  17. Dosto Seriously bol raha hu iss movie mai jo rajo ka 10 min ka seen usme se ek ek baat hum logo ke upar biti hui. this is very good movie. must watch.

    serioulsy yaar is movie ne aaj kal ke girls ke nature ko sabke samne rakha. I loved this movie.

  18. Hi frn.. Mai is film ko 26 time dekh chuka hu or apni g frn ko bhi kaha k ek new film “P K P” aai hai jo true love pe besd hai usne bhi deki par dubara nam ni liya k muvi kesi lagi uski kahani jo thi … Thankas k wo apne bare me jan gai k wo kesi hai

  19. Clearly the critique have never been in a true relationship. Cuz he has not met the right (manipulative) girl of his dreams. What has been shown in the movie is the case with thousands of guyz out there who do not want things to be too complicated. Yet with the b****s comes the baggage, so we just wag our tail and go ahead with the b****es !!! Once in a while a movie comes our way like this, which shows what we used to be used and how a useless relationship has ruined our lives.

  20. yr kya movie banayee h bade dino baad kuch diffrent movie dekhi maza gya yaroo kasam s ekdam faado movie h

  21. super hit movie super realy yaar Super dialogue, script, and Divyendu Sharma,-Nishant (liquid) Raayo Bhakhirta-,chaudhary ,kartik all are done gr8 job …..super ….

  22. awesome movie bro.. nd i want to know whre r these guys belongs from they done fantastic job in dis movie great guys hats off to u…

  23. Awesome Awesome Awesome Movei…. Its an eye opener for guys. Indian Gals these days are like these and Guys go to the extreme limits…. All you guys please watch this movie and all you gals PLEASE watch this movie and understand we guys.

  24. What a silly review. Movie is well made and is fun to watch. It was not a flop as it did 12Cr of business on box office.


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